SparkPeople Review – Does it Work?

Facts at a glance

  • Started: 2001
  • Founder: Chris Downie
  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • How to access it: Online, book
  • Type of Diet: low-calorie, low-fat, hardcore exercise routine
  • Suitable for gender: Male and female both.


SparkPeople comprises of a community of people who are intending to do weight loss by consulting a health based website that has multiple functionalities and features to control and guide your food intake. It was started in the year 2001 with an aim to change the overall lifestyle of people. The website instantly became the talk of the town as it is a complete guide to healthy living. Each of its members, trainers, community members, have their own individual goals of weight loss but all have one thing in common and that is the healthy lifestyle. Some are looking for a nutritional diet while others are in search of proper workout.

Everyone has their own fitness goals and workout regimes but all are looking for a well-balanced lifestyle. SparkPeople is a fully-developed free diet plan which does not work on the instant weight loss challenges and proofs but it incorporates a lifestyle-change approach to healthy living in each and everyone’s lives because when they completed all of the background research required for this program then they come to know there is no magic bullet for a healthy living.

If you want to live healthy for the rest of your life then it’s all about controlling yourself in daily and lifetime choices. The plus point of this diet plan is this that its nutritional components are based upon the food pyramid having all the necessary Vitamins, Proteins, Carbohydrates, etc. required for human body on daily basis. Not only this, its diet plans tells you how to reduce the intake of calories than you might be taking; in order to lose weight successfully.

SparkPeople’s website does not start with a quick synopsis or a motivational story of what dieting should or shouldn’t look like and what you have to do or what not. Instead, it guides you with the help of a complete four-stage program that you must initiate and sustain through diet education, awareness building, group support and motivation at all steps.

All this is done online through a dedicated community that exchanges information through forums where different people on the same journey are available 24/7 to answer your queries, sharing different easy recipes and stories of success or failure to boost up your morale. The success level of this program can be judged as today there are almost 2 million users of this program and it is ranked as the 6th most visited website in the Health category all over the world.


  • It provides our body with a total fitness regimen, including all the nutrients in a complete form of diet which are rich in variety.
  • It provides exercise and fitness support through video tutorials and all the expert trainers are ready to help you anytime; whenever you need them.
  • This weight loss journey makes you extra sensitive overall where most of the time you are confused about your upcoming days so the trainers and community members are much committed to giving you the emotional support.
  • It is a complete four-step plan with proper educational tools to make each step understandable and easy for you so that you can follow it easily.
  • The website’s Forums and support modules are there to help you directly, making you understand everything and supporting each member’s efforts.
  • The constant email reminders from the website help you to remain true to your dreams and goals and also offer alternative methods when life is upside down and not on track.
  • The functionality and resources of the website are exceptional such as the diagnostic tools for determining Base Metabolic Rate (BMR), age, weight, etc. because it takes into account the time frame you would require to reach your goal and help you devise a weight-loss plan, accordingly.
  • There are thousands of delicious and scrumptious recipes given by community members and comments from those who tried them. All of this is FREE – be it the diet plan, the support of people, the exercise tutorials or anything on SparkPeople


  • For a beginner level person, the information seems to be excessive which cannot be digested in one sitting.

Comparison with other Programs


There are several tools available on the Internet to guide for weight loss and making a healthier diet SparkPeople members have access to the Spark Recipes which offers over 200,000 different recipes that come along with separate calorie counter and meal plans for customizing it according to your own choice. The beauty of the information available on SparkPeople is that everything is for FREE with no hidden charges.

When you will be choosing your desired meal to add in your own diet plan then you would have numerous choices of common foods or similar items to choose from the database so your diet plan can be different on each day of the week. Meal plans can be printed out easily and you can also print your grocery list directly from the meals you will be eating each week as it will help you to calculate your budget for the month without hassle. If there is any food you don’t like that are showing up on the front in your meal plan, then you can simply remove them.


The community greatly focuses and emphasize the importance of exercising and workout regularly in order to live a balanced, healthy life. They also believe in adding some extra daily activities in your routine which will lead you to a healthier life and help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

After signing up successfully, you would have to answer some questions about your current workouts and your goals. Similarly, there will be some questions on how much time you can daily spend on exercise. It will help you to create your own workout schedule which will be consisting of cardio, strength training exercises, etc.

Each day when you would log in, the website will tell you how much cardio or strength training you should do that day and how much is left for the week. The database of the SparkPeople’s website offers a wide selection of workout activities to choose from. Once you’ve selected your desired fitness activity, you have to type in how long you have worked out and then save your calorie burn to your SparkPeople’s profile.

This website offers several demonstration photos and videos to help you in maintaining proper form and correct posture in your workouts. The community members can talk to each other on the number of SparkPeople’s forums and message boards available; to get some inspiration, motivation or assistance in finding the proper workout.


The Internet nowadays offers us to have access the best weight loss programs from the comfort of your own home. It is better to discuss your problems and difficulties on the discussion groups and forums because there are many experts and people on the same journey to guide you better and then the opportunities for you are limitless.

The efforts of the SparkPeople’s website members is exceptional by bringing out some of the best information that they can provide to the general public who might not have access to health and fitness guidance at all – without any charges. This four stage complete program is a life changing journey of sharing, encouragement, motivation, inspiration and appreciation for each other.


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