The Four-Week Diet Review – Can you really lose weight this fast


If you were told that weight loss could be a simple switch on mechanism that would start igniting the stored fat in your body within 17 days without any need for exercise, portion control, calorie control or any other weight loss myths, then you might ignore the information as just another marketing tactic. However, this is what exactly what The Four-Week Diet is all about but with a distinguishing feature, that claims to help you undergo a transformation like never before and that too via an all-natural route.

With all claims as ‘lose up to 27-28 pounds in four weeks’ via tapping the natural ‘four fat incinerating mechanisms’ in the body, the Four Week Diet certainly grabs your attention if you are serious enough to embark on this track. The fact of the matter is a majority of the weight loss supplements have no guarantee of the quality of their ingredients. Even with the most credible products, one cannot be sure enough if they would specifically work for your body and metabolism.

Nevertheless, a sure way to stimulate the weight loss process is the one that works in parallel to one’s own metabolic rate, body’s physiology, and chemistry, after all, individuals have experienced healthy weight loss and there are success stories around us where frontrunners have accomplished what the world them was an impossible job.

Therefore, if you want to be at the winning post and are intrigued by the claims made by the designer of this particular Four-Week Diet, read the following review to know what the buzz is all about.

The deal about the Four-week Diet                                                                                

The Four Week Diet is an e-book that guides you to identify and learn about the four fat burning hormones in our bodies that when handled properly can ignite the innate fat burning mode of your body, specific and unique to your metabolism.

A fail-safe and science-based coordination, the Four Week Diet claims to help you lose weight in an effective and fast manner that is both lasting and free from any ill effects on your body. the program discards the customary understanding that it is possible to lose only a pound or two in a week; it claims to deliver astounding results if followed religiously.

The Four Week Diet identifies the four fat burning hormones and reveals how their inept functioning leaves one crippled with failed attempts at weight loss. The program guides you to take active control of your hormones and instruct the fat burning machinery to

  • use fat effectively as a fuel source
  • train your body to control the unwanted cravings
  • block the carbohydrate conversion into fat
  • keep your mood stabilized
  • and your energy stores refurbished

Too good to be true but the designer of this particular protocol states that it addresses any individual of any age and physical status.

How does The Four-Week Diet work for you?

The Four Week Diet is a radical approach to lose the stubborn fat stored at all the wrong sites. It unlocks the body’s natural fat burning mechanism by tapping into the appropriate hormones that work in synergy with each other all at the same time to burn fat at Godspeed.

The Four Week Diet enables your body to utilize fat as the energy fuel and thereby moves fat from its storage sites. During the course of events, it compels four natural hormones to begin working. These are

  • Ghrelin
  • Insulin
  • Cortisol
  • Adiponectin

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, also known as lenomorelin, and is secreted by the cells in the gut. Acting as a neurotransmitter in the brain, it regulates appetite, the rate of energy distribution and its utilization in the body. It plays a significant role in energy homeostasis by adjusting hunger signals, energy distribution as fat storage, glycogen storage, and heat loss from the body. The result of a balanced ghrelin hormone is depicted as fewer hunger cravings and lesser caloric input.

Insulin is the primary hormone that controls the glucose metabolism in the body. When there is a disturbance is insulin levels, the glucose is not effectively metabolized as an energy source, which results in the storage of glucose as glycogen in the liver and stored fat elsewhere. When the body lacks in energy fuel that could be utilized in cases of malfunctioning insulin, a vicious cycle is initiated that leads to hunger cravings and insatiable appetite. To lose weight efficient insulin working levels are required and the Four Week Diet revs up the required process.

Cortisol is also called the stress hormone. When you are not able to effectively manage your stress levels, it presents a fight or flight situation to your body and the bodily systems cling on to the stored fat to use it in case of emergency. By reducing the amount of cortisol in the body, The Four Week Diet enables the body to let go of the stored fat easily and at a rapid rate.

Adiponectin is a protein hormone, found in the fatty tissues, that is crucial to regulating the glucose and fat metabolism in the body. Scientific studies have found an inverse correlation of Adiponectin with BMI status of the body and this hormone drastically reverses insulin resistance, a process that leads to the development of metabolic disorders as diabetes and obesity. The Four Week Diet guides you to the required sequence that results in increased levels and effective functioning of Adiponectin leads to an enhanced utilization of glucose and stored fats.

What is included in the Four-Week Diet?

The Four Week Diet is divided into four sections dealing with the overall weight loss protocol. Here is what one should expect

  • Launch handbook for your four-week diet plan

It is easy to control a situation when you know the basic working of a phenomenon and the launch handbook serves the exact service, detailing the weight gain process and the culprits behind it. it guides one to the foods that slow down metabolism, provides you with alternates to effectively control the fat storing and fat burning hormones to jumpstart the weight loss process. The results are obvious within the very first seven days.

  • The Diet Handbook

The personalized version guides you what, when and how much to eat with easily available ingredients and what items to avoid. It also holds key to a ‘secret’ strategy that keeps you on a weight loss path for good.

  • The Activity handbook

This handbook claims to multiply the weight loss product by introducing exercise routines for the busiest individuals as well as gym enthusiasts. Saving time, the workout routines can be carried out within 15-minutes and give a boost to overall weight loss protocol.

  • The Motivation handbook

A combination of motivation and focusing techniques to continue the weight loss journey until you achieve results, the motivation handbook helps to overcome any psychological barriers that hold you back from a healthy weight loss ritual.

Apart from all of these handbooks, The Four Week Diet also comes with a bonus; an MP3 audio hypnosis session that takes only 18 minutes of your time per day. It not only relaxes you but also snubs your food cravings and keeps your motivation levels at an all-time high for effective weight loss.

Why prefer The Four-Week Diet? 

The Four Week Diet comes with a personal guarantee of Brian Flatt that if you do not lose weight with his proposed plan, the money will be refunded with no questions asked.

Further, it is organized to tap into the fat burning mode of your body, a technique that is the topic of research for many investigative reports regarding weight loss.

The hypnosis module is unique to the weight loss program that might actually work to change the overall mindset to eating rituals.

The weight loss protocol encompasses only four weeks and guarantees to deliver rapid results. The program claims that the adopted strategy would help you keep the weight loss maintained with their three-pound rule, the details of which can be found in the handbooks.

Catering to the needs of individuals from all lifestyles, this program will not leave you dependent on some shakes, smoothies, and detox teas; rather it satisfies your taste buds in a healthier fashion.

There is no waiting period to start this program because it is downloadable and you can initiate it anytime you want.

Any doubts about the working of The Four-Week Diet

The only skepticism regarding the weight loss protocol given by The Four Week Diet is not about its working but the money-back guarantee because the program has worked for some 30,000 individuals. The only thing is that if you decide for some reason that it is not for you, the repute of retailers of such downloadable programs and e-books is shady.

The availability and cost of The Four-Week Diet

The Four-Week Diet is available at the official website at a cost of $47 only.



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