Swanson Health Products review, an account of quality deliverance


Swanson Health products are all about fitness and well-being of the population. Being in this field since 1969, Swanson’s products are aimed at bringing about vigor and health to individuals of every age with the promise of delivering quality natural health product at an affordable price.

What started as one man’s endeavor towards improving his own health became a family of 30,000 consumers in 1979. The brain and architect behind the design of Swanson Health products was Leland Swanson, who realized his declining health and took the matter into his own hands by researching about health and disease. Before he knew it, he was placing orders for different health supplements for his friends and family and Swanson Health was born.

The following review will go through the company’s policy, quality and quantity of products, their pricing, and availability for a convenient purchase for their customers.

The Swanson Company guiding principles

Leland Swanson pledged the following terms and conditions as his company’s policy

  • Customers are valued, esteemed and prized addition to the Swanson family
  • Satisfied customers are to their own advantage
  • Goodwill of the customers is an asset
  • Availability of quality products with superior and excellent ingredients is the core at Swanson’s
  • Making sure the pricing of the products are competitive and affordable by majority without making a compromise on quality
  • Eliminating the middle man thus ensuring deliverance at viable pricing
  • The price matching policy enables its customers to get the Swanson products at the best cost
  • Swanson Health products are Good Manufacturing Practice certified
  • Swanson Health products undergo the scrutiny of third-party evaluation including ConsumerLabs.com
  • 100% money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction
  • A customer care service that is well organized, dependable and resourceful

The Swanson Company and Human rights

The managing panel at Swanson company makes sure to conduct and promote their business and manufacturing in an ethical and fair mode. The details of their Corporate Social Responsibility is given at their website but salient features of this policy are

Conservation of the rights of

  • Employees at all levels
  • workers at the manufacturing line
  • personnel involved in the supply chain

The product quality at Swanson Health Company

The product quality should be maintained at manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of any item. At Swanson Health, the quality is maintained by the following measures

  • GMP certification

The company has registered itself at National Sanitation Foundation for GMP protocol to deliver quality products via maintenance of safe procedures for manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

  • Manufacturing and vendor qualification

There are tough criteria for the choice of vendors for providing the raw materials and finished products at Swanson Health. The details of the required qualification can be seen at the web page.

  • Testing the products for purity and potency

The individual ingredients in products are routinely tested for their efficacy by a competent team of laboratory technicians and analytical chemists at Swanson Health. Furthermore, the finished products are also tested for their efficacy by independent third party.

  • Quality approval by Consumer lab

The Swanson Health Products have been awarded different honors at various times for the deliverance of quality. The recent one was for their calcium supplements based on customer satisfaction in 2017. For a complete list, refer to the official website.

  • Information on magnesium stearate, fillers, additives and binding materials

Many companies boast that their products are devoid of any fillers and additives etc but incorporate them somewhere in their line. The manufacturer at Swanson Health do not make such claims, rather they explain what they are using and why.

  • Preservation of FDA and FTA standards

The Swanson Health products are aimed at your health and there could be no gamble about it. These products are backed by guidelines that are set forth by FDA and FTA to preserve the consumers’ confidence in the safety of the products they are purchasing.

  • Distinction between manufacturing and expiry date

Following the code of regulations at FDA, the Swanson Health products are labeled with a date of manufacturing and they retain their full potency for two years from this date. However, the food items, cosmetics, and topical applications do not follow this rule.

The product details of Swanson Health

The official web page shows a number of 1828 products that are available for purchase. However, for the convenience of the customers, these products are categorized into different classes and grouping. The categories are

  • New arrivals

For keeping the customers, both old and new, updated, the company makes sure that you get up-to-the-minute information and details on any new product being launched. For this purpose, this category is a great aid in having a quick look at new additions to the product list.

  • Specialties

The Swanson Health caters for special need of their customers by introducing a line of products that are exclusive to their lifestyle. These include gluten-free, kosher, vegan, organic, non-GMO and vegetarian.

  • Swanson brand products

The Swanson brand product is their elite line that caters a long list of items. For the interest of readers, some of the brands are mentioned here, the complete list can be seen at the site.

Swanson Best weight Control Formulas

Lee Swanson Signature line

Swanson Aromatherapy

Swanson Probiotics

Swanson Pet Nutrition

Swanson Condition Specific Products

  • Products according to their potency levels

Here the products are categorized according to the strength of individual or specific ingredients so that the consumers can make a spot-on choice for their specific requirements.

  • Products in different forms

This category differentiates the products according to their dispensed packaging so that you can narrow down your research for a product if you require it in some specific form. An e.g. liquid capsule, lotions, lozenges, pastes, granules, gel or flakes etc.

  • Others

These are system-specific products directed at different age groups of consumers. Some of the categories from the list are


Blood pressure support

Blood sugar support


Cleansing and detoxification


Essential fatty acids and so on

What we like about Swanson Health Products

Following are the highlights about Swanson Health worth mentioning

  • A huge selection of products to cater every age and health aspect that are conveniently categorized
  • Low and affordable prices
  • Availability of discounts and promotion deals including a 10% discount for newcomers and for those subscribing to mailing list
  • Meticulous and detailed information on the products including their ingredients, dosage instructions, suggestions for use, side effects and warnings
  • Product comparison feature for ease of evaluation
  • An enthusiastic and ardent customer service ( with 6-12 hours response time of e-mail support) plus options of live chat available as well as their customer service phone number
  • A 100% refund policy on unused items that can be availed within 12-months of purchase and less than 14-days return processing time
  • A 4.7-star rating at Google based on 21,480 reviews

“I am a retired senior who has been using Swanson Health Products for many years. I find them top quality and great service, as well as very competitively priced.”


Written on May 15, 2017


“As always, I never have an issue with products shipped from Swanson. I have been a regular customer ordering on average every 2 months or less for many years now.”


Written by TomL on May 10, 2017


“Excellent helpful customer service. The Swanson phone rep was exceptionally knowledgeable and efficient in caring for a small problem with our order. Great products!”

Written by MaineReg on April 23, 2017

Any room for improvements

Swanson Health can work on their delivery options; currently, they offer no free or discounted rates on their shipping.



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