Sono Bello Reviews – Body And Face Contouring Procedures By Specialists

Getting a shaped body has become everyone’s dream today. We all don’t want to see any extra fat under our skin. There are various techniques that people adopt to get into shape. Workouts, dietary supplements, and various diet plans are available which have helped a lot of people.

These techniques and strategies towards weight loss definitely help but in one way or the other, they come along with certain side effects.

Dr.Tom Garrison did a lot of research on weight loss and fat burning programs and discovered this amazing Sono Bello cosmetic contouring for your face and body.

This is an extremely reliable technique and has helped a lot of people to get perfectly toned bodies and face by removing all the excess ugly fat on their face. Sono Bello was founded in 2008 and since then its surgeries are practiced in one out of 75 clinics.

The cost of this program varies as the procedures and the type of cosmetic surgery differ. Sono Bello has offered with the safest liposuction and body contouring techniques by the expert, licensed and nations leading the team of specialist. Laser Lipo with Trisculpt, Venus Freeze, and Vela Shape are the names of procedures which are used by Sono Bello.

Let us have a detailed look on the working, methodology, side effects, pricing details, and availability of Sono Bello in this review.

What is Sono Bello About?

Sono Bello provides facial and body cosmetic contouring by top medical experts and specialists who claim to get you rid of extra fats by various techniques and procedures.

Sono Bello uses the latest and safest equipment in it surgeries such as an advanced microlaser, power laser-assisted liposuction equipment, and many other sculpting techniques.

The cosmetic procedures used by Sono Bello are Venus Freeze, Velva Shape, Micro-Laser Lipo and Trisculpt. Sono Bello helps in weight loss and getting a toned body by removing all the undesirable skin fat and reducing cellulite.

The post surgery results will completely transform you and bring a revolution in your lives.

What Are The Different Treatments Offered By Sono Bello?

There are various methods for weight loss and burning fat such as exercising, following a diet plan and plenty of dietary supplements out there which are serving people to achieve their desired weight loss goals.

The weights loss goals and the results of techniques adopted for their accomplishment may vary. Sometimes after all the effort and spending so many dollars on achieving the weight loss you are still not able to meet the desired results.

There are a few parts of your body from where fat does not vanish, no matter what you do; the stubborn fat won’t go unless you get it removed from there by any surgical methods. For that reason, Sono Bello provides some safe cosmetic surgery techniques by which you can get rid of unwanted fat from undesirable places by its surgical techniques.

The certified and expert team uses some techniques which are explained below in detail to let you people know how is unwanted fat removed. Let us have a look at each of these.

  • Vela Shape

This technique helps to suppress the dimples and bumps caused due to fat underlying your skin.

This reduces the concentration of cellulite especially under the areas of hips and thighs. This technique is approved by FDA and is one of the painless, effective and safe methods.

  • Venus Freeze

This technique suppresses the cellulite by your fatty areas being exposed to radiations like Magnetic Pulses and Radio Frequency. This technique does not involve any skin surgery. However, one might feel a slight warmth and a sensation on their skin while the exposure to radiations during the treatment.

  • Laser Lipo With Trisculpt

To get rid of extra fat from belly, upper limb, lower limb, and waist this technique perform liposuction to remove fat. Your fat is removed and the production of collagen is increased by this process. Looking at its name, it tells us that it does the above procedure by following three steps.

The first step involves the fat removal when you are awake. You are provided with a light anesthesia and fat is sucked from the micro-canals. The rest of the fat is removed from smaller areas by a laser with low power intensity.

Pros and Cons Of Sono Bello


Sono Bello transforms a person completely by removing all excess fats from the parts of the body from where it is not desired.

It brings a revolution in the lives of people and a person feels more motivated towards his personality and beauty being exposed.

The Sono Bello techniques are practiced by the licensed physicians and medical experts.

Sono Bello has an excellent upper management and skilled staff.



Although the techniques and procedures are practiced by top physicians and medical experts but the initial consultation which a customer has to make is with the sales person.

There are chances that the sales person might not be sincere and make a fraud with the customer by providing inappropriate information.

Your money is also at risk and it is non-refundable and there are chances that you may not get satisfactory results.

The customer feedback is seen mostly negative about Sono Bello.

However, there are always some risks associated with such medical treatments and the results may vary from person to person.


Customer Reviews On Sono Bello

Although most of the reviews about Sono Bello by customers are negative but as the results of such medical treatments vary from individual to individual, there are customers for which it worked out so well that they have reviewed it as 100% perfect technique for weight loss. One of the satisfied customer says:

‘The first procedure I had at Sono Bello was a liable suction on my derrière. The staff, from the front office to consultation to the medical staff, was phenomenal. The results were even more impressive, and I was so happy that around a year later I had three more areas treated.”-Laura Lynn

Where is Sono Bello Located?

Sono Bello is located in Scottsdale, AZ. There are 19 centers across the whole US and about four of them are located in (Portland, OR, Beverly Hills, CA, Minneapolis, MN, and St. Louis, MO) and are listed with Better Business Bureau.

Sono Bello is a team which consists of 45 specialized physicians who have performed thirty-five thousand procedures and are known as nation’s top leading team of physicians.

Does Sono Bello have Any Side Effects?

After extensive research and survey, Sono Bello has found out to be the safest method yet It did not work out well for a group of people. Some people have complained about undesirable conditions after surgery.

Some of the doctors are highly against the cosmetic surgery as they think that weight loss by natural methods is safer and long lasting rather than using shortcuts like cosmetic surgery.


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