Tinnitus Terminator – Is it Worth Buying?

Tinnitus is the feeling of listening to humming, chirping, ringing, twittering, murmuring, shrieking or different sounds. These noises can be consistent or discontinuous, and can be different in volume. However, tinnitus with low intensity is irritating, whereas tinnitus with high intensity affects your hearing ability. It also creates trouble in sleeping, which leads to several health problems and can leave the negative impact on the personnel relations as well as professional.

There are various external and internal reasons that cause tinnitus. It includes ear blockage that can be caused by tumor or building of wax, few sort of medications i.e. anti biotic, aspirins or ibuprofen. Some other causes are hypertension, head injuries, circulatory issues or simply because of the normal aging process.

Tinnitus usually develops when the sound sensitive cells that are known as hair cells are damaged. These cells are present in cochlea, a spiral shape appendage that is present in internal ear. According to the creator of tinnitus terminator, “tinnitus roots itself somewhere down in the cerebrum and causes a perplexing interchange of mind that turn out badly”.


Tinnitus Terminator is developed by Timothy Seaton. It is a program that uses neuromonics, the therapy with sound recordings. It also provides subjective behavioral directions that help you to get rid of tinnitus permanently in just 30 day. This procedure is free from hearing aids, surgeries and medications. The creator of Tinnitus Terminator claims that this program hoaxes your brain to reconstruct itself and terminate the sounds from your ears.

Tragically, the drugs just suppress the issue for short time and surgery can be costly and agonizing at the same time. When Timothy Seaton finds out that sound waves can affect the brain, he decided to find the solution for tinnitus. As indicated by Tinnitus Terminator program, he did.

The initial step is an assessment poll. This structure permits the company to determine how serious your tinnitus is. According to this, they will decide that what sorts of sound recordings are needed by the customer. However, the consumer can also make his own choice of sound recordings.

The organization states that this program is safe for the people of any age group. Since the product is not the supplement, it can also be used by the children. So it makes the product safe even for children.

According to Timothy, this program includes the listening exercises that are centered on the brain to enhance cerebrum working through velocity of sound, speed and memory. The sound tracks of Tinnitus Terminator have “neural stimulus” that helps you to relax when the treatment is conducted and it can be used while you are asleep. Timothy claimed that this program has been used by 43,000 users of different age that wanted to get rid of their long build tinnitus.

In spite of its viability, Tinnitus Terminator is guaranteed to be easy to use without the requirement for any exceptional gear; just listen to the given sound recordings twice every week, 15 minutes each time, and your tinnitus will be gone in as meager as 30 days. People with tinnitus can’t even think or hear as they always feel humming and buzzing that wreck their life. But Tinnitus Terminator is the best therapy that can help you to terminate these noises without any pain.


When the hair cells are damaged and obliterated, they are never regenerated or replaced by the body. Thus, there is no successful treatment of tinnitus is present at the moment. As indicated by Mayo Clinic, “tinnitus cannot be cured with drugs. However, they may reduce the intensity of it”.

Limiting your exposure to nicotine and alcohol can reduce the sensation in your ears to some extent. You should exercise daily and avoid aspirins and certain sounds that boost up your tinnitus.


Neuromonics gadget plays particular sounds to desensitize you to the sounds that perk up tinnitus. In spite of the fact that tinnitus doesn’t begin somewhere down in the mind, frequent exposure to neuromonics may “decrease the brain’s elucidation of tinnitus sounds as destructive,” later lessening your symptoms.

As indicated by the University of California, San Francisco (the same organization Timothy references in the Tinnitus Terminator video), neuromonics has been created in 10 years, with 80% to 90% “of individuals accomplishing a considerable lessening of their tinnitus symptoms.

Nevertheless, what Timothy doesn’t specify is that this neuromonics program includes listening to different sounds, as well as evaluations from audiologists, who will advise you regarding your experience and also adjust the sounds based on your succession. Each of the neuromonics treatment lasts 2-3 hours in general.


The use of the Tinnitus Terminator is very easy and does not require much time commitment. The recordings of the sound therapy must be played two times a week. You can choose these two days all by yourself according to your activities. Each of the recordings lasts 15 minutes.

The organization also gives you direction that how you could use the recordings. CD player is not the basic requirement to listen the tracks. It is available from your PC, smart phones and iphones.  If you have any queries, you can print, download and listen to anything from the program whenever you want.


Timothy Seaton first present the price of 197$, but then he settle on 67$ each pack. Tinnitus Terminator comes with 60 days money back policy.


He is the maker of Tinnitus Terminator, who himself battled with ear-buzzing issues for a long time. He guarantees that listening to the auditory commotions he found himself assisted with his hearing issues.

You can contact the organization by filling their electronic form which guarantees the reply within a day.

This program appears to have a trustworthy science behind it. As the treatment is free from surgeries and other painful stuff, it appeals the people more towards itself.

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