Seven Best Ways To Use Turmeric

Turmeric the famous herb is no more a mystery itself. The benefits of health from turmeric are so evident that you don’t need to have a proof for them. It is easily available, you can get it from any superstore, store it in the kitchen. It is a natural preservative so the turmeric itself doesn’t need much care to last long in your kitchen. You can see it fresh for months in the form of powder. Always keep it in an airtight jar.

It is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and natural healer, the effects of it are not just confined to one or two. It gives an overall boost to the immunity which is essentially required by everybody.

Since the benefits of turmeric are common everywhere. There are fewer ideas to use it for you. Many of us might not know any of the method or recipes to use it. which is why we switch to supplements. Using the herbal ingredient itself is a way better to use supplements. This article will tell you about seven best ways to use turmeric for your body. Let’s start knowing it.

  1. The Breakfast/ Brunch Thing

you can add a pinch of turmeric powder to your scrambled eggs, omelets and what not. For the beginners, it is ideal to combine it in such a dish that you get used to the flavor of it. So, make it your morning herb this way.

  1. The Sautéed Vegetables

You can sprinkle turmeric powder, only 1/4th of a teaspoon to you well-sautéed vegetables. You can use it on all seasonal vegetables and eat any time of the day. You can combine it with more spices to enhance the flavor even more. Some of the ideal choices could be roasted cumin seeds and coriander either fresh or dry.

  1. The Perfect Rice Recipe

The pale yellow color of turmeric brings the beauty to your freshly cooked rice. It will give its special aroma and distinct flavor to any rice recipe which you can enjoy with your favorite curry. The famous yellow rice recipe uses turmeric to add color to the rice too.

  1. The Green Salad

If you are more of a eat green person, perhaps you will be confused how to add turmeric to your diet. Fortunately, using a pinch of turmeric powder on green vegetables like kale, collards, and cabbage is not a bad idea. It’s like combining all the benefits of health together.

  1. The Soup Shoup

Be it chicken or vegetables, the soups tastes better when you add a little quantity of turmeric powder in it. The gold spice will give its signature aroma and taste to your soup and you can enjoy it with all the goodness in a bowl.

  1. The Smoothie Affair

More of a fruit person? No worries. Add turmeric to your favorite juices and smoothies too. The flavor of turmeric becomes hidden in fruit smoothies and juices but you can always get the health benefits.

  1. Sip It In Tea

Turmeric tea is by far the most popular and effective way to use turmeric. You just need to boil it in water and sip it like any herbal tea. You can also add the turmeric powder to conventional tea. Add honey for extra flavor.


This multiple way approach is actually a way to treat your body with the goodness of nature. If not one way, the other way can work for almost everyone. So try our your preferred way to take turmeric and feel its effects yourself.

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