South Beach Diet Review – Diet for the Health Conscious

Our eating habits and styles have made dieting a vogue of the 21st century. It is ironic at the same time that the food we eat is the only source to drop off those extra pounds that were put there by the food itself. Confusing situation, isn’t it. The situation becomes a mockery when we try to shed the extra calories by adopting diets that do more damage to our bodies.

Over a period of few decades, several diets have come to surface that help you drop off your dress size but not as a permanent affair. As soon as you are off the particular diet, the numbers on your scale start ascending again with negative consequences to different systems of your body.

How about a diet that helps you cut down on your calories in a more balanced way without being boring and tasteless, a diet where you get to keep your snacks and all three meals every day of the week. You do not have to go through a hassle of preparing the meals, they will be delivered to you all prepared, no chance of refusing or cheating on your schedule.


The SOUTH BEACH DIET is the ultimate answer to prayers. Designed by the distinguished cardiologist, Dr. Agatston, the SOUTH BEACH DIET is neither a publicity stunt nor a commercial act. What started out, as an effort by the cardiologist to advise his patients in modifying their eating habits has now become a success story of many.

The discipline behind the South Beach Diet

“The best diet is the one you don’t know you are on”, 

Brian Wansink (mindless eating)

The idea behind the conception of this diet is to maintain a healthy caloric intake where one loses weight without food deprivation (accompanied by fatigue and hunger cravings) and the only way to do this is to focus on the quality of food rather than the quantity. There are numbers of diets available, some minus the intake of carbohydrates while others reduce the amount of fat, and some diets maintain the fiber intake while others do nothing but dehydrate you. Our body is a ‘living laboratory’; it will give you the results in accordance with the experiments performed, bad science bad results.

The South Beach Diet is not an experiment but is a fundamental science all about ‘balancing the right quality in the right quantity’. Our body utilizes carbohydrates as the main energy fuel. The food technology of our century has put refined eatables on our menu.

The refined sugars (mainly ready to eat) create a rapid rise in blood sugar levels causing an insulin spike. By replacing the simple sugars (bad sugars) with complex carbohydrates (the good ones), the insulin spikes are turned into a gradual slope with less of hunger cravings and a balanced sugar level in the body. The body (lab) is trained to use more of fat as the energy fuel, resulting in the disappearance of the fat tires around your waist.

As the blood sugar levels are at steady levels, with fat being consumed, the energy levels do not go down. Your whole system is invigorated with physical stamina and a will to keep at it.

The three phases of the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is programmed to reboot your body with gradual but continuous weight loss as the ultimate result. The three phases are

  1. Phase 1

You will start seeing the results in the very first week of starting the protein dominant diet (lean ones), with lots of vegetables and good quality fats (unsaturated ones), five days of pre-planned meals delivered to you. If you are wondering at a cheat session on weekends, you are wrong. You will be spending your weekends by preparing the food yourself under the guidance of the diet program or if you are planning to spend your weekend time with your friends, that will be possible with following the tips to avoid any immoderation to your diet.

  1. Phase 2

The problem with any diet plan is the plateau where calorie restriction leads to a lowering of metabolic rate (the ability to burn calories) and the weight loss quotient slows down. To overcome this tight spot, the second phase of the program adds ‘more’ to your diet as fiber, whole grains, and good quality carbohydrates (with low Glycaemic index vegetables and fruits). Phase two intensifies the weight loss proportion with physical fitness guidelines.

  1. Phase 3

The phase three is there to stay in your life as rule of thumb. With the tutoring of the previous phases, you will be able to adapt your meals according to the South Beach Diet principles.

The Star Points of the South Beach Diet

  • Excellent quality of calories provided by lip smacking meals
  • Junk free snack leisure
  • Fresh, frozen or ready to eat healthy meals delivered at your doorstep
  • Two days of practice run with the South Beach Diet’s easy to prepare recipes
  • Steady but continuous weight loss (8-13 pounds in the first two weeks, 1-2 pound per week afterward)
  • No sugar cravings or grumbling tummy
  • No fatigues, constipation or dehydration
  • Fibre, vitamin, and mineral enriched nature’s diet
  • Strategy tips to duck any cheatings
  • No portion restrictions
  • Gluten free first phase, the second phase can be modified
  • Low in sugar and salt without any MSG
  • No trans fat and saturated fats

The South Beach Diet comes with THE PALM. It is an app with your own daily meal planner, fitness guide, nutritional support, tips and recipes and lifestyle hold up. The palm will also update you how to save on your purchases and how to get the best buy.

Ineligibility for this diet

Anyone can take up this diet but cautious is advised in some cases. If you are a nursing mother, it is better to diet after the nursing period is over. This diet is not for people under 18 years of age. Certain medical conditions would render you ineligible for this diet as eating disorders, kidney diseases, and celiac disease. You need to have a BMI of above 19 to adopt this diet. If you are allergic to nuts or soy, skip the recipes that contain them.


How to get started

You can order the South Beach Diet on their website, You can also get your meals delivered by phone 1-888-841-2620. The timings are 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. ET, seven days a week. The delivery details can be found on the website.

The South Beach Diet has an ‘auto delivery’ service for your convenience. A four-week delivery schedule is followed with a 35% off and free delivery. It saves your time and money through better management where you are in control of the entire schedule. Rests of the particulars are found on their website.

If you have a strong will to change the way your body treats you and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, the SOUTH BEACH DIET will hold up your esteem levels with the results inspiring you to carry on.


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