Sweet Defeat: Control the sugar cravings!


Many of us have a sweet tooth. For some people, however, sugar cravings make it really hard to lose weight or prevent gaining more weight. Sugar is one of the main culprits of obesity, and not having much control over sugar intake could keep making things worse.

For such a sugary problem, there are tons of supplements available in the market that claim to help in tackling the issue of fat burning. But that still fails to address the root cause of the problem. Certain type of foods can bring drastic effects to the health especially if one lacks control over their appetite.

Sweet Defeat is a new and revolutionary product that is changing the whole weight loss paradigm for many people. The formula helps to control the sugar cravings and also keeps the carbohydrates intake to a minimum.

What is Sweet Defeat?

Sweet Defeat is a product that is primarily designed to reduce sugar cravings. The company behind the product has formulated it so that people no more feel the need to eat sugary items as much.

The product helps to keep sugar intake to a minimum and it may offer an ideal solution for people who feel addicted to sugar and their body may not perform well if they haven’t received their daily dose. It is vital to control the amount of sugar consumed by the body as too much sugar can be quite harmful.

Sugar in excessive amount can cause harm to the body in many ways. It is important to note that sugars are a kind of carbohydrates, and so eating lots of sugar is akin to consuming large amounts of carbohydrate-rich foods.

Here are some of the most common harmful effects that may occur from putting too much sugar in the human body:

  • It can make a person overweight and cause additional problems relating to obesity.
  • It can clog the arteries and result in poor circulation of blood.
  • It can expose to the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It can make a person age much quicker than normal.
  • It can make one bloated and seriously affect maneuverability.

So it is imperative to monitor one’s daily intake of sugar in order to prevent overconsumption. Prevention is always better than cure. But for people already eating too much sugary stuff, prevention may already be too late. In such cases, Sweet Defeat can offer to help cut down the sugar intake.

Does Sweet Defeat really work?

As mentioned above, eating high amount of sugary products can cause adverse effects including indirect aging of the body. Too much sugar can cause serious harm to the proteins that reside in the skin and hair. These particular proteins are elastin and collagen.

As these proteins disintegrate and crumble, wrinkles may start to appear on the skin and the body becomes visibly much older beforetime.

Sweet Defeat can help to prevent this from happening by reducing the sugar cravings and controlling the intake, which helps to protect the proteins in the hair and preserve the integrity of the skin. Premature aging can be effectively prevented this way.

Experts recommend Sweet Defeat

It is hard to believe anything one reads on the internet these days, but one can surely believe the experts as they know more about their field than most of the health bloggers.

Sweet Defeat comes highly recommended by Heather Bauer, who is a Nutritionist and recognized internationally for her contributions in the field. She has written a few books on the subject and she also runs a clinic in New York.

She is an expert who has conducted numerous seminars and corporate groups. According to Heather Bauer, Sweet Defeat offers a great way to keep sugar cravings in check. She has recommended people suffering from sweet addiction to use the product to help relieve their condition.

Research behind Sweet Defeat

Dr. Eric Stice and his colleagues conducted the research that led to the formulation of Sweet Defeat. The research included brain imaging studies and behavioral performance. It concluded that Sweet Defeat plays a vital role in curbing sugar cravings.

Hence, it can be said that Sweet Defeat is a highly effective formula as it comes recommended by doctors and nutritionists. And so to control the cravings and reduce the sugar intake, Sweet Defeat offers a reassuring and result-oriented solution.

Ingredients of Sweet Defeat

Sweet Defeat contains ingredients that are widely known for their amazing properties and used for hundreds of years in remedies for sugar cravings. These ingredients are recommended by health specialists for their efficacy and safety. Here is a list of the main ingredients:

  • Gymnema Extract

This ingredient comes from traditional medicine. In ancient cultures, healers used it for its ability to hinder the sugar receptors in the body. Sugar receptors send out the signal for sugar cravings, so the cravings go away when these receptors are blocked.

  • Spirulina Extract

This ingredient has high amounts of nutrients, and some of these nutrients cannot be found in any other substance. It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and niacin. Spirulina is one of the best superfoods out there.

  • Zinc

Zinc is essentially a metal that is included in the formula to work in combination with Gymnema extract. It actively suppresses the taste receptors present in the tongue so that the body does not crave for sugar any more.

  • Mint

Mint is another important ingredient inside the product that has been used for multiple purposes since ancient times. It gives off a cool sensation to the mouth and also improves the blandness of the tongue.

  • Sorbitol

This ingredient has a sweet taste and it works as a great sugar replacement. Sorbitol is slow to break down without causing any adverse side effects on the blood sugar levels. This makes Sorbitol much better than sugar.

Benefits of Sweet Defeat

Here is a list of the many benefits offered by Sweet Defeat:

  • Sweet Defeat helps to keep the sugar cravings at bay.
  • The lozenge helps to prevent bloating and keeps the body in good shape.
  • It works to keep the person active and energetic without feeling lethargic.
  • Sweet Defeat prevents skin deterioration and slows down premature aging process.
  • The product aids in strengthening the digestive and immune systems.
  • It prevents insomnia that may occur due to excessive sugar intake.
  • It also averts any weight gain that is linked to high intake of sugar.

How to use Sweet Defeat?

Sweet Defeat is fast to work and there is really no restriction over when it can be used, so a person can take the lozenge any time of the day. It is best to take the formula anytime the feeling of craving arises whether it is in the morning or at night. One dose should be able to suppress the cravings for as long as an hour.

  • Take the lozenge and keep it on the tongue.
  • It dissolves fast and gets absorbed in the body because of its quick-action features.
  • The feeling of craving will soon start to subside and the body no longer craves for sugar.

Some Precautions

  • Consult a doctor in case of a severe preexisting medical condition.
  • Make sure to read and follow the directions carefully.
  • The product may contain some allergens in low quantities.
  • The product should not be used too much or as a daily chewing gum.




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