SeroVital HGH Review – Is It Genuine Or Bogus?

What Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Human Growth Hormone(HGH) is produced by body’s pituitary gland controls all body functions which are responsible for growth. The Human Growth Hormone, however, starts decreasing with age resulting in poor metabolism, weak bones, heart problems and various other issues.

People have been using various techniques to overcome the problems caused by low levels of HGH. These methods include getting HGH injected into your body directly and various supplements have also been formulated to increase HGH level in human body. Moreover, these techniques are expensive and getting HGH through injections might affect your natural HGH production badly.

About SeroVital HGH?

SeroVital HGH is a formula which can increase the production of Human Growth Hormone because it contains Amino acids which promote the growth of Human Growth Hormone.Human Growth Hormone Controls various body functions like bone and muscle mass, your aging process, sex drive, mood swings and much more.

Human Growth Hormone level starts dipping when you grow old. SeroVitall has been designed to bring you out of these symptoms of aging as it promotes the growth of Human Growth Hormone. SeroVital has brought a revolution in the field of the anti-aging supplement industry.

Manufacturers Of SeroVital HGH

SeroVital is being produced by Amino-acids. The manufacturers of SeroVital claim that consuming this supplement will lead to increased level of Human Growth Hormone by 682%. The company named San Medica International manufactures SeroVital supplement.

The drawbacks associated with this supplement are that it is way too expensive as well as there no particular evidence behind the ingredients which are used in this supplement’s formulation.

The company sells many other supplements which include:

  • SeroVital Skin Care Clinical Strength Dark Spot Corrector
  • SeroVital HGH Concentrate
  • The SeroVital Extra Firming Deep Penetrating Anti-Aging Cream for Neck & Décolleté
  • The Ultra-Concentrate Hydrothermal Deep Wrinkle Serum
  • The Complete Eye Area Renewal Complex

Sanmedica International, LLC is a Utah-based business headquartered in Salt Lake City located at this address:

Sanmedica International, LLC
5742 W Harold Gatty Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

                           How Does SeroVital HGH Work?

SeroVital works as HGH booster in your body to provide the anti-aging effect. The supplement uses an amino acid blend to increase the levels of Human Growth Hormone in your body. As aging causes a dip in levels of human growth hormone, it is necessary to supplement your body with some anti-aging supplement and SeroVital HGH is the best choice for this purpose. It has been found after a survey that SeroVital has great positive reviews by its users and has helped so many people out there to increase their Human Growth Hormone levels in their blood stream by 682%.

The supplement contains a natural blend of ingredients that give a boost to HGH in their body. But it should be noted here that this supplement does not work well if no change is made in persons living habits. A healthy diet and daily workout routine if added with this supplement will deliver best results. This supplement is safe for use as it brings HGH to a high concentration without causing any harm like other anti-aging supplements do to your body.

There are plenty of HGH releasers available in the market today and all of them claim to provide outstanding results but this is not true. People who get HGH injected into their body and other who take pills of anti-aging supplements have been suffering greatly due to the harmful effects. So, it is your choice now to take advantage of safe and effective available supplement that provides you the best optimum results.

What Are The Facts About SeroVital HGH?

Dr. Amy Heaton, Ph.D.,
Director of Scientific Affairs for SanMedica International, says:

“There are three.”

First, as with HGH injections, SeroVital is not a ‘magic bullet,’ but one part of a healthy lifestyle choice including a sensible diet and exercise regimen.

Second, for proper absorption, you have to take SeroVital-HGH on an empty stomach. That means you either have to take it first thing in the morning and then not eat anything for two hours, or take it at night, at least two hours after your last meal… before you go to bed.

And last but not least, while SeroVital is far less expensive than prescription HGH injections, it’s still not cheap. SeroVital will cost you about $100 a month.”

Ingredients Of SeroVital

SeroVital is blended with following ingredients:

  • Schizonepeta (Aerial Parts): Schizonepeta is well known to provide anti-inflammatory effects.
  • L-Glutamine: It builds muscle mass and speeds up muscle recovery.
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: It is been proved beneficial for many body organs like liver, heart, and kidneys as it increases the levels of levels of glutathione and causes the reduction in levels of blood fats.
  • L-Arginine HCl: It widens the arteries and blood vessels to assist the blood flow.
  • Oxo-Proline: It raises the amount of Human Growth Hormone and improves the circulation of blood in the brain.

Side Effects Of SeroVital HGH

The major drawback behind SeroVital supplement is that it is far more expensive than other dietary supplements available in the market today which perform almost the similar function at a cheaper cost. So, it is not a good choice in the eyes of public because they become more inclined towards other products offering similar benefits.

Moreover, there is a less clinical research which is being carried out to approve the ingredients used in the composition of SeroVital’s formula.  The ingredients have been proved harmful for stomach acid as they reduce the capability of absorption of nutrients in the human body.

The huge amount of Amino acid that is considered to promote the growth of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can also be harmful and has shown a few side effects too.

The oral consumption of this supplement causes nausea and in that case, it is better to get HGH injected directly into the bloodstream. While it contains a good content of Amino-acids yet it lacks a few essential Amino-acids L-Ornithine, L-Tyrosine and L-Valine. These amino acids have been proved very efficient in the production Human Growth Hormone but unfortunately, SeroVital lacks them.

                    Pros & Cons Of SeroVital HGH 

Pros Cons
·         SeroVital enhances the production of Human Growth Hormone in your body which controls various body functions.

·         It is a safe and effective supplement to gain anti-aging benefits.

·         SeroVital helps in building muscles and increases the energy levels in your body.

·         This supplement also helps in burning excess body fats.

·         Although the price of the supplement is quite higher as compared to other anti-aging pills and injections SeroVital guarantees outstanding results and is worth the price.

·         When taken on an empty stomach this supplement gives optimum results.

·         SeroVital should be taken with doctor’s prescription because there are chances that it may react with other medicines if you are taking any.

·         One must drink plenty of water (around 6-8 glass) so that the supplement dissolves quickly into your blood stream and does not cause upsetting of your stomach.

·         The ingredient called L-Aginine used in the composition of this supplement can cause severe allergies to your body like breathing problems, blood pressure issues and swelling in different parts of your body.

·         The issues must be discussed earlier with your physician or a medical expert as they may become worst sometimes leading to kidney failures, edema, muscle fatigue, bowel movements and problems of low cholesterol level.


What Is The Recommended Dosage For SeroVital HGH?

SeroVital gives best results when taken on an empty stomach. The supplement pills dissolve quickly into your blood stream and start working on your body to increases the production of Human Growth Hormone. The best time to take SeroVital pills is before breakfast or before dinner (at least two hours before each meal).

2 capsules must be taken in each twelve hours that means 4 capsules must be consumed per day. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should talk to their doctor before starting with any such supplements. The supplement promises to deliver best results but the time it takes to show the results might vary from person to person.

Marketing  Of SeroVital

Dr.Oz’s name has been used extensively for the marketing of this product which has created a huge hype in Industry for this product and has made its impression very reliable. But, Dr.Oz has never supported this product and never had claimed about its performance.

Dr. Oz has said that:

 “I am not and have never been a paid spokesperson for any particular brand, supplement or product because so many merchants are using my name and image to sell their products, it’s hard for me to catch everything.

Many companies which are marketing for SeroVital tend to mention Dr. Oz’s “Recharge Your Body in 5 Ways in 5 Days!” episode. For this reason, consumers should take note of his exact words:

A recent study showed that patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their HGH levels spike more than 6 times the levels they had at the beginning of the study.”

Dr. Oz did have never mentioned this product particularly in any show he has done yet.

                                Price Of SeroVital

The cost of SeroVital HGH is $ 99+ $ 6.95 USD shipping and can be ordered at official website This site also offers the auto ship program, once you sign up to the official website, you will get the discount and additional shipments of future.

You will continue receiving those shipments each month. The discounted auto ship price for SeroVital HGH is $79, which includes shipping and handling. You can also cancel that subscription at any time by calling at their landline number which is: 800-434-1409.

The discounted auto ship price for SeroVital HGH is $79, which includes shipping and handling. You can also cancel that subscription at any time by calling at their landline number which is: 800-434-1409.

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