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The Toxifact Tool is a digital app that can deliver ultimate guidelines to the actual food ingredients in a majority of the retailed processed food. The upshot of the subject app is that it can help identify the food ingredients toxic to your health in long-term. The Toxifact Tool is the first of its kind that unmasks the hidden codes labeled on the food items and lends a hand towards your healthier future.

All of us know sugar is the ‘white poison’ of the food industry with the power to addict. Salt is another toxin for individuals with blood pressure and heart conditions. The problem lies in the fact that the food industry is taken hostage by such health-damaging ingredients with different trade names and codes. The Toxifact Tool is a gadget to educate the consumer community better about the kind of food ingredients they invest their hard-earned money in.

What is Toxifact Tool? How can you use it? Do you really need it or is it some paranoia extended by some health enthusiast? The following review will sketch the details for you.

What is Toxifact Tool?

The foundation of Toxifact Tool lies in the fact that a vast majority of processed food and other grocery items contain toxic ingredients that make us vulnerable to the development of chronic diseases as Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular ailments, depression, dementia, epilepsy, and so on.

Some of the examples of toxicity incorporated in our dietary items include

  • Genetically Modified items, responsible for lowered immunity, lower fertility status, insulin resistance, premature aging, food allergies and digestive issues
  • Sugar substitutes as neotame, responsible for certain cancers, disorders of the nervous system, vision impairments
  • Fluoridated tap water responsible for IQ impairment in children, cancer, impairment in thyroid functions

The problem lies with another fact; these food ingredients are labeled and dispensed as healthy alternatives and they are anything but healthy for you. Different research studies and trials have shown the devastating side effects of these proposed healthy alternatives.

Toxifact Tool is an ingredient reference guide to help you shop in an intelligent and cost-effective manner. It makes you smarter in your selection and choice of the food items and helps you avoid making unconscious mistakes ignorantly.

If you are concerned, where your energy stores vanish even after a hearty meal

If you want to decrease your risk of chronic disease in old age

If you want to live a quality-life today

Toxifact Tool is your ten-second device to unmask and identify the food labels. You will discover an indispensable implement in the form of Toxifact Tool and wonder how easy your life with this apparatus.

The brains behind Toxifact Tool

The guidelines come straight from an expert in the field; Anthony Alayon, a health and fitness expert with a status of best-selling author and certification of sports nutrition. So if you are skeptical about the source of reference of all these facts, be assured because the analysis shows a credible and authentic expertise.

Anthony Alayon puts his years of effort and research into a comprehensive compilation called the Toxifact Tool via which he enables you to shop like a nutrition expert. The Toxifact Tool makes sure you are not deceived by the falsified labels.  It makes sure you are fully equipped to lead a quality life. It enables you to stay one-step ahead of the moneymaking, commercialized food industry.

How does the system work?

If you want to know

What exact food you should avoid along with decreasing the risk of chronic disease?

What food should you incorporate to lose actual fat, heal painful joints, improve memory, pass up premature aging?

Then Toxifact Tool is a device that is as convenient as counting the numbers on your fingertips.

If knowledge is power then the means to implement that power furnish you with superpowers and Toxifact Tool is the superpower on hand.

Anthony Alayon had firsthand experience of hassles encountered at the grocery store to identify specific ingredients, which he knew were health risks. Being a bestselling fitness author with several publications in renowned fitness platforms as Natural Muscle Magazine,, Anthony knew what foods to avoid. However, confused by the many codes and trade names, he would always end up fidgeting with his cell phone to look up the actual ingredients.

This gave him the reason to create an app, which would make you a pro at shopping health-friendly food items. It also helps you spot dangerous ingredients in your favorite healthy food items in less than a second.

With a database large enough to accommodate more than 101 toxic food ingredients, the Toxifact Tool not only makes out the toxic ingredient, it also provides an alternative to that item.

Therefore, it is implied that the Toxifact Tool is not only raising a red flag wherever required but also provides a solution to counteract the problem.

This is especially convenient because as a consumer you just cannot do without a solution to your problem there and then. You cannot visit the grocery store repeatedly now, can you? That is why the Toxifact Tool is actually a smart and intelligent app.

In three simple steps that take only ten seconds, the Toxifact Tool enables you to take control of your health rather than the food lining the grocery shelves manipulate you with enticing yet deceiving food ingredients.

  1. Search for the food ingredient
  2. Click the orange search ingredients button
  3. Check the toximeter to see if the ingredient is good or bad

How can the Toxifact Tool help you?

The Toxifact Tool gives you back the control of your own health status. It is not just an app, rather it is an empowering tool enhancing your knowledge and providing you with alternatives regarding dietary items. There are many upshots of having such an app on your cellular device

  • An-all done app for you
  • All the homework about the toxic food ingredients is done for you
  • A step-by-step blueprint calculated for you
  • You do not need to hire anyone to create a quality app for you
  • An assigned nutritionist or dietitian at your fingertips 24/7
  • Works for either sex of all ages with any kind of physical fitness level
  • Complete guidelines regarding the toxic ingredients and their alternatives
  • Many bonuses read tag along the app revealing the dark side of nutrition
  • Free lifetime updates available
  • Health benefits include possible weight loss, tricks to control hunger and cravings, manage your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, decrease the risk of debilitating diseases with old age

Customers’ reviews about the Toxifact Tool

Lose weight feel great

Helped me unlock the key to health and vitality

Gave me healthier food alternatives to fight diseases

Lost 28 pounds using this reference guide

Your health, family, and body will thank you

Supports optimal health and cleanses your body from toxins

The availability and cost of the Toxifact Tool

The subject app is available to download at the official site at a cost of only $17. The Toxifact Tool is available as a convenient downloadable PDF format so no waiting period for the delivery to arrive.

Take home message

The Toxifact Tool is a comprehensive set of guidelines in the form of an app that relays information how to block the unwanted toxic dietary ingredients from your diet menus. Claiming to help you burn calories fast, this tool can be used as an information source and as a weight loss plan to get into the best of physical forms.

No need to buy a number of books on diet and nutrition or get a diploma in the subject because the Toxifact Tool is designed by a certified fitness expert. You do not need to wait for long and tiring appointments at a nutritionist clinic where you might end up spending more money with zero results. With the Toxifact Tool, you are liberated to take charge of your health by yourself and guide your loved ones towards a healthier goal.

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