Simply Fit Board Review –  Does It Practically Help?

Simply Fit Board- What Is The Hype About?

Simply Fit Board is a fitness device, about which you may hear from many people around you. The category of this equipment is health and fitness. No matter if it looks like a childhood game to you, it might be of actual health benefit.

This review will analyze the practical value of Simply Fit Board. It will also tell you whether you should buy it or not with an honest explanation.

What is Simply Fit Board?

Although many people don’t believe it, at first sight, the truth is that Simply Fit Board is an actual fitness device. It had recently gained fame when it was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. It is just a plain plastic board which is slightly curved.

It is named as a fitness related thing due to its use in workout sessions. How to use this fitness board is a question which you have to fill yourself. The featured advertisements show that you can stand on it and twist around various positions which you feel are chubby. The curve on it will help you to maintain a balance

Simply Fit Board is a piece of fitness equipment that recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank. It consists of a small curved plastic board. You stand on the board and twist around in various positions to improve your balance. And the constant twisting will shape your body in a way which is similar to achieve after hard exercises.

The promises which its manufacturer claim is no different than this assumption. They assure an overall slimmer figure with the short waistline, toned muscles, lean mass, perfect balance and active body.

These are only a few benefits which you can get from it. However, it has more benefits too. Let’s go into more details.

What Is The Size Of Simply Fit Board?

The board has a size of at 26 by 11 by ¾ inches. It is not very heavy to carry. The total weight that it has is nearly 3 pounds only. It makes this device highly suitable for casual use. You can move it anywhere, carry it anywhere or even switch using it in different places. You can travel with it without the tension of weight or size. This is by far the most suitable feature of it to show that it is designed to help people and not a scam.

How Does the Simply Fit Board Work For You?

The famous tagline associated with Simply Fit Board is a balance board with a twist. Well, it doesn’t have the twist in it. It’s you who can twist through it. Whenever we use workout equipment at the gym, it is not ideally designed. It may have flaws.

The best thing about Simply Fit Board is that it allows you to maintain your balance for long. The perfectly designed board makes you stand on it without losing your equilibrium.

The curve helps you to make right posture for the move. When you workout with the support of Simply Fit Board, your heartbeat becomes faster.

It is an indication that your body has now started a system of kick boost workout. It will eventually increase your metabolism and finally help you to lose weight. There are a lot of exercises which you can do with your Simply Fit Board. It suggests some very amazing workouts which prove best for the body.

For example, a number of exercises are written below.

  • Back and forth twisting exercises from basic. It is not exactly a workout but a pre-workout training.
  • Twisted bridges which were particularly helpful for leg and thigh toning. If you are slim but have heavy legs, this might work for you.
  • Bicep Curls which will strengthen the arms, particularly biceps. You can even use this for arm toning.
  • Plank And Twist will help you to gain lean mass over shoulder, chest and abdomen area. It will also transform your arms.

If you are so much into the right workout practice, the website of Simply Fit Board offers easy to do 10-minute workout sessions. There is a lot of information on the site, the content to motivate you and explain the working of Simply Fit Board.

This is an only fitness-oriented device which is not suitable for any other purpose. It can help men as well as women. It will make your workout easier, better and enjoyable.

How Can You Use Simply Fit Board?

If you have already purchased it through the official website, you can start using it anytime. This is a portable device which you can carry just anywhere. No need to be dependent upon the gym to workout. Now you have your gym support at home.

All you need is only Simply Fit Board, some vast open space, and motivation. The workout starts with the motivation of which you can read the information on the official website.

Make a space for your workout and set the Simply Fit Board there. Imagine the ideal physique which you always wanted to have and just start moving and twisting. A general tip is, don’t use your Simply Fit Board on hard and rough surfaces. Prefer soft and clean surface for the durability of your product.

How Much Is Simply Fit Board For?

Simply Fit Board is available on the official website in five different colors. You can select any of your choices. The price for all five shades is same. The price of one Simply Fit Board is $44.95 only. The color options for Simply Fit Board are;

  • Electric Blue
  • Bright Magenta
  • Vibrant Lime
  • Radiant Red
  • Atomic Orange


If you order through the official website, it will have something more to offer. You don’t need to start creating your workouts which may or may not work for you. There is a DVD set of simple exercises using Simply Fit Board which tells the users how to use it correctly.

This information is in recorded video format which is easy to replicate at home. The videos have all the instructions and clear video quality which will help the user to watch clearly.

About The Manufacturer Of Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board is developed by a mother-daughter duo. They are based in Colorado, USA. The names of this genius duo are Linda Clark (mother) and Gloria Hoffman (daughter).

The story of creating Simply Fit Board started when Linda felt her body to be a little out of shaped which she couldn’t help herself.

Later on calling her daughter Gloria, they came up with an exciting idea which was so fun and easy. That’s how Simply Fit Board was created.

However, they didn’t just make it and launched in the market. Before being launched, it was given and tested for a couple of years on many workout sessions by different people.

How To Contact The Developers?

The address to locate Linda and Gloria is as following.

215 South Main Street
Lamar, CO 81052

In the case of queries and questions, you can contact them via customer support system. They have a helpline which can be accessed at +719-336-3526.

Also, you can write to them and ask your questions through the website. There is no information on how quick and responsive are their help lines.

The Final Thought- Should You Use Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is error prone device which has all the safety measures with it. There are no apparent odds linked with it. If you are using it correctly, it will surely work for you.

The device is nothing but just a support system for your body during a workout. It will help you to attain a balance and start working out for specific parts of the body.

It’s easier and convenient. You don’t even need to go and hit the gym every day. Now you have your gym at home, that too in a fun way. There are no risks, no side effects and no adverse effects of Simply Fit Board.

It is perfectly safe to use. Only you have to create a balance for your body. Once your body understands the positioning and curve, it will be entirely useful for you to transform your body. The price is normal; you can buy it.

It has multiple shades to offer; you can purchase the one which matches your gym kit.

You can select the most appropriate workout as per your body requirement. For more details and order, visit the official website today.


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