Science Based Six Pack Review – Does It Work?

Thomas Delauer’s weight loss program “Science Based Six Pack” is gaining popularity among men who wish to lose extra weight and achieve a healthy muscular physique without having to follow a strict workout or diet routine.

The #1 rated weight loss program, ‘Science based six pack’ might have the solution to all of your body weight issues, since it is specially designed for helping overweight men not just to attain a muscular body but maintain overall good health and fitness by using the Intermittent fasting approach and some particular techniques derived from health sciences.

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This program is entitled ‘science-based’ because it taps the body’s natural fat burning mechanism via intermittent fasting technique. The technique allows you to consume the food of your choice, however; the only limitation is the ‘time of meal consumption’. With a realistic approach towards weight loss, Science-based six packs target the subject catch-22 along with an exercise regime, that might not deliver six-pack abs but aids in a factual fat loss and muscle highlight.

Science based six pack fitness program has figured out scientific ways that are profoundly effective against overweight and issues that stop you getting into shape. Time Management via intermittent fasting is the key factor of this program; Thomas found out that the arrangement of the time you eat and the type of meal you take on that specific duration of time has major effects on your health and fitness.

The creative mind behind Science-based Six Pack, Thomas DeLauer, who gained control over his weight by bringing simple changes in his lifestyle. He is one of the many success stories that overcame the nuisance of obesity and created a program to benefit thousands like him.

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Thomas realizes the fact with complete conviction that there is a difference between a transient change in the scale figures and a true-life weight loss. The former can be achieved within days by shedding the water stack while the latter is a more permanent change. That gave him the basic grounds to tackle the weight loss issue that takes some time but delivers lasting results with diet, exercise, and supplements.

About Science Based Six Pack

Designed specifically for the male physique, Science-based Six Packs by Thomas DeLauer has created quite a stir in the field of health and physical fitness. This is because the application of intermittent fasting ignites the natural fat burning switch of the body and its pair with target specific exercises develop the musculature that is distinctive of an alpha male.

Weight management is becoming an important part of everyone’s life because of serious life-threatening risks involved if you opt otherwise. Catering for this issue, there is an ongoing monopoly in the respective diet and supplement industry delivering a number of products but a majority of them are either tagged with hefty prices and fail to deliver the results. With Science Based Six Pack, the scenario is changing. One might consider it an expensive strategy against weight loss but it works through a practical approach with realistic goals and is feasible for a large number of individuals.

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Addressing weight management via intermittent fasting, coupling it with healthy food choices and superimposed with easy exercises, the Science-Based Six Pack guides you to become a success story as Thomas DeLauer.

The program is tagged with such benefits as reducing the meal frequency, subtracting the hassle of meal preparation, with no guilt indulgence. Science-Based Six Pack relieve you of unwanted hunger cravings and habitual eating with ‘an eat what you want’ break but at specific timings. With this specified time application, the program promises no restrictions on social dining outs with friends with more quality ‘me’ time. The program brings minimalism with an involuntary lifestyle change in one’s life.

Weight gain can be a serious issue and needs attention; if left inattentive, it can become a reason for various life-threatening diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, high cholesterol and much more. An overweight body doesn’t just influence your looks but your entire personality and lifestyle are affected. According to a survey, people who are overweight are found to be more lazy, unconfident and socially aloof.

Such people try and try harder to get rid of extra fat and get into shape but things just don’t fall into the right places for some reason and they give up eventually. That’s exactly what this Science Based Six Pack program works against; it scientifically treats your overweight issues by liberating one to eat what is desired but with a time discipline. This trick opens a channel for a natural fat burning mechanism of the body.

Diet alone is not a realistic answer to weight loss, diet complemented with exercise act as a catalyst to cut some real figures on the weighing scale.

What we like about Science Based Six Pack

The program is authentic as it has been personally composed by the most popular fitness trainer Thomas DeLauer’s, a living testament to the success of this program, who actually get rid of his obese body and now enjoys his present form and fitness.

  1. The Science-Based Six Pack is a risk-free program as it turns the natural fat burning mechanism of the body to functional frequency.
  2. This program contains a wonderful balance of workouts, diet, and supplementation that if followed as recommended will complement the other systems of your body.
  3.  Following this program will change your lifestyle in a gradual manner without any conscious effort.
  4. The program is available at a very reasonable cost and worth investing your savings.
  5. The program follows an intermittent fasting technique with snacking on healthy food items and a major meal in twenty-four hour period.
  6. Science-Based Six Pack gives you more freedom by cutting the meal prep timings and all the hassles associated with three to five meals a day.
  7. The program helps you overcome unnecessary hunger cravings and food addictions by restricting the food intake timings.
  8. Thomas DeLauer has not placed any restrictions on social outings and dining outs because the food intake timings include the major part of the evening.
  9. The Science-Based Six Pack helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and keeps the energy revived and refurbished so that you are never held back on your favorite activities or suffer from an afternoon energy crash.

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Any Disadvantages

We could not find any disadvantages with this program. Why? Because it tackles the weight loss issue with a practicality not seen with its counterparts. It does not put you on unwelcomed diet schedules, rather it removes the cravings and constant munching behavior without undergoing hunger pangs. It gradually places you in control of the caloric intake at the same time of accelerating the caloric output with exercise, which is convenient to adopt; the real deal behind an effective weight loss.

It also incorporates certain weight loss supplements to overcome the weight loss plateau, which is a commonly encountered problem with many weight loss programs that ultimately forces the individual to quit the subject effort, making the entire effort go in vain with a failed weight loss program added to the list.

The only important thing to keep in mind is ‘to keep your mind focussed on the final result’ by maintaining the morale and willpower intact. This attribute will not only chisel your body in desired shape and form but add to the overall personality and character building. You will find yourself a strong individual who is in the best control of one’s circumstances including your health and physical form.

 Obesity and weight gain are becoming a global endemic and programs like Science-Based Six Pack deliver a lot of hope for the ever-increasing data figures in this regard.

The functionality of the Science Based Six Pack

The sociology of eating behavior reflects the overall personality of an individual as a lethargic and carefree soul. Science-Based Six Pack is a program that completely transforms this mental attitude by actually delivering results and proving that weight loss is an achievable task.

The reason why your all weight loss efforts have gone all vain is that you were putting efforts on one side either on the workout or dieting & supplementation. Science-based Six Pack removes all the myths and taboos that revolve around the weight loss goals by implying a realistic approach of intermittent fasting.

This program would discuss in detail that how to manage your workout, fasting & supplementation to get quicker and efficient weight loss that is totally risk-free.

Intermittent fasting is taken up as a religious and spiritual protocol in many cultures around the world. However, Science-Based Six Pack does not cater for your spiritual needs but promises to shape and trim your physique into a healthy outline.

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The regime involves a major part of twenty-four period where you meet the caloric requirements of your body via power-packed nutrient snacking. As evening approaches, you are allowed to eat following the diet tips described by the program. Therefore, you are never short of sugar levels or energy stores.

Science-Based Six Pack is a 16/8 hour method with the following routine

  • Skip breakfast
  • Maintain the hydration levels with lemon-infused water
  • Skip lunch
  • Break your fast by four in the afternoon with healthy snacks
  • Enjoy a lavish evening meal with healthy choices described by Science-Based Six Pack

Science-Based Six Pack delivers its results via four strategies

  1. Fast Break Strategy
  2. A base track plan
  3. A fast-track plan
  4. An exercise regime to optimize muscle build up

The base track is for the newcomers of this program which prepares one to follow the fast track with efficacy and expertise.

What Is Included In The Science-Based Six Pack Program?

The Science Based Six Pack Program consists of three things that when altogether managed in your daily routine help to provide quicker, efficient and safe weight loss for your body. The three things included in this program are:

  • 5 Master Fasting Course Video Tutorials: In the video tutorials, you will find out many personal tips from the author to curb food cravings and benefits of fasting well into eating. Also, you will learn some fasting techniques that will make your body enter the highest fat burning state. Without sacrificing muscle mass, you can optimize your weight loss.
  • The Complete Master Fasting Course E-Book: This ebook contains over ten unique, delicious fast-break recipes, a combination of mini meals and healthy desserts. Here, you will also find out the ‘ShredFast’ workout course calendar and training guide, more than 10 different and delicious fast-break recipes, mini-meal combinations, and healthy desserts. Additionally, it also has a list of FAQ which will be too helpful for you.
  • Two Intermittent Fasting Diet Plans: These two intermittent fasting diet plans include the Base Track and Fast track plans which is the base track for beginners who are new to dieting and get complete freedom of enjoying whatever food you love. Fast track is designed to evoke accelerated results. With the perfect schedule, you can begin your weight loss journey.
  • The ShredFast Workout Course: This entails 9 at-home total body workout videos that’ll maximize your results whilst following the intermittent fasting plan.
  • A 30-day supply of 3 essential supplements: You will also receive metabolism amplifying as well as body fat shredding formulas to expedite your results while following this program.  This program includes supplements, which are Men’s Elite Krill Oil, Alpha Armor, and Alpha Meal.

science based six pack

What makes the Science Based Six Pack Program so Effective?

Intermittent fasting is a proven way to effectively shed some pounds via its ‘short duration’ of action.

“According to a recent 2014 review study, intermittent fasting was found to reduce body weight by 3-8% over a period of 3-24 weeks”

The same study showed the rate of weight loss at about “0.55 pounds (0.25 kg) per week with intermittent fasting, but 1.65 pounds (0.75 kg) per week with alternate-day fasting”

“People also lost 4-7% of their waist circumference”, a proof that intermittent fasting helps lose belly fat, a significant clinical health indicator.

Science-Based Six Pack is a sure way to build muscle and not lose it.

“In customary calorie restriction studies, 25% of the weight loss was muscle mass, compared to only 10% in the intermittent calorie restriction studies”

The fact that makes Science-Based Six Pack an effective ritual is that it acts on the body’s innate ability to move the fat stores and utilize them for energy consumption via intermittent fasting. The whole process is rev up by incorporating feasible exercise regime and addition of healthy food choices, that satisfy the hunger pangs without an overload on the caloric input.

Intermittent fasting not only cuts on fat stores but preserves the muscle too, which is often the main concern of many individuals on fat loss diets. Science-based Six Pack caters for your physical as well as the cerebral health by incorporating attributes like a sturdy will and resolve to your overall personality.

Cost of Science Based Six Pack

The total cost of Thomas DeLauer’s Science-Based Six Pack is about $97, that includes a total package comprising of

  • 5 Master Fasting Course Video Tutorials
  • The Complete Master Fasting Course E-Book
  • Two intermittent Fasting Diet Plans
  • The Shred Fast Workout Course
  • A 30-day supply of Biohack box set, supplements for fat loss including Men’s Elite Krill Oil, Alpha Armor, Alpha Meal

The deal is finalized and sealed by a 90-day money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction, with no questions asked.

Our Final Say On Science Based Six Pack

Science Based Six Pack is a program that comes all together with the perfect diet plan, supplements and workout plan. The program not only provides you weight loss but also helps to tone your body and bring it into the shape you desire.

The program is available online and with a stable internet connection anyone who is interested in trimming down body fat and tone their body can take advantage of it.

“The stark differences of this program with its counterparts in maintaining the sugar levels, ducking hunger cravings, losing fat, conserving muscle, revving up energy and focus, incorporating simplicity and on top, eating what you want with a smart and realistic theme make it impossible to bypass it as ‘just another weight loss parable’.”

The techniques this program uses are all natural ways for weight loss and are not accompanied by any side effects.


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