The Flat Belly Fix review: Claims flat belly in 21 days – Does it really work?

The Flat Belly Fix is a unique system created by Todd Lamb to burn away excess belly fat in a matter of 21 days. This may sound like a fitness plan gimmick to some people that promises to deliver results, which is understandable but do not be mistaken. Most of the time, these programs will deliver results provided the regime is followed through properly. But the fact is that such regimes are usually too hard and unrealistic to follow. But the same is not true in case of The Flat Belly Fix. The program is actually one of the easiest to apply to one’s daily routine because it doesn’t require spending too much time, money and effort over one’s health and fitness concerns. The diet program only insists on exercise and healthy eating but with the advanced techniques revealed in there.

The Flat Belly Fix is designed by Todd Lamb, and unlike other fitness program writers, he does not claim to be a media fitness guru who is seen talking about the diet program on a magazine or TV show. However, he does have a strong understanding of health and fitness, and what is essential towards achieving both because he has actively pursued a profession that has required him to do so. Todd Lamb was a police officer for 17 years, and also a SWAT team member and canine dog handler. He has also had experience in military. It would make a long list to cover all his credentials and certifications here. So while he does not possess health and fitness degree or experience as a personal trainer, he does have an abundant knowledge and experience in the field and that is what matters.

What is The Flat Belly Fix?

When it comes to affordability, The Flat Belly Fix is a remarkably cost-effective program, especially when one considers all the nutritional information, exercise directions and healthy recipes that are included in the program. While most other programs charge around the same price for the individual components, this program comes with all the following components at the same cost:

  • The 21-Day System
  • 7-Minute Belly Protocol
  • Smoothie Recipe Program

As one can see at a glance, the fitness and nutrition is covered in this program. The combination of these components is the key because it would be very hard to accomplish sustainable weight loss without one or the other component; one requires all the components in order to achieve the desired results, and this program offers a significant amount of information and directions on all these components.

The basic foundation of the unique fitness and nutrition program comes from the blend of ancient ingredients that were utilized back in time to maintain ideal strength and health. This is no magical potion or voodoo spell by the way. All these ingredients can be easily found in a local grocery store. The thing is that most Western countries today don’t have the information on how to incorporate these elements into their diet or the actual reason for doing so. Subsequently, we have abandoned using these ingredients in our cooking as well as we have stopped receiving benefits from their use.

The program primarily teaches the power and benefits these ingredients bring to one’s life, health and fitness, and it also provides the easiest ways to enjoy them in different recipes. The inclusive smoothie recipes put all the information one learns throughout the main segment of the program in the blender, which makes it much easier to reap all the benefits.

As for the exercise routine, the program includes many different kinds of movements that are designed to target the belly area and get rid of the stubborn fat stored in the region. While the dates of the week for each protocol are provided along with the program, one can simply pick and choose the ones that would suit them better, as long as 1 full protocol in completed for each day, which require only 7 minutes to complete. The type of exercise movement is based on the movements that SWAT teams, police officers and military personnel make use of to ensure optimal level of strength and stamina.

Overview of The Flat Belly Fix

Now let us look into the details of The Flat Belly Fix program. In order to give a clear understanding of what is received when purchasing the program, here is a breakdown of the sections that are covered individually and what one can expect from each component provided.

  • The 21-Day System

The 21-Day System is a great way to begin the program especially in case one is interested to know everything about health, fitness and nutrition, and how the program accommodates that. It is highly recommended to read it first, as it will provide valuable tips on how to control and maintain weight loss even after the program is completed. For instance, one learns everything from human anatomy to nutrition, eating routines, insulin, triglycerides, food proportions, and much more. This is all the necessary information that one would want to have under belt when moving forward.

  • 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol

The 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol covers all the exercises; from system tension fiber activation, isometric holds and much more. A protocol is provided for each day of the week. The choice is up to the user to decide which exercises suit them better, as long as one protocol is completed each day. Considering each protocol takes about 7 minutes to complete, this isn’t difficult to do at all. And with each protocol completed, the person would certainly be able to feel the burn.

Each exercise or movement comes with two illustrations along with complete set of directions on how to execute them properly, the duration, amount of reps etc. Hence the program is quite simple and straight forward to follow.

  • Smoothie Recipe Guide

Chocolate, banana nut, avocado and almond are few of the flavors available in the guide. This section of the program provides details over many healthy recipes and information on how to get a hold of proper nutritional foods including the ancient ingredients mentioned in the first section.

The Verdict

The Flat Belly Fix program is very affordable and quite easy to get around as one only needs about 7 minutes in a day on a regular basis to complete the exercise routine, and then a couple more to prepare tasty and healthy smoothies. Simply indulge in eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising and also making use of the program in order to stay in good shape. And the only part that is hard in the program is fighting through the intense burn one may feel as the short and quick movements are executed during exercise, the same burn that would break down all the stubborn fat in the stomach.

The Flat Belly Fix is considered by many health experts and specialists among the best fitness programs that takes on a holistic approach towards fitness and delivers guaranteed results in record time. The product also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so in case someone is concerned about the exercise regime or maybe a picky eater and not sure about the taste of the smoothies, then they may take advantage of the money back offer. The program is exclusively offered online so visit the official website to avail the offer without any delay.

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