The Shepherd’s Code review – Does It Work?


The Shepherd’s Code is an e-book that reveals some of the Biblical secrets and insights into weight management system of our body and provides detailed guidelines for weight loss. The digitally formatted version of The Shepherd’s Code revokes the norms of customary dietary beliefs and helps you tap into the body’s fat dropping ability via a correct choice of nutritional ingredients.

Developed by Kristina Wilds, a known health researcher and author on the subject matter, The Shepherd’s Code might be befuddled with The Atkins diet (a low-carb diet) but it is entirely different from the latter as it jumpstarts the weight loss process by integrating the ‘healing fats’ into your regime.

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Claimed to have helped many overturn the health scenario in their favor, The Shepherd’s Code brings some out of the box ideas to cut back on the scale figures.  The following review will help you analyze its working and if it can be included in your life for any betterment.

What is The Shepherd’s Code?

Though said to be based on Biblical guidelines and principles, The Shepherd’s Code does not restrict you in any way in order to lose weight. Let us be clear about it; The Shepherd’s code is not about any religious or spiritual code of conduct to lose fat though it focuses on Biblical references and scriptures to select food choices.

An e-book, The Shepherd’s code is all about eating the ‘healing fats’ and knocks down the western model of gaining nutritional energy for your body, which utilizes carbohydrates as the primary energy fuel. It makes you realize why the customary dieting programs do not work for you and how can fats help you ignite the ‘master metabolism switch’ in your body to mobilize and incinerate fat from its storing sites.

Get Shepherd’s Code For The Most Discounted Price Online

The Shepherd’s Code does require some reading but you will appreciate the fact that the prime focus of this diet is to keep you away from hunger, satisfy the taste buds with delicious and satisfying fats without counting calories or hefty exercises.

The Shepherd’s Code guides you via video support and predesigned meals with its mobile-friendly version. Once you decide to go for it, you will be offered life support in case of any queries with a 24/7 online support and access to their exclusive member ‘information vault’. A continued updating of the weight management protocol will help you adapt your lifestyle according to its groundbreaking revelations and beat the odds forever.

The Shepherd’s Code is entirely online and is being retailed by ClickBank Company. If you are not satisfied with its principles or simply did not get what you were looking for or did not see the results, you have a two-month period to avail a hassle-free, no-questions-asked refund.

How does The Shepherd’s code work for you?

The Shepherd’s Code calls for a thorough read but it will enlighten you with ample knowledge to know the healthy healing fats, how to shop for them and prepare your meals in less than ten minutes. Some seven biblical hacks are included in the series to aid you in speedy cooking the designed menu even if you are not a pro at cooking. The step-by-step guide will help you prepare your meals in no time so that it accommodates even the busiest of schedules.

Fats in our diet add a treat for our taste buds and gratify our aesthetic sense. The Shepherd’s Code believes in maintaining the same, deriving principle energy from fats instead of carbohydrates. It describes how the 9 calories extracted from a gram of fat source can satisfy your hunger and curb cravings for longer durations, instead of carbohydrates that deliver only 4 calories per gram.

It switches on the fat burning mode of our body without a drain on our energy stores, so you will find yourself less fatigued and no mid-afternoon low energy crises.

The Shepherd’s Code is also smart to adopt for most individuals because of the absence of any laborious exercises. This is the most frustrating glitch of any diet program when they say to take up a realistic approach with an exercise regime but fail to understand that with the wrong kind of dietary input, you are left with little energy to do any exercise. The Shepherd’s Code is unique in its blend of right dietary input alongside energy and morale-boosting physical activity that leaves you the more relaxed and calm state of mind.

Many of the weight loss diets are failures because they do not deliver support in cases of a slip up in the schedule or while you are on the go or vacationing. The Shepherd’s Code is a great aid on such days too with its ‘fat hacks’ and ‘support program’ to overcome such plateaus.

Holidays, weekends with friends, family dinner parties are all part of the real world and many programs fail at addressing this issue; an opposite is true for the Shepherd’s Code, which counteracts this issue with a realistic approach, and that is why it is such a success with the majority. You can even manage to enjoy your favorite alcohol based on its guiding principles.

The program caters to a wide range of individuals with specific needs; those on gluten-free lifestyles can enjoy it the most. The assortment of fat recipes and ingredients accommodates some of the fussy individuals too.

What is included in The Shepherd’s Code?

The Shepherd’s Code is based on a 2000-year old Biblical nutritional code that breaks the barriers, limitations, and obligations of the customary dietary beliefs. Incorporating healing fats, the Shepherd’s Code includes the main protocol and some bonus features.

  • The Shepherd’s Code

Video demonstration of the steps

Designed meal plans for an active lifestyle

Lifetime support

Lifetime updates

Free access to information specific to the Shepherd’s Code

  • What would Jesus eat- The grocery field guide

Helps you identify the good fats and make you a shopping pro so that you can avoid the marketing tricks that lure you into buying bad fats.

  • Cellular rejuvenation secrets manual

Steps that Aid in the conversion to the fat burning mode of the body from a fat storing one. Designed to initiate the process in as little as ten days, the steps are conveyed in simple English for everyone to understand and apply.

  • The anti-anxiety and stress elimination guide

Stress causes the fat cells to latch on to their stored content and with the distressing techniques provided in this bonus, you can actually accelerate the fat shedding.

  • The celebrity anti-aging and weight loss secret

Weight loss is not a luxury for celebrities; they earn their living out of it and being fit is an important part of their lives. This guide will lead you to the inside secrets of their fitness regimes including dietary practices.

  • Healthy brain manual

Know the exact nutrients for your brain health and cerebral function. Sharpen your memory, focus by spending a few minutes a day, and learn how to avoid unhealthy brain habits.

What we like about The Shepherd’s Code

  • A Biblical based seven step fat loss program
  • Scientifically verified to deliver results
  • A large database of satisfied customers
  • Promotes good fat consumption
  • Balances the blood sugar
  • Helps curb unwanted hunger pangs and unnecessary cravings
  • Enhances the metabolism of the body
  • Builds the immunity of the body
  • Help in effective weight loss
  • Aid in health preservation in the long run
  • A predesigned meal plan available with proper guidelines to help you shop with ease
  • Effective weight loss without the need for arduous exercise rituals
  • A downloadable PDF format, no waiting for shipping and delivery
  • A solid money back guarantee

What we do not like about the Shepherd’s Code

You need to go through a lot of reading; that is all.

Availability and cost

The Shepherd’s Code is available at the official site as well as the Amazon. The cost of the e-book is about $47 and there are NO hidden charges or monthly subscription charges.

The take-home message

The latest research in weight loss field is focusing its attention on the benefits of a fat-rich diet that improves the HDL to LDL ratio and help counteract chronic diseases like cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders. Though the information is available online for that, one has to go the extra mile and compile data. The most cumbersome task is to identify the bad fat sources and utilize the accurate choice of dietary ingredients.

The Shepherd’s Code is all pre-researched and pre-planned protocol that is easy and convenient to incorporate in your life; rather it can be adopted as a healthy lifestyle.

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