Somnapure Review – The Natural Sleep Inducer Or Scam?

A good night sleep is essentially important to catch all you pending works to be done in the day. when you don’t sleep for enough hours, you can’t help yourself to be fresh next morning. It also affects the quality of your work. You might not be able to do even the simplest life tasks. Given what are the common harms of not getting enough sleep, there are certain things which you still don’t know. These things take place inside the body which is not commonly known to everyone. The body becomes lethargic, all the cells which are working every second become restless and the result is an improper functioning body.

Stress, sleeping disorder and bad lifestyle choices are a few factors which affect the sleeping time of a person. If any of these is wrong, a person might struggle to get a peaceful sleep. This struggle often ends on using sleeping aid pills which contain Diphenhydramine and Doxylamine Succinate. A regular use of sleeping pills can be extremely harmful to a person and he might end up at a hospital.

A regular use of sleeping pills can be extremely harmful to a person and he might end up at a hospital. Somnapure is a new dietary supplement which is promised to be effective for sleep, with no harsh chemicals. This review will encircle the key features and product details which may help you take a decision for its usage.

What Is Somnapure?

Somnapure is a new supplement in supplement market which is considered as a natural sleep inducer. It is regarded safe by the manufacturers as it has all natural ingredients. when you look at the ingredient list, it may confuse you for a few minutes. The reason is that there are so many of them. Many of them are common but still many are unknown for a common person to understand. He first word to catch your attention will me melatonin which is a sleeping aid hormone. You can google it to get complete details of how it works. To know more ingredients, let’s take a closer look at its ingredient list.

The Vital Ingredients Of Somnapure

A brief summary of important ingredients along with their proposed effect is as following.

Melatonin: as mentioned earlier, melatonin is a hormone which is secreted from pituitary gland situated in the brain. It is helpful for many functions such as mood enhancer, sleeping aid, headaches and much more. The amount or melatonin in Somnapure is 3mg which is generally considered high amount but safe for human consumption.

L-Theanine: It is frequently common in green tea plant extract. It is helpful to make cells relax, which helps to induce relaxation throughout the body. The result is a peaceful mind state.

Valerian Root Extract: This root extract has been long termed associated with helping in peaceful sleep. It is so powerful that it can even help for insomnia which is the highest stage of sleeping irregularity. It is available in many forms such as supplements, sprays etc. But in Somnapure it is added as a supportive ingredient to ease the abnormal sleeping.

Hops: Hop is a stabilizing agent. It is common in beer but Hops in Somnapure is not extracted from beer. It is extracted from the Valerian Root extract.

Other ingredients

  • Passion flower
  • Lemon Balm
  • Chamomile Flower

All these ingredients are helpful to reduce stress levels and initiate the peaceful sleeping cycle. It makes the ingredient list of Somnapure a believable fact.

Is Somnapure Safe To Use?

All the ingredients mentioned on the official website as constituting agents of Somnapure are herbal in nature. There are no negative effects linked with any of them. Natural products are usually considered safe and no side effect is expected to take place. As per user reviews, there is no negative comment or bad remarks about the product. It makes Somnapure a safe choice for use.

Would It Work For You?

Somnapure is a safe choice as per ingredient. It is now confirmed that it will not harm you. But the question is, would it induce the effects for which you are taking it? there is not an appropriate answer of this on the website. However, it is a generally accepted fact that working of any supplement largely depends upon the usage and health status of the user. If you are sure that you need this supplement and there is no other reason of your sleeping disorder which is medical, Somnapure will work for you. However, it may take more or less time among different users.

Is It Gluten-Free?

According to the manufacturer, Somnapure is NOT gluten free. You may need to know this before purchasing.

General precautions

  • Use it regularly.
  • Do not use with alcohol.
  • Do not overdose.
  • Do not combine it with sleeping pills.
  • Do not combine it with any other medicine.
  • It is only suitable to be used by people over 18 years of age.
  • Do not consume it with alcohol.
  • It is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

The Good Things About Somnapure 

  • It’s all pure.
  • It uses natural ingredients.
  • It has a money back guarantee.
  • It has no negative remarks or reviews.
  • All ingredients are supported by scientific researches.
  • It is the mild formula and safe for daily use.

The Bad Things About Somnapure

  • Not clinically tested.
  • The exact quantity of ingredients is not listed
  • Some people have asked for a refund too.

Order and Pricing

To order Somnapure, you need to visit the official website. It is only available online. However, you can order it through many online sources such as Amazon. Chances are that you may also find it at big retailers such as Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS. The price set for Somnapure is $39.99 which is affordable for its benefits. This is the price of one bottle which is one month supply. There are 60 tablets in each bottle and everyday dosage is two tablets. It makes per day dosage to be around $1.33 which is not an expensive solution for your sleepless nights.

Ordering from the official website will enroll you in their auto-shipment plan. It sends you a month’s supply every month without your order. If you don’t want that, uncheck this option while confirming your first order. There is no auto renewal order if you order through Amazon or any other website.

The product comes with a 14-day trial offer. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund. No claims after 14 days will be entertained so be careful about the time period.

How To Contact The Manufacturers?

If you have a question to ask if you want to ask for return and refund or need to cancel your order, contact the customer service of the manufacturer. Their contact number is +1-877-460-3326 or you can write an email to them at

The Final Word

Somnapure is a mild and all natural formula. It has ingredients which help in sleeping aid. There is no clinical trial record but there is no obvious scam related to this product. It has no side effects and as per ingredients, there is no possibility of it going against you. So you can give it a try. If you find it not effective, you can always claim for a complete refund.

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