SkinnyMe Chocolate – Your Favorite Sugar Free Chocolate Craving!

When following a strict diet routine, we cannot afford to gain extra calories yet we crave for them. With the passage of time, extensive research has also proven the side effects and harms on health attached with intake of excess sugar. For all the chocolate lovers out there who are cutting down on their chocolate cravings, SkinnyMe has introduced the perfect solution!

SkinnyMe Chocolate is a delicious sugar free Belgian chocolate that aims to provide you a rich chocolate flavor without any artificial sugar additives. With all the benefits of chocolate, it is made out of pure ingredients. Stevia, the core ingredient, is a natural sweetener extract that is used in this chocolate to cater to the bitterness of Belgian Chocolate.

Whatever your goal, nutrition, health or weight management is, there’s an assortment of flavors for you – Dark Chocolate Squares, Dark Chocolate Mint Squares, Dark Roasted Almond Chocolate Squares, Intense Dark Espresso Chocolate Squares, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Squares, and Dark Chocolate Strawberry Squares, etc.

This chocolate is your alternative for chocolate craving!

Stevia – The Magic Ingredient!

Stevia is an herb, originally from South America, though it now grows throughout the world. It has been used as a sweetener and medicinal herb in various cultures around the world for centuries.

It is naturally very sweet and considered 100 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, but it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels like sugar and other artificial sweeteners do.

Extracted from Stevia plant, this zero-calorie naturally occurring sweetener is a better alternative to artificial sweeteners. So instead of excess sugar, you get a substitute that gives you the sweetness without the bitterness of extra carbs and calories, keeping you healthy and smart.

What makes this chocolate different?

Most sugar free chocolate manufacturers guarantee you that there are no artificial sugar additives, yet they still have sugars added in their products. SkinnyMe is unique and different because it not only guarantees you but also gives you a 100% sugar free chocolate. Lower in carbs, sugars and calories – no lies. The recipe contains zero sugars. It has been masterfully designed by experienced nutritionists and gourmet chocolatiers.

Another important thing: other sugar free chocolates contain sugar alcohols like maltitol, which causes a lot of digestive and cramping problems. So while designing and researching for this product, the SkinnyMe Manufacturers have used Erythritol. A naturally occurring molecule, Erythritol contains a variety of benefits, including zero-calorie content and a low GI index. Best of all, erythritol doesn’t have the nasty side effects of maltitol, as more than 90% of it is absorbed in the small intestine, so minimal amounts reach the colon – thus not likely to cause stomach & digestion and discomfort.

With most sugar free products, the question that arises is: Where do the carbohydrates come from? This is because we want to know how a product is going to affect our blood sugar and insulin level. In SkinnyMe Chocolate, the carbohydrates come from Stevia, Erythritol, and the unsweetened chocolate. Stevia and Erythritol both have a glycemic index of Zero, meaning they don’t affect your blood sugar. Unsweetened chocolate is a low glycemic index food that comes from the seed of the Cacao plant. Research shows that unsweetened chocolate is high in flavonoids and phytonutrients including polyphenols with very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which may improve insulin sensitivity.

So unlike other flimsy market chocolates, SkinnyMe Chocolate has been carefully designed to minimize risk factors and provide you a better, healthier alternative to your chocolate craving which makes it unique.

7 Reasons to Love Sugar Free Chocolate

Chocolate has many health benefits besides a general craving, and since SkinnyMe Chocolate is sugar free, thus, it has added benefits. This is all the more reason for you to love sugar free chocolate.

  1. 100% Sugar Free: With no artificial sugars or additives, this is a zero-sugar chocolate that relies on natural ingredients for its sweet taste. Say no to calories and carbs!
  2. Stevia as a Natural Sweetener: A natural extract of this ingredient helps you to experience the deliciousness of the chocolate with a sweet taste without having to consume sickly sugared chocolate.
  3. No drastic effect on blood sugar: Stevia, Erythritol and unsweetened chocolate as ingredients do not have any effect on changing your insulin or sugar levels, thus you can enjoy your chocolate without risking your health. Your energy level is maintained and unaffected.
  4. Delicious flavor, decadent in nature: The natural, rich flavor of Belgian chocolate is preserved. Unlike other market products, SkinnyMe Chocolate has a well-designed, expert secret recipe that retains the delicious flavor of chocolate without relying on sugars to create a decadent treat for you.
  5. Improves your mood: One chemical that causes the release of serotonin into the brain is tryptophan, found in (wait for it!) chocolate. Chocolate has been known to be a mood-lifter as it releases those neurotransmitters in your body that help to relax and calm you, which are often called “Happy chemicals.”
  6. Doesn’t make you fat: What a heaven it would be if we ate chocolate and didn’t gain fat! Guess what? SkinnyMe Chocolate IS your heaven, because it has no additional calories or carbs, plus it’s sugar free, so as the name suggests, it keeps you skinny and smart. SkinnyMe Chocolate is keto-friendly, thus you will have an improved metabolic system helping you burn excessive fat.
  7. No digestive problems: Erythritol has been specifically used in this recipe as a substitute sugar alcohol for no cramping or digestive problems, therefore you can eat all the chocolate in this world yet have no drastic side effects.

So for having all the health benefits of chocolate, you can now try the SkinnyMe Belgian Chocolate.

Why should you try this?

With more research and awareness, we have come across the excessive side effects of sugar. The reason why this chocolate was first introduced: To give you a better alternative for your chocolate craving. So if you love chocolate and hate sugar, this is the chocolate for you!

  • 100% Sugar Free
  • No additional calories
  • Amazing taste
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • Keto friendly



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