Shaun Hadsall’s 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution. Review


Looking for ways to bust that stubborn body fat without having to go on a crash diet? Well then be thankful to Shaun Hadsall, the well known weight loss expert, who has come up with unique and modern weight reduction program through which users can burn all the stored lards of fats in their bodies and that too without depriving their bodies of appetizing carbs.

The program is called the “4 Cycle Solution” and it has been specifically created to help men and women lose weight fast as well as achieve the body of their dreams in an effective and safe manner. Shaun Hadsall claims that by incorporating 4 Cycle Solution in your lives you can lose up to 7 pounds of fat in just 7 days. In this review we are going to get into the details of this amazing weight loss program, and find out how effective it is in helping people burn fat and get rid of pesky pounds.


The 4 Cycle Solution is an astounding weight loss regimen that enables you to lose weight by eating food, instead of isolating your favorite snacks from your diet plan. Created by the fitness and weight loss expert Shaun Hadsall, the 4 Cycle Solution is a nutrition system that turns on your body’s natural fat burning switch and expedites the process so you can get rid of stored fat in a very less period of time. Unlike other weight reduction products available in the market that require you to keep carbs at a bay, with 4 Cycle Solution you would be eating carbs to burn fat and sculpt your body into your desired sexy shape.


Well a lot of people would be wondering how one can lose weight while still consuming carbs and the answer is eating carbs correctly like the Japanese do. Yes! Closely observing the Japanese eating habits, Shaun Hadsall believes that adding carbs to your diet in a smart manner can actually help you lose weight and allow you to burn more fat throughout the day. 4 Cycle Solution has been created after years of research and extensive studies and in this famous program Shaun Hadsall has dicovered various tricks and methods through which you can reprogram your body in a way that it burns stored fat for energy instead of burning the carbs you consume. Since this transformation takes time and does not come easily, Shaun will teach you through his 4 Cycle Solution how to make your body adapt to this major change in four, easy to follow phases.

These phases are:

  1. Phase 1: 7 Day Carb Depletion

This is the introductory phase where your body will be prepared for the permanent changes that it will undergo in the next phases. This is basically the part of the program where you reprogram your metabolism and entirely alter it so that your body burns the fat instead of storing it and making you obese.

During the 7 Day Carb Depletion you will come across tips and tricks that will enable you to prepare your body to adjust to the changes that you will be required to make; you will learn how to stimulate your body’s natural process of burning fat and modify your metabolism so your body burns stored fat to produce energy, instead of burning the carbohydrates that you consume. As a result your body will undergo tweaks and changes necessary to promote efficient fat loss and sustain it throughout the 4 Cycle Solution program.

  1. Phase 2: Macro Patterning

In the Macro Patterning phase of the 4 Cycle Solution you will learn about smart carbs. Moreover you will be provided information on the right kinds of foods you should consume to prepare yourself for the upcoming phases. In this phase Shaun has also mentioned few key exercises that you should include in your routine so as to boost your metabolism and kick start fat burning.

In Macro Patterning phase you would also be provided with a list of substitution food items so that you don’t have any trouble finding certain kinds of foods due to unavailability.

  1. Phase 3: Accelerated Fat Loss

This is the main and most important phase of the entire program. This is the section where Shaun has revealed all those methods and techniques that he has discovered through his extensive research and studies, which can enable you to boost your metabolism and maintain efficient fat loss. You will also be able to alleviate any hindrances that may occur on your fat loss journey because of hormones, and shed off all those extra pounds while still eating carbs. It contains a tested meal plan, based on Japanese eating habits, that helps you burn as much body fat as possible in just two weeks.

  1. Phase 4: The Diet Break

In this phase users will learn setting up new points for their body’s metabolic activity to continue burning fat and maintain weight loss after they complete the 4 Cycle Solution; these new metabolic points are set up through increasing carbs and calorie intake which gives the metabolism a kickstart and it starts smashing body fat.

With reprogrammed and boosted metabolism your body will continue to burn fat instead of storing it and you would be able to see a noticeable change in your weight.


The good news is that Shaun Hadsall wants to deliver longlasting benefits to his members therefore besides his main course of the 4 Cycled Solution, he is also offering free bonus guides that will enable you to effectively achieve your weight loss targets and maintain a fit and ripped body for the rest of their lives. These free gifts include:

  • The 7 Day Carb Depletion Exercise

In this guide you will learn exercises and workouts that will not only boost your metabolism but would also increase your motivation and energy levels so as to keep you running throughout the program to achieve desired results.

  • Success Guide and Food Journal

This guide provides information on how to keep yourself on track after you have successfully lost weight with the 4 Cycle Solution.

  • Supplementation Guide

In this booklet Shaun Hadsall has provided list of important supplements so that your body is continuously supplied with vital nutrients and vitamins throughout your weight loss journey. Although it is not important that you take all of the supplements in mentioned in the Supplementation Guide, but yes of course it would help those already deficient in some sorts of nutrients.

  • Fat Loss Motivation & Time Management

It is an MP3 audio track in which Shaun Hadsall guides users on how they can keep themselves motivated to stay on the track throughout the year.

  • Macro Patterning Nutrition Manual

If you ever feel the need on going on an aggressive short term weight loss regimen then this is the guide you need. In the Macro Patterning Nutrition Manual Shaun has mentioned some shortcut methods and carb cycling principals that can help you lose body fat in the short term.

The 4 Cycle Solution seems to be an interesting and safe weight loss program that you will find on the market. The good thing about this program is that you are not required to use any harmful chemical products or starve yourself to lose weight. You will be eating normal while on this program and still lose weight. Moreover, since this program includes exercises as well as recommends taking supplements it is apparent that by the end of this regimen you would not only lose body fat but you will also come out to be a more healthy and fit person.

The 4 Cycle Solution by Shaun Hadsall is available at one of the leading online retailers in the market, the The product is offered with 60 days money back guarantee which is an attractive offer for those who wish to give it a try.

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