Smart Blood Sugar Review – Control Diabetes With Food

Smart Blood Sugar- Hope For Diabetic Patients

Smart Blood Sugar is the title of an ebook which is based on ways to control diabetes. It helps you to evaluate your body status, on which levels your sugar is. How can you control it and how many ways can be used by you. It is a complete detail of what diabetes is, how can you prevent its risk in the easiest ways.

By the details, it has a mysterious status. In this review, I will evaluate the ebook Smart Blood Sugar for its accuracy and authenticity. The online testimonials are highly positive, but still, it needs so much to be talked about. Before going any further, let’s check the brief details of the ebook are as following.

Who Needs Smart Blood Sugar?

Are you a person who feels lethargic doing physical activity? Are you already a surfer of diabetes and are on diabetic medicines? Do you want to find a way which can reduce your insulin injections daily? Have you come across treating diabetes with home based natural remedies? Do you want to switch regular medicines with safe herbal alternatives? Do you want to get rid of diabetes or any associated problem? Given all the information, if any of the answers from up listed questions is yes, then you are the one who actually needs Smart Blood Sugar in your life. It is more convenient to take care of a disease at home, with and ease and comfort rather than rushing to the hospitals and doctors now and then.

 What Is Smart Blood Sugar About?

Smart Blood Sugar is a downloadable ebook which is available online. It is a complete guide on what is diabetes, why is it called, what is the actual mechanism of the diabetic condition and how can you help yourself to it. The author of this book is a woman named Dr. Marlene Merritt. Dr. Merritt is diabetes and blood sugar specialist. She supports the good ideal of life by eating the right food as per your body requirement. The encouraging statement is that blood sugar functions as per its fuel, which is your food intake. The real power of this ebook is to tell you about the healthy food choices which are directly helpful to control the blood sugar levels.

Remember Smart Blood Sugar is not a diet food plan. Neither it supports the weight loss regime. The concept behind the book is to enlighten the readers about the blessings of food and how can food help to overcome certain health conditions such as diabetes. It is not directed to be used for weight loss. However, the use of healthy eating may cause a significant and healthy weight loss for the body.

The fact that you can maintain healthy blood sugar levels by eating the right food is not exactly a secret. But the real power of Smart Blood Sugar is in its ability to reduce your dependence on diabetes medication, teach you to eat the food you like, and discover how to keep your energy up all day long.

Best of all, Smart Blood Sugar claims that “this isn’t a diet”. The eBook is sold online for $27. After making your payment, you’ll receive a link to download the digital version of Smart Blood Sugar. You’ll also receive a physical copy of the book in the mail.

How Does Smart Blood Sugar Work For The Body?

Smart Blood Sugar has no details of its index, neither it has any information that what techniques it uses to reduce the risk of diabetes. The information of content is confidential, and there are no traces of information available online regarding this. For the content, you have to buy and read the book yourself. Therefore I am unable to comment on that. As per general assumption, the book has the guideline to use specific food which is delicious for the taste buds. You just have to determine a perfect portion size, the quantity of every ingredients and experimentation with the recipe.

What Type Of Information Smart Blood Sugar Provides?

Some examples of the information from Smart Blood Sugar is as following.

  • You must prefer natural sugar/sweetener even if they are sweeter than the sugar. Never rely on artificial sweeteners.
  • There is no such thing as zero calories food i.e. miracle noodle with no calories. Select the healthy and balanced alternative diet.
  • It’s better to try proven food science tips to control a disease instead of finding easy way remedies to get rid of it in a day or so.
  • Reduce the use of snacks in the diet. Unwanted and irregular food habits can increase the risk of diabetes.
  • Best herbs/ingredients to have at home, which is suitable for diabetic patients. You can add these ingredients to any recipe you want.
  • The idea of treating high sugar level is not with starvation or medication; it’s just a balanced meal plan.

How Will It Help You?

It helps in many ways, some of which are as following.

  • Learn to use stored energy in fats, instead of eating more food.
  • Control the insulin demand by the body in a natural way.
  • Stop using artificial sugar
  • Which kind of oil you should use.
  • How to keep your energy levels high with food.
  • How to many healthy food choices.


There are a few free gifts with each purchase of the ebook. These free gifts are as following.

  • Diabetes Reversal Recipe- A 7 Day Meal Plan
  • 99- Food That Reverse Diabetes
  • How To Spot Dangerous Ingredients On Food Labels
  • Cheat Sheet To Enjoy Popular Foods
  • Indulgent Drinks For Healthy Food Sugar

What Is The Price Which You Have To Pay?

You can purchase an only soft copy of the book. There is no paper option available. All the purchases can be made through the official website only. Together, Smart Blood Sugar and the bonus books have a price of $239.95 as per the author. However, they are available for the price of just $27.00.

What If You Want A Hard Copy?

Although the website doesn’t have a hardcopy to sell. But you can order for it. It will be printed and sent to your address.

Shipment Charges

Typically the shipment costs you around $9.99 for all over the USA. So the total cost of your order will become $36.99.

Pros And Cons



  • Natural way to control diabetes
  • User friendly manual
  • Helps you to get rid of insulin and expensive medication
  • Helpful to work in as little as ten days
  • Recommended for people at risk of diabetes as well as diabetic patients
  • A complete refund policy
  • Results may vary for each user
  • Available online (digital books
  • Mixed reviews online, many people believe that the testimonials are a scam with fake pictures from the online stock.
  • The manufacturers, Primal Health LP, has negative review
  • No information on how to get refunds
  • Annoying pop-ups on the website
  •  No detailed information on content of book
  •  Dr. Merritt’s twitter  @smartbloodsugar has no posts since 2012


Smart Blood Sugar is a pdf book which has been written by a medical doctor who is a specialist of blood sugar and diabetes. The information on the book’s content is not available. The online description only tells that it tells you how to use food to control body sugar which is a natural and safe alternative to medicines. Online reviews are mixed which shows that the status of the book is shaky. You might not get the desired results in 10 days, and the effects may vary from a user to user. You will need more research work for the accuracy of the information of this ebook before purchase. For more details, information and orders contact the official website today.

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