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Unlock Your Gluts is a series of exercise DVD designed by a Brian Klepacki, aka coach Brian, a fitness expert. The deliberation is to shape your hips and thighs. The protocol caters not only to the aesthetic aspect of your lower limbs but also looks after the future health status of your lower body. A compilation of over sixteen years of hard work and sweat, Unlock Your Gluts offers a credible exercise regime that delivers results without causing damage to that part of our body that bears our weight all our lives.

It is true that we take for granted the form and fitness our lower limbs. If you are a young individual, you might be vigorous in this regard because you want to look good in new your new jeans or have a slender figure to show off in your dress.

Our middle age passes with most hours spent sitting in front of our laptops and PCs without us realizing that the long sedentary hours are doing irreparable damage to our muscles, nerves and ultimately our bony structure.

The signs and symptoms of this damage start becoming apparent in later years of life with pain and numbness in legs, sciatic pain, varicose veins, upper back pain, neck troubles, bad posture and even headaches.

Unlock Your Gluts offers a real science-based, micro-targeted exercise step to unlock the specific group of muscles, contributing to a rear that not only looks spectacular but functions magnificently too. The following review will help you understand the subject series and why should you invest in it.

An overview of Unlock your Gluts

Whether you are

A fitness enthusiast

A fashion devotee

In your early years

In the middle years

If you want to keep walking without any joint and knee pain in old age

Crave for a rounder smart butt to enjoy the slim fit jeans

Feel embarrassed because of a flat butt

Suffer from varying degree of lower limb troubles

Unlock Your Gluts is for you

Busting some common exercise myths involving the lower limb, Unlock Your Gluts adds both ‘size’ and ‘power’ to your butts within 30-days.

Designed by one of the renowned names in the fitness industry, Brain Klepacki, who is a certified strength and conditioning expert holding a Masters degree in exercise science. Unlock Your Gluts is a set of sequential steps that integrate up-to-date physical science to deliver shape, power, size, and strength to the most powerful yet the least understood muscle of your body, the gluts.

The particular action of this program offers

  • an aesthetic uplift to your rear as well as
  • upgrades the functional status of your lower back and spine

By activating the gluts that lay dormant and unused even with the most modern and fad exercise steps, Unlock Your Gluts has some promises under its belt that no other program offers.

How does Unlock Your Gluts work for you

Weak gluts give rise to many troubles, both short and long-term. According to the brains behind Unlock Your Gluts, ordinary squats and lunges do not target the smaller hidden muscle strands that lie deep within the larger exterior muscles.

That is why, they suggest that no matter what kind of exercise you take up and time you spent on these ordinary rituals, you will not see any fruitful results. This can lead to a bad posture, a bad walk, constant pain, lethargy and weakness, numbness and many other symptoms.

Unlock Your Gluts strengthen the subject muscle groups via a series of exercise steps designed by Brain who is a Functional Movement Specialist. He knows

What to move

How to move

When to move

In order to deliver results without brainless talk

According to Brian, the gluts are the most misunderstood muscle of our body; it results in misunderstanding the training principles behind strengthening the gluts. Here are some basics that Unlock Your Gluts work on

  • Targeting the three group of muscles (medius, maximus, and minimus)

Unlock Your Gluts work beyond the ordinary ‘leg’ exercises, the squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Unlock Your Gluts specifically teaches you to take up glut specific exercises.

  • Activates the muscles in all planes; vertical, horizontal and rotational

Unlock Your Gluts target the muscles in all planes contrary to squats, lunges, and deadlifts that work only in the vertical plane.

  • Delivering maximum in a minimum of time

Unlock Your Gluts does not require you to spend long training hours at a gym. The privacy of your own quarters caters to the sequence of steps, completed within 15-minutes of your precious time.

  • No requirement of gym or equipment for resistance training

Unlock Your Gluts use your own body weight to strength train your gluts, a gym is a bonus for the subject protocol but not a necessity.

  • Waking up the sleeping gluts

Due to prolong sitting schedules, the glutes become numb with decreased blood supply and ultimately play dead with loss of muscle tone. Unlock Your Gluts stimulate your gluts via

Restorative stretching that lengthens the tight hip flexors

Neuro-muscular activation of the gluts from a dormant state

Why prefer Unlock your Gluts

Unlock Your Gluts is a comprehensive protocol to unleash the strength, might, and force that remains dormant and latent in your gluts. Here is a sneak peek into the benefits you will reap for yourself and why should you g for the purchase.

  • Firmer, rounder and more powerful gluts
  • A GM3 formula that tackles all three muscles, in all three planes and all three exercise strategies
  • A peace of mind that your program works for you with actual results
  • A real-life experience shared with you with scientific backing
  • Suitable for everyone works for all ages
  • A four-week program with only two days of working your gluts will show results
  • Involves no complex moves or heavy lifts
  • A low-intensity high impact exercise
  • Requires no fancy gym equipment; could be performed on the go, at home or your gym

What has included in Unlock Your Gluts?

Here is the deal offered by Unlock Your Gluts

  1. Unlock Your Gluts Manual

Based on scientific facts and Brian’s personal experience, this manual will guide you to the real significance and science behind Unlocking Your Gluts. Diagrammatic representation explains all the required steps; what works and how it works.

  1. The complete coaching videos: Body weight edition and Gym edition

Comprising of both the body weight edition to use anywhere and the gym edition compatible with gym gear, this high definition program practically describes all the 36 steps required to unlock your gluts. You will learn the exact form and movement pattern contained in Unlock Your Gluts.

Both of these are downloadable programs that are compatible with the latest technology screens.

Who does not like some extra and free deals; the purchase of Unlocking Your Gluts comes with two bonuses to deliver a little extra without charging you a dime.

  • Strong Legs Workout
  • 14-day Rapid Fat loss program

The cost and availability of Unlock Your Gluts

Unlock Your Gluts is not delivered to your doorstep; the reason is it is a downloadable program. Once you purchase it, you can access the manual as well as the exercise videos.

Everything about this program is great; you do not have to wait for any delivery. The complete sequence is just a click away.

The cost of Unlock Your Gluts is only $15.99 with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Our final say

Brian the coach understands that not everyone is a celebrity; normal individuals have to carry on with their responsibilities, do their tasks and take care of their health too. At the same time, he understands that not everybody can afford a personal trainer.

That is why he has devised a program based on his 16 years of experience with a strong backing of exercise science to wake your sleepy butt and transform into a power-generating source for your lower limbs and back.

With the benefits of strong gluts, you will find your figure chiseled for any attire you want to adorn and upgrade your muscle health with every passing day of life with a strong back.


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