Vegan diet for children raising concerns amidst Australian doctors

Vegan parents from Australia that opted to raise the children with a similar restrictive diet faced backlash for technically ignoring the mainstream advice by medical science. This particular dietary regimen that excludes the consumption of animal-based products is now being used for the babies that are very young. Babies aged even 6 months are seen going dairy-free.

A rising number of online vegan groups and Facebook communities reflect the Australian population’s increasing move to veganism. The country is now the world’s 3rd fastest growing market for a vegan population as confirmed by the market researcher named Euromonitor International. However, the vegan diet as explained by medical experts tends to carry more of health risks as compared to the adults opting for veganism.

One group named “Vegan Baby Led Weaning” is dedicated to the vegan parents and the ones that are opting for baby weaning with a vegan diet. This closed Facebook group comprised of more than 7700 members actually describes itself by the definition of a place that shares ideas and information about everything that helps with baby weaning veganism journey.

The rules lined out by this vegan group states that the members should not ask any questions, discuss, or make posts related to animal products. This includes things such as meat, eggs, honey, animal milk, or milk products. One Sydney based mother mentioned in the group that she effectively replaced the dairy yogurt being fed to her child with the alternative based on coconut. She posted over the group that she is currently taking classes for child nutrition and the course suggests that children need to be given cow milk-based products such as cheese and yogurt for proper protein as well as fat for the healthy body growth.

Coconut yogurt consists of a significantly lower calcium level which is an essential element for the development of better brain function and healthy bones. When compared, coconut milk comes with just 4mg of calcium for each 100g serving while regular dairy yogurt brings in a whopping 193 mg of the same. Another mother mentioned in the same forum that her doctor earlier raised concerns with regards to the iron intake by her 3 children who have been going through a vegan diet. To this, the members of the group advised her to opt for another GP for advice.

This Melbourne-based mother wrote that she is switching to soy milk with her baby going against the advice provided by her doctor for formula created from the cow’s milk.

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