Skin Scientific Revitalizing Moisturizer Review. Hope or Hype?

Women are well aware of the fact that beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. But unfortunately, still many ladies strive to look for a miracle to turn the clock back and reverse skin aging permanently. Busy lives and tough routines are also a factor that doesn’t allow women to take good care of their skin or follow a proper skincare regimen, which results in premature aging, dull and unhealthy skin. For busy women looking for an easy way to pamper and rejuvenate their skin, Skin Scientific has specially developed a skincare formula that restores youthfulness and radiance of your skin.

In the following review, we have closely analyzed and evaluated Skin Scientific Revitalizing Moisturizer so that you can find out everything you need to know about this miracle in a jar.


Skin Scientific is a topical anti-aging skin moisturizer prepared with a blend of unique ingredients, and incorporated with a cutting edge technology that revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin inside out to make it visibly younger, healthy and radiant.

Skin is the largest organ in our body as well as the one that is the most prone to external harmful factors. Unhealthy environment, pollution and poor hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle take a great toll on the condition of the skin, and not following a proper skin care routine on regular basis further adds to the damage causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin sagging, and dryness as well as age spots. In such a situation the only solutions women have are either painful cosmetic treatments or an effective topical skin nourishing cream. While there are obvious outcomes of anti-aging therapies or Botox injections but they come along with much pain and a lot of expenses. A better option is to find a health promoting product that can be easily used at home and which is also light on the pocket, and that is where Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer comes. You would no longer have to make visits to the doctors, no painful procedures as well as no hefty expenditures.


Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer has been created by a team of experts who have smartly included the best blend of powerful and proven ingredients in the formula of this special moisturizer to deliver its user the following benefits:

  • Thoroughly moisturizes and hydrates the skin; overcomes dryness and cracking of the skin
  • Lifts sagging skin and restores its lost firmness
  • Eliminates dark circles, age spots as well as puffiness under the eyes
  • Smooths out appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crowfoot
  • Boosts skin’s immunity against environmental damages and effects of free radicals
  • Gives your skin a radiant, glowing and brighter look


Unlike other anti-aging creams available on the market, Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer doesn’t use hydrolyzed collagen in its formula, because experts are of the view that this form of collagen doesn’t fully absorb into the skin. Instead Skin Scientific infuses its cutting edge anti-aging formula of Revitalizing Moisturizer with whole collagen molecules that readily absorb into the skin right from the first application. This delivers better and rapid results making your skin visibly younger, glowing and beautiful.

The formula of Revitalizing Moisturizer is also enriched with skin nourishing vitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin C, and vitamin E to promote and support skin’s health. Hydrolyzed peptides and Alpha Lipoic acids fabricating the blend of Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer boost collagen and increase Elastin levels in the skin to maintain its matrix and provide a firm lift to your skin.

Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer also contains anti-oxidants to fight free radicals to prevent your skin from external harms and prevent and reverse premature aging. With natural and effective moisturizing agents included into the blend of this amazing product, Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer leaves your skin thoroughly hydrated, moisturized, supple and smooth.


Although the manufacturer has not provided the complete and clear list of ingredients over the brand’s official website, but some of the components constituting the blend of Revitalizing Moisturizer include peptide compounds, collagen boosters, skin nourishing vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants to boost skin’s immunity and nourishing moisturizers.


The cream is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is cleanse your face with the cleanser of your choice and pat dry. Apply a generous amount of Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer over your face and neck area and massage it into the skin for at least 5 minutes. It is recommended that you apply the cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.


Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer is a new product in the market and yet it has been able to win many women’s’ hearts. The product enjoys good repute in the market as well as positive reviews and excellent ratings from contented users. Looking closely at the ingredients that make up Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer it appears that it has the potential to deliver Botox-like benefits to women but of course it will take its time. It would not be able to give you instant results (although it does leave your skin better than before right from the first application) but it is indeed better than undergoing painful invasive procedures that cost fortunes and don’t provide a permanent solution. The product is safe and simple to use and would take only few week’s time to show you noticeable results. Hence we feel that where you are planning to invest heavy amounts on cosmetic surgeries or skin lift injections, you may give Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer a fair chance.


Skin Scientific’s Revitalizing Moisturizer is exclusively available at the brand’s official website. The company is offering first-time users a 14-day free trial, which means you will be able to get two week’s time to try and test the effectiveness of this revolutionary anti-aging cream.

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