The Fat Burning Kitchen : An answer to all the prayers of weight reduction

Do you feel down once you pass by a mirror and watch your reflection but do not love the way you look? Have you been following different diet plans struggling to reduce your weight but nothing seem to work out for you? Are you afraid to go out in public because of the way you look, or you’ve been suggested by your partner, friends or doctor to cut down intake of your favorite food so as to gain a model figure?

Has the weight gain made you lazy and lethargic and you no more feel the desire to work out or maybe you do not have time to go for a walk or exercise because of the busy routine? If you one of those people who feel depressed because of they have put on excessive weight, then you’re at the right place because we have just the right solution for all your problems, i.e. The Fat Burning Kitchen.

The Fat Burning Kitchen, by Mike Geary, is a nutritional e-book; a diet plan made especially to serve you by helping in reduction of body fat. It comprises of scientifically proven techniques to get an energized, healthy and youthful body, with balanced hormone levels and perfect bright skin. This program helps in reversing the factors that contribute in excessive weight gain and makes you look younger and skinnier- just the way you desire!

The Fat Burning Kitchen organizes your diet routine in such a way that you get just the right amount of everything, in the way your body requires, to function properly. This helps in cutting down the bulkiness, improves metabolic rate, and enhances the growth of natural chemicals inside your body that helps to burn fat. In addition to that, The Fat Burning Kitchen helps improve the healing process of body, slows aging, makes immune system run perfectly and provides support to the digestion system to function properly.

Is The Fat Burning Kitchen effective?

Other diet plans are not as effective as The Fat Burning Kitchen because, if proper methods followed, it shows transformation results within 24 hours. The program contains the main secret to trim down your waist to your desired size, without having to go through painful surgeries or stressful exercise. It assists in controlling your appetite, by providing you adequate knowledge of what is best for your health, and what is not, e.g. it tells you the benefits as well as disadvantages of taking omega-3 and omega-6- polyunsaturated fats.

It will also eradicate the myth regarding weigh gain in relation to protein bar intake. More information regarding cereals, grains as well as milk and related dairy products has also been discussed in detail. You will be surprised to know that about a few things that we think are good for our health, but in reality they are silent health killers. Similarly, few things have been mentioned which according to us may be reasons leading to certain disease, rather they may not.

User reviews:

The Fat Burning Kitchen has gained exceptional popularity and trust of a gigantic amount of people in a very short time. The readers get so motivated and encouraged to burn their body fat that they not only adopt the plan themselves, but suggest it to their partners and friends as well. Since the book’s main goal is help reduce weight and transform diet so that you live a healthy fat-free and disease-free life.  It explains complete process for the attainment of peace of mind and pill-free life. This incredible book is available for $40.00, but it comes with a special 75% pre-sale discounted private access cost of $10.00. More information regarding the e-book, as well as for order placement, you can visit their official website


  • Endless energy
  • Boost production of fat-burning hormones
  • Balanced hormones
  • Fast metabolism
  • Controlled blood sugar
  • Controlled blood pressure
  • Stronger healthier lifestyle
  • Perfect body shape
  • Natural detox mechanism
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Joints and muscle regeneration
  • Anti- aging nutrients


First part of The Fat Burning Kitchen recommends the food items that you need to get rid of, as soon as possible e.g. certain items in your pantry or refrigerator that may disrupt your natural process digestion or metabolism. In the second part, Mike Geary recommends the food items that you need to stock your kitchen with; the things that are good for your health and contain all the essential nutrients that your body require to function properly. It describes the meals that you can prepare, or the fruits or vegetables that provide the required amount of carbs or proteins.

  1. Refined flour and corn products
  2. Items rich in fructose (sugar)
  3. Oils; margarines, trans fats , vegetable oils
  4. Daily products prepared commercially
  5. Meat and fish
  6. Soymilk, tofu
  7. Energy drinks
  8. Protein bars
  9. High processed food items and drinks
  10. Food items with high proteins
  11. Raw cheese
  12. Coconut oil, Grass-fed butter
  13. Dry fruits; almonds, nuts, cashews etc.
  14. Avocados
  15. Berries
  16. Green leafy vegetables
  17. Sweeteners; raw honey, maple syrup
  18. Healthy Energy Bars
  19. Dark chocolate
  20. Herbal Teas
  21. Items that should be kept in kitchen
  22. Beginning the transformation

About the Authors:

Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling are renowned and certified nutritionists who have trained a massive amount of people. Mike Geary, also known as ‘The Nutrition Watchdog’, has made various television appearances and has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. Catherine Ebeling, the co-author, has been in the fitness industry for almost 25 years. She is motivated enthusiast, who keep her body in perfect shape and is a living example of The Fat Burning Kitchen program.


If you find it hard to shed body fat even though you’re working out, you may be eating some of the wrong things because you’re misled.  A simple change in diet can help you to make changes in your lifestyle and achieve your goals you have always wanted. The Fat Burning Kitchen program has helped people just like you to alter their bodies in ways that makes them healthier and better-off. In just a matter of times, many people have seen a substantial change in their body, with less fat and a lot more vitality.

I recommend getting this e-book nutritional manual to anyone who wishes to lose fat and remain healthy. It will surprise and even shock you through its results. It can also help you make better eating decisions and lead a better life. It is the best nutritional guide you can ever lay your hands on. You would derive immense benefits from the program. Many people have used this book and got great results therefore, we highly recommend you to give it a try.


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