Velocity Diet Supplement Package Review – An Effective Body Transformation Program

To achieve your fitness goals it is mandatory to have a balanced diet and a healthy physical activity as a part of your daily routine. It is hard to ignore the benefits of keeping yourself physically fit and active. Over the past few years, obesity has become a major issue in the United States which has to lead to many other health issues like heart diseases, blood pressure problems, diabetes and many other fatal health issues.

The problem is spreading fast as we are ignorant about our fitness until unless being unfit introduces us to some horrible disease and then we look for diet plans and exercises to bring back the balance in our body. Unhealthy junk food has become a part of our daily routine and our busy work routines do not allow us to spare time for physical activity.

Losing weight to transform your body requires a lot of effort and hardship but the problem with us is that we are not ready for commitment to achieve our fitness goals. Shedding pounds is not an easy job and one requires a lot of determination to do that. Gaining weight takes less time but losing weight is hard and takes longer.

This review would discuss in detail that how Velocity Diet Supplement Package can help you transform your body completely within 28 days. This program includes meal plans, workout routines, supplements and an e-Book that contains all the guidelines that would help you quickly shed pounds if you stay determined.      

What Is Velocity Diet Supplement Package About?

The Velocity Diet Supplement Package is a diet program that helps you to transform your body in just 28 days. The program consists of an e-Book that guides the user about different meal plans and workout plans. It includes a supplement package that consists of protein shakes and weight loss capsules. The Velocity Diet Supplement Package also motivates the user that how to stay determined to achieve your weight loss goals.

It often happens that we try a diet plan and go for a daily workout and yet achieve no results out of that. This is a depressing situation as you are doing great effort for weight loss and noticing no outcomes. Well if you are currently facing this situation then Velocity Diet Supplement Package is the right program for you to follow.

If looking at your body in the mirror drives you crazy because you have a lot of extra pounds which makes you look ugly and feel lethargic then this diet program can help you get out of the situation. The program requires the high level of determination to follow all the intense workouts and quit from all the bad habits. The Velocity Diet Supplement Package Program is not easy to follow but the outcomes are incredible as at the end of 28 days you get lean muscle mass and an athletic body.  

What Is Included In The Velocity Diet Supplement Package?

The Velocity Diet Supplement Package Includes four weeks of continuous struggle at the end of which you get a completely transformed body with controlled weight and a high level of energy. You get lean muscle mass and athletic body by following all the weight loss techniques mentioned in the guide book.

The Velocity Diet Supplement Package consists of meal plans that guide a user about what to eat and what to skip in your diet if you aim to lose weight. It includes workout plans, NEPA walks and an online forum support where a user can discuss personally the level of progress and other queries during this four week program.

Let us have looked in detail that what is included in the Velocity Diet Supplement Package and how it helps to transform your body.

  • Meal Plans

The Velocity Diet Supplement Package includes meal plan for 28 days which must be followed strictly and nothing else is allowed to be consumed other than those food items which are mentioned in the plan. The meal plan consists of four protein shakes along with some solid meal. The daily meal plan mentions in it about the breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon and dinner menu.

  • Workouts

According to The Velocity Diet Supplement Package, it is impossible to gain lean muscle mass without any physical activity. Due to this reason, this program includes weight lifting workouts and body weight exercise session. Body weight exercise session is known as the V-Challenge which is scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Weight lifting workouts are performed thrice a week.

  • NEPA Walks

NEPA is abbreviated form of Non-Exercise Physical Activity. The Velocity Diet Plan adds NEPA walks and activities as a part of daily routine. The benefit that you gain from NEPA walks and activities is that they work to speed up the metabolism in your body. When the metabolism in your body attains a boost it works to burn excess fat more quickly than before. NEPA walks and activities also help is muscle recovery after strenuous workouts.

  • Online Forum Support

The best part of The Velocity Diet Supplement Package is that it provides the users with online counseling in which they can consult with advisors and trainers personally. These Skype sessions will help you get the daily dose of encouragement if in any case you are losing it because it is not an easy job to suddenly quit from junky meals to diet restricted to specialized protein shakes and specific solid meals.

Therefore, if you wish to have an athletic body and get rid of all the excess fat, soft muscles, and bad habits, the key is in your hands. It is up to you know how firm you stay in following The Velocity Diet Challenge.

What Do You Need To Buy To Follow The Velocity Diet Supplement Package?

There is a list of products that you need to get before starting The Velocity Diet. These items are mentioned in the table below.

Item Weight Amount
Metabolic Drive Protein 2 lb 8 bottles
Flameout 90 capsules 2 bottles
Super Food 140 g 1 pouch
Plazma 1300 g 1 pouch
Velocity Diet Plan 75 pages 1 e-Book


What Are The Final Results You Get From The Velocity Diet Supplement Package?

After a survey, it is concluded that The Velocity Diet Plan has helped out so many people out there to lose weight (around 2 pounds a week). If you follow the Velocity Diet Plan exactly how the program demands then at the end of 28 days you will see a transformed body as it is the only diet that helps you lose weight quickly and safely.

The protein shakes which are a part of the meal plans give a very filling effect and suppress your appetite. In this way, a person is able to have control over what he eats and get rid of high calorie diet. Moreover, the workouts included in the Velocity Diet Plan give you a lean muscle mass and an athletic body at the end of 28 days.

What Is The Cost Of Velocity Diet Supplement Package?

The Velocity Diet Supplement Package contains supplements, meal and workout plans for serious athletes. The results of this program are guaranteed and many of the users have reviewed The Velocity Diet Supplement Package positive as it turned out effective for most of them.

The cost of The Velocity Diet Supplement Package is $ 439. The company offers 10-15 % ($ 99- $199) off for a limited time. The Velocity Diet Supplement Package can easily be ordered from the official website. The company offers free shipping anywhere in the United States (anywhere in the 48 continental). The shipping is free of cost for all the domestic orders but PO Box addresses may take additional charges.

What Are The Contacting Details Of Velocity Diet Supplement Package?

The company offers a great customer support service. You can contact online at Biotest Supplement Advice Forum where you can contact to clear any of your queries. You can also contact at their email address and landline number which are as follows:


Landline: 800-525-1940

What Is The Refund Policy Of Velocity Diet Supplement Package?

The company offers a full refund if claimed within 30 days of purchase. So in any case you are not satisfied with the performance of The Velocity Diet Supplement Package you can claim the refund and get 100 percent money back.

But before you claim a refund, you must make sure that you have the Return Authorization Notice. The Return Authorization Notice shows that either you are eligible for the refund or not.

You can get The Return Authorization Notice by contacting at the landline number of customer service (800-525-1940). If you are residing outside the United States you can contact the customer service at 719-473-5500. You cannot claim a refund if you do not have this Return Authorization Notice.

The unopened containers are refundable and you will get 100 percent money back for them but few items like DVDs, e-Books, and other books are non-refundable.

Final Verdict On Velocity Diet Supplement Package

If you are tired of following random diet plans that give you no outcomes or the results you desire to have, you need to go for The Velocity Diet Supplement Package. This is one the most challenging programs and everyone cannot follow it because it requires a lot of commitment and determination. But once you are done with this 28 days challenge you will notice a completely transformed body with lean muscle mass, high levels of energy and improved stamina.


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