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Silence Complete review – Clear the buzz in your ears


A condition called Tinnitus in which there’s a constant ringing or buzzing sound in your ears is frustrating but a common problem. 1 out of every 5 people is affected by Tinnitus but most sufferers resist taking a treatment, rather choosing to bear with it; until it becomes severe and unavoidable.

That’s where you seek doctor’s help and agree to go for any solution, be it heavy medicines or risky surgery; you just want to get rid of Tinnitus. But since Prevention is better than Cure, why to go for risky medical treatments when you can prevent the condition from increasing by using simple natural supplements at home?

We have found one such supplement called Silence Complete that claims to put an end to your Tinnitus and helps you get rid of it. Upon reviewing the product, this is what we discovered!


Silence Complete targets the root cause of tinnitus which lies in the brain. The same core cause leads to the development of many other chronic diseases of the brain as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism; therefore, once tinnitus is on its way to recovery, you should be sure of ducking many other diseases concomitantly.

They say, ‘only two pills a day of Silence Complete can quiet your mind’. The following review will analyze this statement by going over the functional ingredients of Silence Complete and their working.

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The backdrop of Silence Complete

Silence Complete is formulated by an individual, Llyod Greenfield, who was once debilitated with tinnitus. His quest to improve his condition led to his introduction to one of the leading scientist, Dr. Steven Campbell.

The co-operated efforts of the two enthusiasts led to the final deliverance of the supplement for which the conventional medicine does not give very clear answers. As already mentioned, the designer of Silence Complete had himself endured the suffering of tinnitus.

When one has walked a path, the difficulties are better comprehended. That is what happened to the designer, who understood the physical agony, psychological strain and social liabilities attached to this condition. Working his way through many research papers and scientific labs, he targeted the different signs and symptoms with zeal and fervor.

What is Silence Complete?

If you suffer from tinnitus, two things can be stated with assurance

You have never experienced complete silence

You have not used Silence Complete

Silence Complete is an oral supplement, formulated in the form of pill form. The ingredients are gathered from nature and the final product is devoid of any synthetic chemicals, placebo fillers or simple binders.

Silence Complete is simple yet powerful enough to set your brain on a rejuvenating course. Clinically proven to alleviate the whooshing and whistling sounds in the ears, Silence Complete also recharges the nerve pathways in the brain aiding in other alarming indicators of declining brain functioning as memory decline, brain fog, lack of focus and concentration.


The fact that tinnitus affects deaf individuals and is not relieved by any ear aid (mechanical or chemical) indicates that the root cause lies beyond the hearing pathways. Silence Complete clears the clutter in the ears by delivering the scientifically proven ingredients systematically via blood into the brain. The deteriorating brain functions rev up and the whistles, whooshes, ringing, and thudding disappear for good.

The ingredients in Silence Complete

Silence Complete is not about a hearing aid or sound therapy, nor is it a sleep aid or an herbal remedy. It does not rely on ancient Chinese acupuncture or meditation rituals. Silence Complete is a set of ingredients that are clinically tested and verified to clear the buzz in your ears when combined in a specific concentration.

The ingredients of Silence Complete are naturally found and definitely not imported from another planet. What makes them effective is their perfect titration and combination, formulated as the subject supplement. Therefore, if you want to go gather the ingredients from the nearby forest, it will not help the tinnitus in any way. For a complete relief, go through the ingredient of Silence Complete and analyze their working.

  • The duet of hibiscus and hawthorn berry

Only their specific varieties can calm the tingling nerves in the brain and quiet down the clutter. Silence Complete contains just the right kind and amount of these two flowering plants to deliver results.

  • Olive leaves extract

With exceptional healing quality, olive leaves are the latest fad of many research points around the globe and are found particularly helpful in strengthening the nerve pathways in the brain.

  • Niacin (vitamin B3)

Niacin is the brain tonic that is helpful in repairing the years-old damage to nerves.

  • Vitamin B12 and B6

These two vitamins are another strong gear for nerve support.

  • Vitamin C

The attributes of Vitamin C are never-ending with its anti-oxidant properties. It wards off the free radicals from the body that play havoc in the brain too.

  • Garlic extract

Garlic extract revs up the focus, memory and wipes the brain fog, some of the actions that are important in fighting dementia.

  • Bachu leaves extract

Another tonic for brain cells, Bach leaves extract strengthens the nerve pathways in the brain.

  • Green tea, Juniper berry, UvaUrsi

Clearing the brain of toxins and aiding in the construction of new neural pathways is the job efficiently delivered by all of these ingredients.

Working of Silence Complete

Tinnitus is the hearing of sounds that are not present. Do not get us wrong, it does not imply that there is something wrong with you psychologically. However, it is amazing as well as disturbing that while one is hearing the sounds around him normal, additional sounds are making their presence marked.

The latest research has shown that it is not the ear apparatus that is faulty in such conditions because all ears have to do is pick up sound from the exterior and process and relay it to the inner machinery. When there are no tingling or whistling sounds in the exterior environment, how can they be picked? Therefore, the chitter chatter of tinnitus is an internal formula related to the nerve pathways inside the brain. When that clears up, tinnitus is gone. It is just like sieving the voices and sounds around us.

The working of Silence Complete is based on this formula. It clears the noise inside one’s head by strengthening the nerves and their pathways. The nerve pathways in our brain exist as electrical wires and the relay system is actually an electrical signal.

Tinnitus occurs when the electrical signals are buzzed up. This buzzing is related to the deteriorating effects of aging and Silence Complete supports and reinforces the nerves. With stronger brain connections, the focal power of the brain, the memory protocol, sleep patterns, take an ascending stride towards vigor and vitality.

The projected outcomes of Silence Complete

With Silence Complete unique formulation, following up shots are expected.

  • Better hearing within days
  • Tinnitus gone for good
  • Results are achieved within less than three weeks
  • Enhanced focus
  • Sharpened memory
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Positive behavioral changes
  • A better and upgraded social life
  • Delivery of quality work in life owing to absence of stress
  • Decreased risk of developing brain disease like Alzheimer’s
  • Improvement in the signs and symptoms of dementia

The availability and cost of Silence Complete

Silence Complete is exclusively available at their official site and is not retailed at any pharmacy or local store.

The cost of Silence Complete for a single basic purchase is $69. However, the cost decreases with the size of purchase, three bottles (a standard purchase) would cost you $59 per item (a saving of $30) and six bottles (a premium deal) would come at a cost of $49 with a saving of $120.

All the purchases are delivered free. All the purchases are covered with a 60-day money back guarantee.



  1. So where are the reviews of people who benefit from this, and why are there no studies to show effectiveness? Is it a coverup by big Pharma?

  2. I have been taking this for 2 weeks. I had been praying for help and this ad came up. I took it as a sign and ordered. Ringing is gone! Have had it since Sept.

  3. In 2015, I had emergency surgery to repair not one, but two brain aneurysms…also suffered a mild stroke during that time. Now, I have had two black-outs in 2017 which the doctors can’t explain. Prior to any of this, I was experiencing a constant ringing in my ears and was told there was nothing that could be done about it. Will taking this medication increase the risk of another aneurysm or stroke, and could the tinnitus have been the cause of my medical issues. Please reply as am desperate for relief. My e-mail is [email protected].

  4. Is this a scam ??? Cause I am desperate. I am on Xanax an lexapro cause of this sudden tinnitus , it’s high pitch ear piercing loud after my severe allergic reaction in October. Been to multiple Drs with zero help .

  5. Please stop believing this. This is clearly an online marketing campaign following the online sales guide where they present a promising video which presents no actual information or “solution” to the original problem. In this case they provide nothing, but can appear to give you something for free because he says so much, but in the end it is still useless because you have to purchase his product before you can glean any actual benefit from what he is telling you. He presents figures like “100% effective,” which simply don’t exist in the scientific community. Then these 100% effective claims are carefully followed by words that say they are 100% effective “to be the most effective” or “to help” in order to protect themselves legally whenever someone comes after them when the treatment isn’t 100% effective at removing the disorder they suffer from. He makes unsubstantial claims like 97% of “natural ingredients” on the market aren’t actually natural and won’t help at all. He also says things like, “we use these vitamins, but only 1% of them are useful” so you can’t do a quick google search to discovery the shallow depth of this scam.” I knew they would also protect themselves monetarily, so I searched for their return policy. “60 days.” I was surprised initially at the length of this guarantee when I knew the product was a scam and many people would look for their money back in a much shorter time span. As the video continued he speaks of how often they can;t ship the product to you for 30 days, then his longest description of improvement is 42 days. This means that’s they expect people to realize they aren’t improving and re-watch the video. These people will wait the 42 days he promises to make the final decision the product has not helped in the way that he promised. At this point, they will request a return, but because they didn’t get the product for anywhere from 4-5 weeks after they ordered, they will have surpassed their 60 day return date and he will have made his money legally. There is so much more I go go on about. Complete, internet, GARBAGE


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