Oxygen-infused Body Oil Review – 100% Organic!

Made with natural Jojoba, purified water, and ozone, this oxygen-infused body oil serves you not only as a relaxing massage oil but also helps heal cuts, bruises, and wounds. Its therapeutic nature is not only due to the natural Jojoba but the 100% organic Lavender oil used in it as

Foot Medix from DermalMedix Review – Legit or scam?

Foot medix is a topical solution that can strengthen skin and stimulate the new growth, increase circulation. This product is formulated by Dr. David Watson, MD at Dermal Medix. This product is aimed at restoring and protecting severely cracked dry and painful feet. In order to do this, Dermal Medix

24 Karat Golden Hero Hydration Cream – Anti-aging Formula

FashionTV Cosmetics and Enjoyllery have introduced the 24 Karat Golden Hero Hydration Cream. It is enriched with natural ingredients and 24 Karat Gold flakes. The cream minimises wrinkles and saggy skin appearance. It also provides maximum hydration to the skin cells. This topical solution is 100% paraben-free. Ultimately, the cream