Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating Review – No More Calorie Counting

Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is a healthy meal program intended for diabetics, heart patients as well as people aspiring to lose and manage weight. It is a special program through which ready to eat meals are delivered to your door step.

Developed by a nurse named Seattle Sutton, this Healthy Living program was founded in 1932. However the family expanded the business meeting the ever changing demands of continuously growing advancements, decades after decades and today the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is what we can safely say the latest and hip version of this program.

Healthy Eating Program by the Seattle Sutton offers meal-replacement dishes, which are delivered nationwide straight to their customers’ doors. Customers can choose from three meal plans between 1200 to 2000 calories; the meal plans are based on a diet that has low glycemic index and low fat content to support healthy weight management in normal as well as diabetic, and cardiac patients.

The Meal Plan by Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating

Seattle Sutton Healthy Living provides you three plans to choose from: 1200, 1500 and 2000 calories a day. Customers will receive their meals from the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating two times each week; each shipment contains 21 meals including 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners. The Healthy Eating program by Seattle Sutton is based on a five week’s meal plan system, and subscribers of this program will be delivered the meals alternatively to their door step. However those living near a Seattle Sutton’s center have the choice to pick it up themselves if they wish to.

Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating Program is an efficient method to curb your unnecessary cravings and binging, after work or a late meeting. Instead of running through a fast food chain and grabbing a greasy, cheese loaded burger the Seattle Sutton makes sure that you already have stock of healthy meals on hand so that you don’t have to look for anything else to get done with your hunger pangs. Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is an amazing meal plan which is convenient, low fat, calorie controlled and taste tested. Ideally, these plans are supposed to help you take control of food intake so you eat less and healthy!

The Science of how Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating Program Works

Well there isn’t any rocket science involved! The formula is simple; consume fewer calories than you can burn. Health and experts belief that it is important to burn of the calories that you consume in order to maintain a healthy weight. However those aiming to lose weight should put in a little extra effort that is eat less calories and try to burn more of them. The idea is to create a caloric deficit so next time when you work out your body burns the fat reserves in order to generate physical energy. Why people don’t lose weight when they exercise is because they fail to maintain a healthy diet and this is where Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating jumps in. You don’t have to go to the grocery stores and spend your time, money and energy on replenishing food stock, you don’t have to go through the hassle to prepare special diet meals on daily basis, which puts you off for the workout regimen ultimately; you don’t even have to think about what you will eat next, Seattle Sutton has already taken care of all your worries regarding healthy diet! You get delicious ready to eat meals at your door step, be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner everything is made for you in the Seattle Sutton’s kitchen so that you don’t have to spend your entire day in the kitchen or the grocery store. By only paying $139 a week you can simply spare yourself from all the shopping and cooking process, and at the same time enjoy delicious tasting healthy meals that promote weight loss.

About the Taste of it

All the meals prepared by the Seattle Sutton facility are taste tested and the word has it that they are quite toothsome.

All the meals I had were really great. It was nice to not have to cook,” says one satisfied customer. Another says that, “You get a variety and everything tastes great”. But not everyone seems to have enjoyed their meals. There were also users who complained about the taste of the food they received from Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating.

Some stuff, I just didn’t like. I tried, but ended up having to get my own groceries ultimately”, says one customer with a not very good experience. Another one says, “Some meals tasted good, but others were just awful”. This is the reason why Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating allows first time users to taste from their sample menu, which includes the items apple-cinnamon muffins, pirogues, spinach calzones, salmon fillet and southwestern bean and pasta salad in order to get an idea of the taste of the meals they will be getting through this meal program, before actually subscribing to it.

Why People Like Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating?

  • Most of the people have become fans of the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating because:
  • The plan comes from a health expert, a medical professional Ms. Seattle Sutton who was a nurse by profession.
  • Secondly, Seattle Sutton became successful for the convenience it provides; you don’t have to go to shop groceries or cook food. The job is already done for you!
  • Not only helps with weight loss, but the meals are ideal for those trying to better manage their diabetes or heart related illness by maintaining a good and healthy diet.
  • All the meals are freshly prepared and they taste great. Meals can be refrigerated, so yes you can store them.
  • Through Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating plan people can actually lose weight in a healthy and safe manner; it doesn’t promote fast or unrealistic results. In fact the whole idea is about adopting a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and clean. So Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating isn’t just about going vegan or on a special diet, it is about making a positive lifestyle change.

What People Didn’t Like?

Something that satisfies one person may not be able to do the same for another. Same is the case with Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating. There are people who didn’t really like the whole idea, or perhaps it wasn’t meant for them based on the following reasons:

  • A lot of people believe that Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is quite pricey. This is because although for one week’s meal you pay $139, but based on your location the delivery and shipment charges may even add another $100 to the total bill, and ouch that’s expensive. Customers complained that getting meals for a single person for an entire week in exchange for what Seattle Sutton is asking is just not fair. “I can feed my whole family for what they want every week,” says a potential customer. Another dissatisfied customer wrote, “I couldn’t believe I had to pay almost as much to ship the meals as I did for the meals themselves”. But of course then there are happy members of the program who simply love what they are getting from the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating, Sarah writes, “It was worth every penny not to have to go to the grocery store or cook,” while according to Ashley “Living alone, I eat out a lot, so I actually saved money with this plan”.
  • Another big drawback of Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is that it doesn’t allow the customers menu customization. Based on everyone’s distinct needs and requirements it is important to enable them to choose for themselves what they would like to include in their daily meals, but unfortunately that is what Seattle Sutton isn’t offering. And this can pose the company a serious threat of losing potential customers, as there are various meal delivery programs available in the market that tailor the menu according to the needs of the users.
  • So far the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating has not included in its plans a fully vegetarian meal or gluten free meal plan because of which many prospects opt for Seattle Sutton’s competitors instead.

Important Advise from Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating

While exercising isn’t part of the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating but the company encourages users to indulge into a regular exercise regimen in order to lose weight and expedite desired results. This not only helps with weight reduction or management, but it also promotes good health and fitness enabling us to live a sound and hale life even at the later years of our life.

Final Word

The aim of the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is to promote well being by not only providing you a timely meal replacement but enabling you to make a permanent positive lifestyle change. If you don’t have problem with spending money then Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating is indeed the designed for you! This amazing meal replacement and delivery plan not only spares you from the hassle of cooking but it also makes it easy for you to follow a healthy diet; you don’t have to count calories anymore once you’re on this plan. Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating has come from a medical profession thus the company makes sure that meals it delivers to you are packed with nutrition and goodness and do not compromise health. If you think you are in dire need to shed off extra pounds this summer then this is the time to subscribe to Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating Program. Meals you get from the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating are calorie controlled, these meals are low fat, low cholesterol, and sodium restricted, so be assured with just a little bit of exercise you will be able to lose weight in very short time.

The program is simply bliss for those who want to lose weight, are diabetic, have heart disease, are unable to cook for themselves or prefer to not shop and cook meals for themselves or their family.

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