Vibrance Review – Supplement your body with a difference

Vibrance is a personalized multivitamin supplement retailed in over 6000 shops across the US, dispensed under the marketing supervision of Rainbow Light.

Rainbow Light is known for its nutritional supplements that are claimed to be all-natural and food-based products aimed at community health while preserving the fitness of environment, at the same time contributing to eradication of hunger from the world via different platforms.

Rainbow Light is committed to delivering upgraded supplements that align with the latest research. Let us have an insight into this project.

About Rainbow Light and its principles

Reputed as the ‘most trusted natural vitamin brand’, the company’s foundations were laid in 1981 in Santa Cruz, California. The company’s working is governed by four basic principles as

  • Carefully formulated combinations for an overall transformation
  • Intentions of leading a natural, nutrition-based supplement company
  • Participation in global aid that could result in huge upshots wherever required
  • Manufacturing quality supplements with codes to sustain and uphold environmental safeguard

Rainbow Light takes pride in the fact that their supplements and vitamins are an outcome of follow up of latest innovations and findings in the specific field and thus able to meet the expectations and requirements of the valued customers.

In this evolutionary way, Rainbow Light is able to cater for a consumer of any age, with any kind of health concern at any stage of life.

The supplements contain clinically researched ingredients that are trialed and tested for purity and efficacy in their own facility. The evaluation of the individual ingredients is carried out to bring the best of combinations delivering maximized potency in the following three regions

  • Bioavailability and absorption of nutrients
  • Their optimal utility by the bodily systems
  • Their ultimate effectiveness for the required health target

Quality assurance standards of Rainbow Light

The health and nutrition sector is flooded with infinite supplements of all kinds and to keep up the competition, a dietary and nutritional supplement company is obligated to build up a trust and repute with its clients.

The repute follows the trusts assembles and is erected with time. Since Rainbow Light has not joined the supplement scene recently, being relatively a mature venture, it has succeeded to build the trust relationship in the consumer community.

This arduous task was conquered by a vigilant transcription to the quality standards marked at the commencement of the company.

The team at the Rainbow Light calls it the ‘purity safeguard’; here are some significant aspects of this quality maintaining custom

  • Transparency at all levels of manufacturing starting from the selection of ingredients to the final yield
  • Implementation of quality assurance measures every step of the way to the final product to ensure efficacy and potency of the supplements.
  • Premium quality ingredients are sourced from certified non-GMOs and organic yield suppliers requiring

Proper documentation of origin, certification and allergen status of the ingredient

Organic ingredients hold fast to National Organic Program guidelines

Testing for potency and identification of active botanical components via validated methods

  • An independent third party evaluation and testing of raw ingredients for their authenticity and acclaimed potency
  • The final manufacturing steps as blending and ultimate packaging is carried out at NSF GMP-registered facility in Sunrise, FL, which also holds an organic certification.
  • The final product is again tested in-house and by an independent third party for the authentication of delivered product with the claimed ones. Third party evaluation also verifies the product as free from any pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.
  • All the Rainbow Light supplements are stamped certified organic by the Quality Assurance International.

About Rainbow Light Vibrance

Rainbow Light Vibrance is a relatively new range of personalized multivitamins that are nutrient-dense and vitamin-packed merchandise specially designed to target the health concerns of either sex at any age. These commendable items are

  • Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Immune support
  • Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Energy support
  • Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin plus Balance and energy
  • Vibrance Men’s Multivitamin plus Stress support
  • Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin plus Stress support
  • Vibrance Teens Girl’s Multivitamin plus Healthy Skin support
  • Vibrance Men’s Multivitamin plus Energy and Vitality
  • Vibrance Young Men’s Multivitamin plus Healthy Skin support

The supplements are self-explanatory and they obviously cater for men and women including teenage girls and boys.

The combination of more than one target approach is also appropriate enough; take for example prenatal vitamin and immunity support, better the immunity status better will be the chances at fertility attempts. Men undergo various kinds of stresses in their daily lives so the multivitamin caters for stress management as well as energy and vitality in their lives.

Teenage boys and girls carry a carefree attitude towards their nutritional requirements, therefore, in order to deal with this cheery manner Vibrance has come up with a multivitamin supplement that not only meets the nutritional deficiencies in a young adult but takes care of the aesthetic aspect of their body too (the skin).

Ingredients used in Vibrance Multivitamin Range

The strict and vigilant quality control standards are aforementioned which are applicable to all the supplements of Rainbow Light including Vibrance. To give the customers an insight into the type of ingredients used in the supplement a few examples are quoted here.

Vibrance Prenatal Multivitamin plus Immune support

The formula provides a comprehensive and absolute support to women who are pregnant or nursing with its combination of iron, vitamin D, folate, vitamin C, and zinc.

The supplement supports the brain development of the baby during pregnancy and its growth afterward with the folate content. The multivitamin is unique in delivering a 75 million CFU of Probiotics and prebiotic in addition to plant-sourced digestive enzymes to maintain the functioning of a healthy gut.

Vibrance Men Multivitamin plus Stress support

Based on targeted research-based nutritional support, the men’s formula delivers B-complex, vitamin C, D and E, lycopene, selenium, and zinc.

Digestive health is as important for men as for its counterpart, so the men’s supplement is also incorporated with the prebiotic, Probiotics and digestive enzyme combination.

Vibrance Teen Girl’s Multivitamin plus Healthy Skin support

Mood swings, dieting attitude, carefree mannerism about meals intake yet anxiety and social pressure of school, is your young adult going through the stress and demands of the teenage chapter of their lives? Time to supplement with the Vibrance multivitamin that maintains the gut health and supports the nutritional demands of a growing body and mind of young ones in your home.

Complemented with B-complex vitamins, iron, the prebiotic and probiotic blend along with digestive enzymes from plant source would help your teenager cope with the biochemical and hormonal transformation.

The basis behind the Vibrance distinction

Vibrance multivitamins are unique two ways

  • Personalized combinations for different age groups of either sex
  • Vibrance is Nutrition-based supplements delivering Organic Rainbow Whole Food Blend, which is a fusion of nutrient-dense extracts from foods like organic beets, broccoli, kale, spinach, blackberry, blueberry, and cranberry

The whole food blend is dispensed in different strengths for different age grouped men and women. In addition to this blend, each supplement is credited with one or two ingredients that are specified for a targeted approach tagged with the supplement.

for example, the women’s prenatal supplement contains organic ginger while the men’s formula is provided with an antioxidant food complex combining the antioxidants from apple, broccoli, and turmeric.

  • A primary food base consisting of certified organic Spirulina (nutrient-dense algae) augments the nutritional potency of the supplements with its easy to digest vegetarian proteins and an array of B-complex and minerals.
  • All the supplements are vegan, free from soy and gluten and dairy.

Vibrance contains no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners. It also contains no Eggs, Fish, Gluten, Milk/Dairy, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, and Wheat.

Cost and availability

Quality comes at a cost and the quality-assured multivitamins of Vibrance cost within a range of $54-$59. However, with increasing order discounts follow.

The dosage schedule of each supplement is mentioned in detail so that the customers can decide upon the size of the order they want to avail with ease and convenience.

Our take on Vibrance

Vibrance by Rainbow Lights seems to be a superior yield of a quality-based manufacturing procedure. The company, Rainbow Light is a member of Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program, delivering products that comply with good manufacturing practices.

Apart from the corporate contribution, Rainbow Light is big on contributing both at the community level and across the globe (frequent donations to combat global malnutrition).

The company is also acting huge at environment conservation front by adopting EcoGuard recycling procedures and participating in Save Our Shores (a non-profit organization).

It is good to know that some companies like Rainbow Light are striving for the betterment of humanity at the individual level as well globally, taking the community along itself.

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