Cruise Control Diet Program Review – Does it Work?

What is Cruise Control Diet Program?

The Cruise Control Diet Plan is about how to lose fat naturally in 8 weeks. This program allows you to lose body fat and stay active & healthy. This diet plan offers a great amount of flexibility to those who are following it as it does not put restrictions on the food you are already taking. The Cruise Control Diet program is all about how to control the production of fat hormones in your body. There are two fat hormones present in the human body called Insulin and leptin.

The production of fat hormones in our body is facilitated by the sugary food we take. If we control the intake of such food by keeping a count of it on daily basis then we control the production of fat hormones in our bodies. In this way, our body will start shedding pounds on weekly basis. This diet program does not involve any tough exercises or crash diet; it only works on the principal of IEP. IEP stands for “Instinctual Eating Principle which says that rather than focusing on how much proportion of food you are taking, you need to focus on what’s included in your diet.

When you will pay attention to what you are eating you will notice which food is responsible for fat deposits in your body. In this way, you will be able to control the amount of that particular food by replacing it with a food with low sugar content which would help you in your hunger pangs by keeping your stomach full. The Cruise Control Diet Program will provide you with such recipes which would help you in weight loss without compromising your taste buds.

The cookbook contains so many healthy recipes (around 60). When you will adopt the eating habits mentioned in this diet program you will notice how quickly this diet program makes changes in your health. Your metabolism will also improve which will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Following this diet plan, you will become fit and lean just in 8 weeks without following any crash diet or tough workouts.

Who Is The Author Of The Cruise Control Diet Program?

The Cruise Control Diet Program has been written by James Ward who himself was a victim of obesity. He was overweight due to his unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. He became sick and paralyzed enough that he had to stay in bad for so many days. To get out of this sickness he followed a diet plan making very rare changes to his diet. The diet which we know today as “The Cruise Control Diet” was written by James Ward who shared his knowledge on losing weight by making few changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

How Does The Cruise Control Diet Program Works?

The Cruise Control Diet is a weight loss program which takes 8 weeks to see the results. These 8 weeks are following by many healthy eating activities that help you achieve the desired goals. The Cruise Control Diet Plan works in three stages. Each of them is explained below:

Stage 1: Blood Sugar Level Control

The first stage in this diet plan includes controlling your blood sugar levels. It tells you how to eat fresh and healthy food which will improve your metabolism. All you need to do is to get rid of all the processed foods. When your insulin will be controlled, your brain will receive the right type signals which will convey the messages of when you are hungry and need to have food.

Stage 2: Improvement Of Eating Habits by Cruise Control

This stage involves the improvement of your eating habits as it tells you to get rid of the junk and processed food. It also mentions all the drawbacks of having junk food in your diet. When you will eat the right food, you will definitely lose weight.

Stage 3: Accelerate Fat Burning

By following all the strategies mentioned in the above two stages your battle for weight loss is almost complete. You will now start noticing the results. Your body will start burning fat and you will see no excess fat on your body. In the last two weeks, you will notice that your body is perfectly toned.

What Is Included In The Cruise Control Diet Program?

The Cruise Control Diet Program comes with a Core Program which highlights the right amount of natural foods that help your metabolism to become faster. It also has a Cook Book and a Weekly Recipe Guide. Both of these guide books tell you about the fresh and healthy food recipes and 8-week plan for eating those meals. The Jumpstart will keep you motivated and you will learn how to change your mindset for a perfect start of your new transformed body.


  • The Cruise Control Diet Plan is easily accessible as you only need to make the payment and it can be quickly downloaded on your computer
  • Along with The Cruise Control, Diet Plan comes with a free Guide Book which includes healthy weight loss cooking recipes and also a Jumpstart guide to keep you motivated for losing weight.
  • The program is written in a simple and easy language so that a layman can easily understand and follow it.
  • This is among of the promising weight loss programs so far available on the internet.
  • This weight loss program does not allow any strict diet or strenuous exercises.


  • The Cruise Control Diet is not suitable for long term weight loss goals as it does not mention any other factors which can contribute to weight loss rather it only focuses on controlling diet.
  • It would be a far nicer program if it would focus on other factors such as how stress can be controlled? How much sleeping hours a person requires? How can certain exercises be included as a part of your daily routine?

These all factors pay a huge contribution in achieving your weight loss goals and The Cruise Control Diet Program really needs to focus on the above-mentioned factors.

Pricing Details And Availability Of The Cruise Control Diet Program

You can benefit from this outstanding diet plan which is available in the form of an e-book at a very reasonable price of $67. The Cruise Control Diet is available online in the form of a PDF file as well as its paid shipping facility is also offered. All you need to do is to pay for the program and you can download it in your e-mail.

The company also has a refund policy which is for the case in which for any reasons you are not satisfied with the program’s performance your amount will be fully refunded. If you want a refund you will have to claim it within a period of two months. If you want to ask for a refund, you need to contact with the following number of the customer service department.

Fisico Inc’s customer service:

  1. 617-674-2008


  1. 617-229-7127.

Your order for The Cruise Control Diet will also include a “Fat Burning Cook Book” which includes all the delicious healthy weight loss recipes without making a compromise to your taste buds and a “Jumpstart Guide” which will keep you motivated towards weight loss and help you to achieve all your weight loss goals.


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