Sudz & Scrubz Review – Turn your bath into a freshness galore and your home into a spa

We all look for ways to rewind and relax our minds, bodies, and souls. Spa therapies are known to soothe mind and body for overall wellness. But not everyone can manage and afford to go to a spa.

A spa is a name of luxury, it is a once in a while activity, so for people who are in dire need of relaxation need to build a spa-like atmosphere back home with all the economical spa goodies and tools.

Taking time out for oneself is necessary in order to keep mind and body at peace while putting the rushed lives on hold for a while. This is where Sudz and Srubz come into the picture. It helps you create a luxurious environment of a spa at home at an affordable cost.

So you can now finally experience the spa-goodness right at home. All the ingredients used in Sudz and Scrubz products are completely natural and hence capable of beholding many properties like body pain and muscle soreness reliever and mind and body cleanse.

About Sudz & Scrubz

Sudz & Scrubz is a brand whose aim is to deliver you the comfort and luxury of a spa right at home in the form of natural, healing, soothing and affordable products. These products are designed to soothe and aid your mind and body’s discomfort caused due to busy lifestyles.

Sudz & Scrubz pampers its users by offering them peace and aromatherapy with its wide-ranging beneficial and peculiar products each one with a unique role and healing power to aid.

Forget about spending your hard earned bucks on a fancy spa which will be a one-time trip. Gather Sudz & Scrubz goodies on your bathroom shelves to enhance your overall health as a routine practice to support your mind and body at rest.

Sudz & Scrubz also delivers these all natural and homemade bathing products at your doorstep in the form of compiled boxes with a mixed range of products after you avail their monthly subscription. When you sign up, you get a choice of three subscriptions: bath sudz box, shower sudz box or kids sudz box.

This is a fun way of bringing bath and body products right to your door, every month. All the products are handmade in the studio. Each product is of the highest quality without asking for a truckload of money by you.

Each box offers a diverse variety of products that you will swoon over. You will come across a new array of items each month to turn your simple bathing experience into a spa-like relaxation zone.

So, if you’re a bath person and a huge fan of therapeutic scents, you’ll get all bath-oriented items from Sudz & Scrubz like bath bombs, soaps, exfoliators etc. And for shower fans, Sudz & Scrubs offers shower-friendly items like shower steamers. Now for the kids who like to enjoy their bathing time as a sport, try their kids’ products for a fun-filled bath with yummy-scented goodies.

Products Range Offered by Sudz & Scrubz

Soap Block

It is a block of wood designed to hold soap so the handmade soaps do not melt quickly in the shower. There are slits made in between the wood on the block to let the water drip down and away from the soap so it remains dry and doesn’t melt down the slits as a waste.

Sudzy Peeps

These lemony molded soaps look alike marshmallow peeps and can be used for both hands and body perfect for spring.

Earl Grey Soap

This extremely creamy soap contains pieces of tea leaves in the bar. It is made with goat’s milk and tea and smells very pleasant.

Lemon Drop Steamers

These little star-shaped white steamers have a strong and refreshing lemon smell. It is directed to be used by placing one the bars on the shower floor and it will do the rest of the steaming process. The lemony scent leaves one energized and high-spirited after a beat up day before going to bed so you have a good night’s sleep.

Matcha Face Mask

This matcha mask comes in an incredible glass jar. Matcha is known to be a powerful antioxidant that helps fight against fine lines and eliminates wrinkles. This mask is full of essential oils and charcoal. Smear on a thin layer then let it dry for a while and wash off. This mask gives a strong menthol smell.

Honey and Fig Whipped Sugar Butter

This light pink, fluffy and pleasant smelling shower product contains sugar for exfoliation purpose. It can also be used as a body wash because it readily foams up. It has a very buttery and creamy texture. Pour over your shower pouf and lather on then rinse. The hefty amount in a jar will last quite long for you to enjoy using.

Vanilla Lip Scrub

This lip scrub is formulated to rejuvenate, protect and refresh lips. It contains extra nourishing virgin coconut oil. All you need to do is rub a little vanilla scrub onto your lips and then wash it off.

Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

These sinus clearing shower bombs are very beneficial to help get rid of sinuses. Simply, place the steamer in the corner of your shower place where the water hits it, it will automatically activate itself without dissipating quickly.

Benefits Offered by Sudz and Scrubz’ products

  • Sudz and Scrubz’ products are a unique and fun-filled variety for consumers to enjoy along with added nourishment and health benefits.
  • All its products contain all-natural and known ingredients for their soothing traits including Shea butter, Coconut oil, Epson Salt, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil and much more.
  • These products are a multi-purpose blend that not only soothes and relaxes body but also cure colds and sinuses.
  • Sudz and Scrubs uses vegan-friendly ingredients and essential oils for remarkable results and natural scents.

My Verdict

It is always fun to try different products in the shower for some extra glory and freshness in the morning and relaxation before going to the bed. Sudz & Scrubs help you make your shower your tiny spa escape from the world.

It offers a wide and nice variety of products with delightful scents leaving you with a long last therapeutic feeler all day long. The subscription boxes are a chock full of goodies that no one can resist.

All the products are so nicely wrapped and very well presented with colorful packaging that appeals everyone at first look. All these products are prepared handmade in small batches.

The only downer I feel about these products is the missing list of ingredients on the information card. There isn’t much information provided about what these items contain and are made up of.

Overall, the Sudz & Scrubz is a brand that provides consumers with hand-crafted, high quality, multipurpose and affordable products. They help people experience spa right at home with natural ingredients that are capable of maximizing one’s overall physical, mental and skin health.

Whether it is a usual body ache, dried and chapped lips or a dire need to hydrate the skin, Sudz & Scrubs delivers the right solution to cure with a pleasing aroma. Enjoy watching the water foam up and turn into different colors without spending a truckload of money.




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