Shakeology Review – Does This Shake Really Work?

We are a touch n swipe generation. Everything is got to be at our fingertips, this concerns all walks of our lives. We do not have time on our hands but the longing for a super nutritious diet and aspiration for the best physique is always at the hub of our desires. It would not be wrong to infer that necessity is often the engine behind many of our life hacks. The same narrative goes for meal replacement supplements. SHAKEOLOGY is one such account presented here.

Shakeology is a creation of the Beach Body company of Southern California. They call it the ‘daily dose of dense nutrition’ served as a ‘nutrition simplified’. It is a high protein meal replacement shake for best of health achievement in a short period.

Skipping meals is one of the key issues of weight gain dilemma. The lack of motivation and will to prepare modified diets is conquered by shake diets as SHAKEOLOGY. According to The JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, some researchers have pointed out that

“Diet shakes, also called replacement meals, were as effective for producing weight loss when compared with conventional, structured weight loss diets”

“Study subjects were more positive about dieting” (those on shakes)

“Particularly useful for jump start weight loss”

“Particularly useful for women who have very little leeway in calorie intake”

No need to skip a meal, replace it with SHAKEOLOGY

What is Shakeology

A branch of science may be, like histology, physiology.

Seriously, it is not but it sure is based on scientifically proven nutrient gains provided by

  • excellent proteins, maintain the caloric needs and reduces hunger
  • great greens and colorful fruits,  add healthy fiber
  • antioxidants and phytonutrients, to fight the free radicals and prevent cell damage
  • adaptogen herbs, to help reduce stress effects
  • pre and probiotic and digestive enzymes, for a clean and healthy gut
  • minerals and vitamins, the essentials micronutrients

SHAKEOLOGY can be used as a post workout supplement, whether you are an athlete, love working out in a gym or simply trying to trim your figure, it will provide you with the protein support to repair your muscle and build your strength. There are different sources of proteins in a supplement, one of which is whey. All the other ingredients are all herbs, roots, fruits and vegetables gathered from the best yields around the world. (Shakeology is free from any preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fillers or additives)


Shakeology is a supplement drink not specific for physically active among us but anybody can use it as an energy booster. A low calorie, high protein content makes it ideal to use as an aid to weight loss, either as a meal replacement or as a snack option. No more junk items for your snack or boring vegetables to munch when you have Shakeology in different yummy luscious flavors such as

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • vegan chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • vegan tropical strawberry
  • green berry
  • cafe latte

It is all up to you to take the individual flavors or make a combination with other Beach Body supplements. All the flavors have the same nutrient value.

What are the health benefits?

Besides providing an energy bout, the Shakeology helps you lose some figures on the scale by restricting your cravings and senseless eating.

It contains different strains of pro and prebiotic to cleanse your gut and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria thus regulating your gut in all with better absorptive capability.

The minerals and vitamins, particularly of the vegan variety, add on to the overall payback by strengthening the immune system.

The proteins help build and repair muscles and promote healthy skin appendages (hair, skin, nails).

The blood sugar levels are maintained thus eliminating any uninvited hunger cravings.

The adaptogen herbs have long been used in herbal medicine to reduce hassle and stress of everyday life.

The benefits of Shakeology can be attenuated by the addition of BOOSTS to your shake (beverages or other Beach Body supplements). The three Boosts available are FOCUSSED ENERGY, POWER GREENS, and DIGESTIVE HEALTH.

With the Shakeology shake in your hand, you can place the stakes a bit higher for your health.

How to use

As mentioned, Shakeology can be your post workout supplement, a healthy snack, or a full replacement for one of your meal at any time of your day. Although a once daily routine works fine, it can be taken up to two times a day. Water, milk or coffee (cold one) should be added to prepare the shake and consumed within thirty minutes of preparation (for best flavor).


Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or moisture.

Convenient supply to suit your order

Shakeology is available in different packages to match your requirements

  • Bag

A bag of thirty servings, best value for a whole month

  • Packets

A carton packaging containing twenty-four individual servings

  • Combo packets

A carton package with twenty-four individual servings of two or more assorted flavors

  • Challenge pack

A bag or individual sachets of any flavor of Shakeology PLUS fitness program on HD PLUS a free thirty-day trial membership to the Team Body Beach Club plus a discount of $2 on shipping within the US

  • Shakeology sampler

For the newcomers, sample of different flavors to try out

How to place order

Shakeology is only available at their website. An online order can be placed or via landline. The orders can be modified to different flavors on alternating months or canceled on your demand. The complete details are present on their website.

Shipping charges of $2 are collected on every order, however, a Home Direct customer will benefit from this discount for as long as they are at it. A Home Direct customer will enjoy an auto delivery schedule every month.

Money Back Guarantee

A thirty-day money back guarantee awaits you if you do not like whatever thing about Shakeology (no questions asked)

Definite savings

Shakeology will help you save your hard-earned money. When you will cut the purchases on junk food items, your bills will show obvious savings. Keep your money in your pocket by spending in the right deal.

In case you are

  • Pregnant or a nursing mother
  • Allergic to gluten, soy, nuts or any other allergy
  • Suffering from any other medical ailment
  • Interested in using it for children

Always consult your physician

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