Square One Healing Cancer Coaching Review – Does it Work?

Cancer is a word, but not like any other, because this six-letter word has the ability to turn anyone’s life a 360-degree turn. It does not matter if the word is addressed to you or any of your loved one, the pain this word carries gives you a cruel tug at your relationships, physical appearance, psychological and spiritual well-being as well as financial status. Cancer projects a fear of recurrence and a sense of grief that turn into low self-esteem and depression. If you are a survivor of this disease, you may be left fighting with guilt, why so many others lost their lives to it.

Cancer research has come up with a number of treatment lines available; Chinese, Ayurvedic, conventional medicine, surgical and chemotherapeutic but it would be a wiser attitude to adopt a life style that by passes the path leading to the turmoil coupled with cancer. The preventive aspect of cancer becomes especially important if you have a family history of the disease.

The SQUARE ONE HEALING CANCER COACHING PROGRAM is one of its kinds, it highlights the risks for cancer and provides life style management guide

Who does a better job at describing a road than the one, who has traveled it and made it?

Meet CHRIS BEAT, who made this arduous passage through cancer and came out a survivor, the drive behind SQUARE ONE HEALING CANCER COACHING PROGRAM.


“We cannot direct the wind but can adjust the sails,” Anonymous saying

That is exactly what Chris Beat did. At age 26, Chris Beat was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer in December 2003 shortly before Christmas. He went through surgery to get the cancerous part removed but to everybody’s surprise and doctor’s concern, he opted not to go for chemotherapy. This decision changed everything for him and the people around him. The SQUARE ONE HEALING COACHING PROGRAM is an insight to the holistic methods adapted by Chris Beat under the advice of experts that enabled him to lead a healthy and cancer free life today.

After about twelve years, that included the struggle with cancer, research, trials and application of the approach, Chris Beat has compiled all his efforts into this comprehensive program called the SQUARE ONE HEALING CANCER COACHING PROGRAM.


This program gives hope to all those who have lost it, at the same time erasing confusion or fear about the risk of developing this trouble in their lives. The author has converted his experiences as a cancer patient about the different therapies, which were available, and the ones he opted for. He did quite a research on different aspects of the disease itself, tried the variety of diets for a better control over his health status and stayed committed to the therapies that helped him come out of this trial.

THE SQUARE ONE HEALING CANCER COACHING PROGRAM consists of different modules covering the course of action to be taken

  • Module 1: First Things First
  • Module 2: Why You have Cancer and How to Eliminate the Causes
  • Module 3: Implementing the Anti Cancer Diet
  • Module 4: The Anti Cancer Diet Part 2
  • Module 5: How to Detoxify Your Body and Your Environment
  • Module 6: How to Eliminate Stress and Heal Your Heart
  • Module 7: Spiritual Healing
  • Module 8: How Exercise and Rest Activate Healing
  • Module 9 :Cancer Healing Herbs, Teas and Supplements
  • Module 10: Testing and How to Monitor Your Progress

The list of the modules defines a very clear outline of the SQUARE ONE HEALING COACHING PROGRAM. From the realization and accepting the facts of what cancer actually is all about, diet modifications and detoxification of body and surroundings, the course guides you to take spiritual control of your soul to release any stress and guilt associated with the disease. The program also highlights the importance of physical exercise and rest in healing of cancer along with the inclusion of different herbal therapies. The last module is about keeping a check on the improvement of your condition.

Thus, the SQUARE ONE HEALING CANCER COACHING PROGRAM enables you to take control of yourself physically, spiritually and psychologically.


Some very logical queries comes to mind,

Is the program specific to certain kind of cancer?

Is it specific for cancers effecting men or women?

Is it only for cancer patients? Who else can benefit?

What is the format of this program?

Would I be able to follow it?

Should I continue my conventional cancer therapy?

The answers to all these questions are, the SQUARE ONE HEALING COACHING PROGRAM

Is not specific to any kind of cancer but of the modules apply to all kinds cancer

Offers guidelines aimed at types of cancer effecting both men and women

The program profits both the patients and the caretakers

It benefits both, individuals with family history of cancer or family members of cancer patients

One can read the modules and watch the videos for better understanding and clarity

The modules are easy to download

The modules integrate in your lifestyle, a slow but sure modification of every phase

Simple adaptable efforts that can be followed long term

The first module on the website is free to access, after going through it you will be able to make a decision about this program

The fact of the matter is cancer can come creeping silently in your life. If you are a concerned and health conscious individual with reservations about the kind of diet you eat or life style you want to maintain, the SQUARE ONE HEALING COACHING PROGRAM is definitely for you.

The program is available on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. The first module is free to download so that you can get a hang of it, the rest of the modules can be purchased thereafter.

The program is going to be online, starting 15 February until 24 February. Each module will be available for 24 hours free viewing.

The SQUARE ONE HEALING CANCER COACHING PROGRAM has a very positive feedback from people who have previewed the first module. Chris Beat is a practical exemplar of this program, that has helped many bypasses the conventional chemotherapy and medicinal approach.



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