Seven Foods to Improve Libido

Humans are social animals and being an intellectual existence, they interact in different conducts. One way of showing familiarity and intimacy is by having sex. Our sex drive is called the libido and it is affected by our social, biological, psychological, and physical states. Many different medical conditions and medications also have their impact on libido.

Finally yet importantly of all, ascending years of our age also cause a decline in our sexual functions. Libido is complex functions with many factors at play namely sex hormones, neuropeptides, and neurotransmitters. Any grounds linked via the endogenous pathway (physical, biological, psychological) or the exogenous one (social) can impinge on our sex drive.

While our libido is influenced by many angles, there are different channels to improve it. One way of keeping it working at its maximum is by means of our diet. The romance of libido with food is quite an old one in human history.

Food and sex are two parallels that accompany us day after day. A hearty meal and great night in bed do wonder for our morale and uplift our spirits. So when your sex drive takes a downhill course, try to give it a coax with nature’s stroke and tempt your taste buds.

Here are some foods that will make you leave the monotony out of your bedroom.

  • Meat, Salmon and Oysters and Eggs

The superior proteins. Meat and oysters have the right amount of zinc to keep your libido brimming to the max. Zinc is a micronutrient that promotes the natural production of testosterone in the body and keeps prolactin at bay, which is a libido slayer. The omega 3 in salmon raises the dopamine levels in the brain, one of the happy hormones, to keep you in the mood. It also causes an increased blood supply to the genitals to maintain a tingle there.

Include them any way you want, raw, boiled, fried, or poached. Eggs are a rich source of vitamin B5 and B6 and a great source to cheer up the dozing sex drive.

The proteins raise the levels of dopamine in the brain and it is the brain that is the engine behind the sex drive, so take a climb up with the proteins.


  • Beetroot

This vivid red vegetable brings richness to your bedroom. The beetroot was popular with Romans as an aphrodisiac food and they were not wrong in believing so either. This vegetable belongs to the roots family and enriched with soils minerals, one of which is Boron. Boron is required in very small amounts by our body but does a super job as regards the sex engine by increasing the sex hormone production.


  • Oatmeal

Another fortune from the Earth’s treasure is oats. Oats are strengthening food that improves our blood supply to gut and the genitals. They contain L- arginine that improves blood supply to clitoris and help maintain strong erections in women and men. Get a big bowl for yourself and your partner for that early morning sex.

  • Peaches, Cranberries and Black Raspberries

These Vitamin C rich fruits give a lift to your sex drive, especially in women. Peaches increase the blood supply, cranberry juice eases away any bloating in your stomach, and there is nothing better to have sex on a tranquil tummy. The black raspberries increase the sexual endurance and drive for it with the help of phytochemicals contained in it.

  • Chocolates

Ever wondered why bringing her chocolates cheers her up if you are running late for your dinner night with her. That is because chocolates and particularly the dark ones have phenylethylamine that help release of endorphins in the brain, yes the same happy hormone released when you have sex. Grab a box of chocolates next time you want her in the mood.


  • Nuts

Nuts like almonds contain vitamin E, Selenium, and Zinc. These act as libido enhancers by increasing the blood flow to the genitals and production of sex hormones. Almonds have Omega 3 fatty acids and L- arginine that raise the levels of specific neurotransmitters in brain associated with sex. Pecans help stimulate women’s libido by their essential content of phytoestrogen, proteins, and zinc.

Pistachios are, on the other hand, are sex drivers for men. A research carried out in Turkey revealed that a hand full of these nuts raised the level of satisfaction and sex drive in men. Cashew nuts bring a strong and sustained erection in men (with their women happy too) while the Brazil nuts improve the sperm count and motility thus taking the benefits beyond sexual pleasure.


  • Cloves, Ginseng and Saffron

The mighty spices. All of these spices are used in very minute quantities but did you know that adding them to your food would bring about an intense flavor but also zeal in your lovemaking. Here is an account of what is the deal about these spices in your life.

Cloves have long been used in Indian medicine for the treatment of male dysfunction disorders. Its uses are diverse and so are its effects.

Ginseng may not be sexy to look at but research at the University of Hawaii showed that taking a ginseng supplement for a month increased the libido in women by 68% and they found themselves at a better sexual experience than before.

These small colorful threads should not trick you, as they have been shown to increase the sexual performance. A bit expensive, this spice would be worth your effort putting it in a bowl of soup and presenting it to your man.

All in all, next time you go for your groceries do not forget to put some fresh berries and peaches in your cart, a bottle of beetroot juice might save some pennies off your expensive wine, grab a packet of nuts for the bedroom snack, pack some proteins for dinner and do not forget to spice it up with the saffron and cloves  from your pantry. Your food is the real ingredient to your sex platter.

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