TrueClear Acne Scar Reducing Serum – Is it as good as it sounds?

As if acne wasn’t enough, acne scars are a stubborn skin issue too. Due to excess oil, dead skin cells, or bacteria, our pores become clogged resulting in pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and sometimes, if we’re not careful enough, scarring too. You can improve your diet, apply creams, and do countless other stuff to reduce acne. But how can you quicken the healing process of scarring?

To offer you a safe and effective solution, Navan Skin Care has introduced just about the right product for reducing your acne scars. TrueClear Acne Scar Reducing Serum is a product that not only diminishes existing scars but also prevents future scarring. It contains essential ingredients that not heal scars but also contribute in keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated, giving you a smooth, scar-free skin. It is non-comedogenic in nature, which means it is formulated in such a way that it does not block your pores.

So if you’re tired of looking at your blemished skin in the mirror, this serum is the one for you!

How it works?

TrueClear Acne Scar Reducing Serum acts in two steps. The first is the treatment of uneven, pitted scar tissue, and the second step is the removal of bruising or discoloration of the tissue. No acne soap or cleanser can perform this job of removing and reducing scarring of skin tissue.

The serum acts on the skin by removing dirt particles, etc. from the clogged pores. It moistens and hydrates the skin. By its active ingredients, especially Collaxyl, it fastens the healing process of the scar. Dead skin cells are removed by the regeneration of skin cells, resulting in smoother skin by the reduction in formation of scars. The immune action of the body is heightened, thus leading to quick results. The bruised or discolored skin also returns to its former normal color by the regeneration of new skin cells.

Serums > Creams

A facial serum is a product made up of lighter oils and other ingredients, intended to hold active ingredients against the skin for better penetration. Skin care creams are used to treat mostly the surface level of the skin. On the other hand, a facial serum has smaller molecules than a moisturizer. Consequently, a serum has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and to add nutrients into deeper layers of the skin that a moisturizing cream for instance, is not able to reach. They are much finer in texture than creams and are more readily absorbed into the skin. The ingredients in skin care serums are also more potent and active than the ones used in facial creams. This makes the overall product more effective than heavy topical creams and lotions.

Ingredients of the product

The ingredients used in the product are Panthenol, Silicone, Allantoin, Rosehip Seed Oil, Collaxyl (hexapeptide 9). They are all naturally-derived, thus making the product safe and effective to use. All the ingredients actively promote skin healing process by regenerating skin cells.

We have already discussed how the product works. Now we’ll look at how the proven essential ingredients cater to the problem of scarring:

Panthenol: It aids in the healing of skin tissue and also spurs cell regeneration. Known as the “beautifier” vitamin, this ingredient spurs on cellular regeneration (which aids in tissue production) as well moisturizes and soothes irritation.

Silicone: It performs the specific role of waterproofing, retaining moisture, and imparting smoothness to the skin.

Allantoin: This ingredient has a moisturizing and keratolytic effect, increasing the water content of the extracellular matrix and enhancing the desquamation of upper layers of dead skin cells. It increases the smoothness of the skin; promotes cell proliferation and wound healing; and has a soothing, anti-irritant, and skin protectant effect by forming complexes with irritant and sensitizing agents.

Rosehip Seed Oil:  Found a rose bud in Chile and cold regions of South America, Rosehip Seed Oil is world famous for the speed and effectiveness with which it eliminates scars.  Cellular regeneration as well as the minimization of scar tissue are the primary reasons. Rosehip oil is a highly concentrated source of Vitamin C also, which has certainly proven itself as a soothing ingredient as well as improving overall skin health.

Collaxyl: Collaxyl is an advanced peptide which mandates the skin to heal itself.  Its presence within the skin jump starts your skin’s healing mechanism and in turn scar tissue is actually healed right before your eyes.

All in all, these ingredients are essential to making the product more effective.

Benefits of the product

TrueClear Acne Scar reducing Serum has all those essential ingredients that yield a better, rejuvenated skin.

Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • Regenerates skin cells: Old, dead skin cells are removed and new cells are regenerated, leading to the formation of new, smooth tissue.
  • Repairs skin tissue: The damaged and wounded skin tissue is healed and repaired by the properties of the essential ingredients used in the product.
  • Minimizes scar tissue: The scarred portion of the skin is minimized when new skin cells are formed. This leads to a reduction in the scars.
  • Replaces damaged skin: When new cells and tissues are formed, the damaged skin is replaced with a glowing smooth skin.
  • Boosts your immune system: The immune action of the skin is heightened by the potent ingredients of the product, thus leading to faster healing and repair of damaged tissue, along with preventing future scarring.
  • Results in smoother, clearer skin: The effective formula of the product gives a smoother, clearer skin by getting rid of stubborn acne scars.
  • Reduces inflammation: By boosting the immune response and also reducing the risk of breakouts and blemishes, the product also reduces inflammation, giving skin relief from rash, infections or burning sensation.
  • Does not block pores: The most important aspect of the product is that it is non-comedogenic in nature, which means that it does not clog or block pores. This leads to more hydration of the skin as it gets the required oxygen that it needs for a better cell and tissue function, without all the dirt and dust particles.


  • Consult your dermatologist before using.
  • Apply on cleansed skin twice a day, in the morning and evening. Gently massage over acne scars in circular motion.
  • Results are usually seen around 8 weeks of consistent use.

Why should you buy this?

TrueClear Acne Scar Reducing Serum has been clinically researched and tested for effective action. Its naturally-derived ingredients are proven to prevent skin scarring and damage, thus leading to well-aerated pores with smooth, soft and supple skin. It is also very light and can thus be applied before using makeup.

It is as good as it sounds!

  • Clinically tested
  • Safe and effective
  • Non-comedogenic




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