The Fat Decimator Review – Does it live up to its hype


The Fat Decimator e-book has everyone talking about it, from mainstream media to local community members. With extraordinary reviews from individuals who have actually lost weight on this program, the Fat Decimator claims to change your perspective on weight loss goals. Targeting the weight management, it is a scientifically reviewed protocol helping people lose weight up to a pound per 72-hours; results with proof.

Designed by an expert in the field, Kyle Cooper, the Fat Decimator clears the myths around weight loss, educates you on your body fat storing and burning mechanisms. Kyle tutors to use these guidelines to manage a healthy weight. Understanding that weight loss is more of a mind game than a physical challenge, the Fat Decimator combines both psychological and physical tools to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

The following review will deliver an in-depth analysis of how the system work and what is included in the whole deal.

The brains behind the Fat Decimator

The Fat Decimator is not a creation of some close-to-retirement health or fitness expert. All the information comes straight from real life experiences of individuals faced with the near-death experiences on the battlefield. It tells a tale of how they combated an endogenous enemy i.e. an unfit body at the same time of their fight in the war zone. So if they could do it there, you can certainly do it in the comfort of your home. 

Life is a struggle in every field and it becomes more difficult if your body does not support your functions. That is why Kyle Cooper, an ex-marine who was also in charge of his subordinates physical fitness status decided to spread the word among masses regarding effective and safe weight loss protocols.

The Fat Decimator is one of its kind programs that walk its talk in contrast to many other fitness programs that deliver empty promises only. What is it all about let us see.

What is the Fat Decimator?

It is an e-book so if you are not fond of reading, you might find it a hurdle. However, if you are sober enough about shedding some serious pounds, the training session of the Fat Decimator begins here by training you in self-control and picking up the book (otherwise an audio version fixes the problem).

Working to prepare you mentally, the Fat Decimator engages you in clearing myths and fables regarding weight loss. Once you are ready psychologically, the Fat decimator works to detoxify your body. With a detox cleanse, the fat mobilizes from its stores and next comes the actual fat burning procedure.

Kyle understands that the transition from one state of mind to another and changing a habit take s approximately 21 days. He takes advantage of this fact and does not imply the principles until after you are ready for them.

The Fat Decimator guides you to

  • The fat storage mechanisms of the body
  • How insulin works and why low insulin is important for weight loss
  • Why your body decides to pack and store fat
  • What can you do to avoid such a state
  • How to increase your metabolic rate and decelerate the signs of premature aging
  • The importance of raised catecholamine in the body
  • Fat mobilization precedes fat burning; how exactly would you achieve it

A sneak peek into the Fat Decimator

The whole deal given by the Fat Decimator seems too good to be true. By simply reading, a book and applying the facts to your daily schedule appear too simple a deal in order to cut some pounds. Therefore, here is a look further into the whole arrangement given by the Fat Decimator.

The Fat Decimator, comprising of 130 pages of PDF format, is divided into three sequels that help you lose some figure on the weighing scale:

  1. The diet section

This particular section referring to the diet primarily caters to detoxification of the body. After the cleansing mode, it guides you to increase the body’s metabolic rate via different food groups particularly focusing on energy-rich foods. It also guides you to different fitness habits letting you take advantage of your body’s functioning for a maximum benefit. Guidelines involve what to eat, what to exclude, how to incorporate herbs and spices for maximum benefits. The section also clears myths about nutrition, exercise, weight loss, specific food groups and so on.

  1. Exercise module

The Fat Decimator takes a realistic approach by creating a calorie-deficit via smart dieting complemented with exercises that super-charge your body. It ensures an equally fast burn out of calories to deliver weight loss results that are not only effective but rapid too.

  1. Motivational support

Have you ever considered why did you fail on diet or exercise schedules previously? Do you wonder why group therapies are successful? It is actually the motivational support molding your willpower and mindset to reach your set targets. Kyle recognizes the fact because he has experience in team management and that is why the Fat Decimator is big on motivation, enthusiasm, and inspiration. It is these chapters of the book that will help you keep weight off for good.

What is the VIP Acceleration Program?

The VIP Acceleration Program deals with a direct one on one session with Kyle Cooper himself. It also allows access to a membership site to help you integrate with individuals embarked on the same journey as yourself.

As you ascend the aging years, you realize the importance of fitness not merely for aesthetic reasons but for maintaining the quality of your health. For such a long-term goal, programs with insubstantial foundations simply do not work.

Kyle understands the unresponsive reaction of a middle-aged body with its slowed metabolism to customary diet plans and exercise regimes. The Fat Decimator caters specifically to this fact and that is the primary reason behind the popularity of this program.

The Fat Decimator brings a realistic, practical, sensible approach to losing weight and keeping the standard enduringly. The best part about the Fat Decimator is its application to individuals in real life that had their lives hanging on to their fitness levels. Trialed and tested in the field with some amazing transformations in normal community individuals, the results of Fat Decimator speak for themselves.

What we like about the Fat Decimator

  • A pragmatic solution to everyday dilemma tagged to every other individual; being overweight
  • Addresses all the aspects of weight loss, the caloric input, the output and psychological support
  • Combines the traditional knowledge of health and vitality with scientific research back up
  • Drives you on the weight loss journey within weeks; observe results within 3-4 weeks
  • Works for individuals of all ages with a specific focus on the middle age cohort and beyond
  • Especially functions for the slowed metabolism and low physical endurance of the 30s and 40s
  • Millions of people around the world are already into this program and tapped the results
  • Enables you to drop 20-40 pounds over three weeks
  • Easy to incorporate exercise routine, which are both time savers and strain-free physically
  • Lets you into the ancient secrets of Asian culture to pick up the pace of weight loss efforts

What makes us skeptical of the program?

The Fat Decimator works for sure but there are some features making us skeptical

  • The requirement of extensive reading; however an audio version is also available
  • The fact that a major responsibility for successful results lies with the consumer
  • A dedicated application and consistent approach is mandatory to achieve results
  • Real-time effort and input is required on part of the consumer

The cost and availability of the Fat Decimator

The Fat Decimator is a fully downloadable program available at the official website. The original cost of the program is about $37 but for first-time customers, there is a huge discount of $20 making the total cost amounting to only $17.

Some bonus reads tag every purchase; these are

  • The fastest weight loss week action plan
  • 100 great-tasting green smoothie recipes
  • Three-minute belly shrinker video series
  • The powerful sex foods and stimulants report
  • How to reverse arthritis naturally

Any Guarantees

The Fat Decimator comes with an ironclad 100% money back guarantee valid for 60 days. That is a good enough time to test the schedule yourself.

Take home message

Let us in you in a secret, if you are a first-time purchaser, Fat Decimator is available to you for a meager $7 (try logging out of site). However, the fact is no fitness program is available on the market at such discounted rates with a one on one exclusive consultation session with the expert himself.

If it does not work for you, you can opt out of it any time and get a full refund with no-questions-asked. What do you have to lose besides some unwanted pounds so grab the offer before it expires.

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