Sharp Pain In Right Side Of Vagina

There are many serious health issues of which women feel shy and scared of discussing with their doctors. If you are one of those who feels shy about discussing personal health problems, this review might help you to explore one of the most common health issues which are about your genital health. There are different conditions with women in which they might face the issues regarding the health of their genitals.

Vaginal pain is a serious issue and could be due to several reasons. There are some obvious symptoms which may contribute to the pain in the vagina. Let us have a look at those symptoms, causes and the cure to vaginal pain. This review will let you know that how much self-care is important and how much important is to see a doctor in some serious cases, rather than ignoring your health issues.

What Is Vaginal Pain?

The vagina is referred to as that part of a female body which is an external genital organ consisting of a vulva, that includes labia, clitoris and the part where there is an opening in the vagina. Vaginal pain may occur due to several reasons. An infection in the vagina can occur due to the cleanliness of the external genitals. The biological name for vaginal pain is vulvodynia and any infection leading to vaginal pain is called vaginitis.

Women usually suffer from vaginal pain when they are taking medications which like ay antibiotics or cortisone. These medications degrade their immune system and increase the chances of vaginal infection, especially the infections caused due to yeast. The yeast infection in the vagina is also known as Candida.

Vaginal pain may occur during or after a sexual intercourse. Vaginal infection or dryness may be a reason for the pain in right side of the vagina. Likewise, several causes of vaginal pain include itching and burning of genitals, soreness, vaginal bleeding, rawness and any viral (for example herpes virus) or bacterial infection.

However, vaginal pain during pregnancy, especially during an early period of pregnancy is the completely normal thing as nine out of ten women face it during their pregnancy period.

How Much Is Self Cleanliness Important To Avoid Vaginal Pain?

It is important to keep yourself clean to maintain good genital hygiene. There are several ways in which you can take care of yourself to avoid genital infections and maintain cleanliness. One of the most important things on which I always pay stress when writing articles on personal hygiene is to take the regular bath. This is the first step which plays a vital role in keeping you far away from undesirable health conditions.

To avoid infections leading to pain in vagina, wear neat and clean clothes especially in the humid and moist weather because most of the bacterial and viral infections are more likely to occur in such weather conditions. Another thing which must be considered is to maintain cleanliness during sexual intercourse.

After a survey, it has been found out that most of the women complain about vaginal pain after a sexual intercourse. Chances of infections are more likely to occur during manual and oral stimulation. So, in those cases, one must be regular on taking bath after having the orgasm.

Wearing washed, clean and dry undergarments will save you from the risk of being infected with bacterial and viral infections.

What Are The Causes Of Vaginal Pain?

There is not a single reason for getting vaginal pain. Many things contribute toward this issue among which some of the causes leading to pain in the vagina are listed below:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Herpes Virus
  • Vulvodynia
  • Pelvic Inflammatory diseases or Endometriosis
  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Oral-genital contact

Does Vaginal Pain have Anything To Do With Pregnancy?

Vaginal pain can occur during early pregnancy period which is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about it. The baby movements inside can cause a sharp pain in vagina and this situation may occur off and on throughout the pregnancy period. This sharp pain in a vagina is when baby’s head is coming on the lower side which pushes the veins and leads to sharp stabbing vaginal pain.

Therefore, you don’t need any immediate checkup if you are facing such situation and you can carry on your regular prenatal checkups.

How Can Vaginal Pain Be Treated?

Vaginal pain can be treated by taking only a few steps towards your personal hygiene. However, it is good to keep cleanliness but being obsessed with cleanliness can, in fact, be harmful. Few points are mentioned below which can help you understand your reason for the vaginal pain and take necessary steps for its prevention.

  • Over cleaning of genitals can be serious. Keeping the genitals clean with a normal soap is enough. Your vagina secretes some fluids which are essential to keep it wet. Over washing it with soaps and fluids may cause dryness in the vagina which causes severe burns, itching and sharp vaginal pain.
  • While menstruation women are suggested to wear cotton underwear as it resists the bacterial infections. Many women think that taking bath during their menstrual period will be harmful to their periods and bleeding would stop but that’s not the case. One must make sure to keep cleanliness during their periods too and for that bathing is essential. Otherwise, dirt and moisture in the vagina for a longer period can cause bacteria to grow.
  • Certain exercises are there for which you can consult your doctor or physician who will help you by suggesting some vaginal workouts. This will help your muscles to avoid contractions and stop the stretching of nerves in the vagina which causes sharp pains.
  • There are some other effective treatments too for this purpose. Injections and some therapies are available which can be utilized in case of severe pain if it persists for a longer period.
  • There are some anti-fungal creams available which can prevent the yeast infections in the vagina.
  • There are a few birth control medicines which are low in estrogen and it becomes a cause of dryness in vagina causing severe sharp pains. This can be treated well by replacing these low estrogen birth control pills with the ones containing high estrogen. It would keep the vagina lubricated after menstruation and during sexual intercourse making it much easy for you. The situation of dryness can be treated in this way and it recommended talking to a doctor first and getting a prescription first.

One can get rid of this sharp pain in the vagina by taking a few steps towards cleanliness and making the personal hygiene a first priority.  These little step will reduce the risk of vaginal infections and pain and you will face such circumstances less frequently.


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