ViSalus Nutrition Review – Transforming Lives to a Healthier Living

Visalus is a Michigan-based marketing company, famous for its weight reduction products. It sells off a variety of kits, supplements and shakes that you can easily use in your daily life. Every single product is handy, portable and user-friendly that can be carried to any place without any extra effort.

Visalus was founded by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola, and it’s been almost 7 years that the company has been working on helping the people to lose weight. The main focus of the founders is to provide you products that can primarily assist you in losing the extra pounds by improving your health and body fitness within 90 days.

How does ViSalus work?

It offers a range of products; e.g. the ViSalus Shakes that you can mix with water or your choice of simple of flavored milk and use it as a meal replacement as it contains all the basic components that your body needs to survive through the day. It also comes in various flavors that you can select and mix to make out your own recipe. The company advertises that it helps reduce weight rapidly but no supplement, diet plan or treatment works without the intake of a proper balanced and healthy diet along with daily exercise, hence it is understood that you must not completely rely on the products. Although ViSalus claims a 90-day challenge for the weight loss, but it must be noted that none of the statements made by the company or the ingredients used have been supported by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


ViSalus Shakes is made with a blend of essential proteins (whey, soy etc.), minerals, vitamins, fiber and other healthy diet items that will help you lose weight effectively. Following are few of the items, along with the details of their constituents:

  1. VI-Shape
    • 165 calories
    • 17 grams fruit protein
    • 25 different vitamins & minerals.
    • 7 grams fiber
    • 9 essential amino acids
  • Chia seeds
  • Chickpeas
  • Flaxseeds
  • Green peas
    • Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Pinto beans
  • Quinoa
    • Stevia natural sweetener
  1. Vi Crunch

A cereal rich in fiber and protein content, designed specifically to serve as a substitute for the daily meals and shakes.

  • Brown rice + Whey protein blend: 12 grams protein
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Niacin
  • Oat bran: 5 grams protein
  • Vitamins B6
  • Zinc
  1. Shakes
  • Aminogen
  • Calcium
  • Combination of Tri-Sorb protein
  • Fibersol
  1. VI-Trim Supplements

Advantages of using ViSalus:

  • Contains the vital vitamins & minerals
  • Gluten-free
  • High in Protein content
  • Less sugar content
  • Low carb count
  • Low sodium content
  • Non-GMO
  • Reduced fat
  • Rich in fiber
  • 100% Vegan product


  1. ViSalus Nutrition Replacement Meals
  2. VI-Shape Superfood
  • Take a scoop of the potent product powder
  • Add it in about 8 ounces of water/ milk
  • Blend well to create a frothy healthy protein diet replacement shake
  1. VI Crunch

It is low in calories and used for garnishing on cereals and milkshakes or can be consumed as a snack. It comes out in two delicious flavors; Tri-Berry Puffs and Macadamia Granola.

  • Add ¼th cup for the granola with1/3rd cup of berry puffs to your diet.
  1. ViSalus Shakes and Drinks
  • Mix a scoop of powder with about 8 ounces of water/ milk and blend well
  • You may also mix and blend in your choice of fruits, to make it taste more delicious.
  1. ViSalus Supplements
  2. VI-Trim

It is a transparent powdered flavorless drink that is available in the form of packets.

  • Mix the powder with water or your choice of beverage or simply sprinkle it on your food.
  1. VI-Slim

Take 1-2 capsules each daily for effective results.


  1. Dangerous ingredients:
  2. Sunflower Oil:
    The vegetable oils contain an imbalanced ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • While on one hand has been proven through research to prevent cancers, can also prove to be one of the major causes of cancer; especially skin cancer, in not taken in the appropriate proportions.
  • While a high dosage of omega 3 protects your skin from sunburn and wrinkles, an increased intake of omega 6 might just do the exact opposite.
  • Increases risk of Inflammations further leading to asthma, heart diseases or other health conditions like diabetes, auto-immune disorders, liver problems, allergies, muscular degeneration.
  • It may also cause infertility, learning disabilities etc.
  1. Artificial Flavor:
    Although there is no conclusive proof of ViSalus containing any artificial flavors, but there’s no evidence of them not using it either.
  1. Sucralose
    Sucralose is an artificial substitute form of sugar, which
  • If converted to ‘Splenda’ creates a toxic product that is then used in DDT, biocides, insect killers and poison gas.
  • Is consumed as a chemical sweetener therefore it cannot be marketed as safe for use that can result in causing bladder cancers.

One of the studies done on sucralose states: “The artificial sweetener Splenda and its key component sucralose pose a threat to the people who consume the product.”

  • Other risks involve:

Bladder issues, bowel inflammation, chest pains, thymus contraction, DNA impairment, gastrointestinal ailments, kidneys enlargement, liver issues, migraine, red blood cell level reduction, skin allergies, weight gain etc.

  1. The product is way too expensive and customers complain of recurring cost

Customers have been reporting that the product is not as effective as declared, despite the high prices. One of the users says “Yet another product in a long line of wonder products that do nothing more than delete you wallet”.

A customer complains that “It is virtually impossible to cancel your subscription. You cannot remove your credit card info from their website and when they ship product that is not authorized, they will not issue a refund even after the shipment was refused”

Another says that “ViSalus auto billed my credit card for an unwanted product that was auto shipped to me without my knowledge or permission.”

  • No Clinical research proof

The company claims that its products will help in weight reduction within 90 days but there seems to be no clinical trials done in order to prove that ViSalus shakes and supplements work effectively.

  1. Issues with customer service
  1. Does not taste good!

The taste of the products, especially the shakes, has been reported ‘yukhy’. One of the consumers says that “This stuff tastes chalky unless you add an extra sugary thing which defeats the purpose”.  Another user declares that “This stuff tasted NASTY!”

  1. Takes too long to show results

Although the effectiveness of a product varies from person to person, but the company’s acclaimed 90-days plan does not seem to work for many dieters. One of them states the ineffectiveness saying: “Didn’t lose any weight after 3 packages, and working out 3 times a week. I would not purchase anymore and would not recommend”

Order and Shipping

You may visit ViSalus’s website for further details and ordering. The company offers free shipping if you place an order over $400.

The current process at which ViSalus is offering its products are stated as under:

  1. ViSalus Kits
  • Transformation Kit: $329.00
  • Fuel Kit: $209.00
  • Core Kit: $269.00
  • Shape Kit: $139.00
  1. ViSalus Nutrition Replacement Meals
  • VI-Shape Superfood: $144.99
  • VI- Shape: $65.00
  • VI Crunch: $61.00
  • Nutra-Cookie Chocolate Chip: $40.00
  1. ViSalus Shakes and Drinks
  • ViSalus Neon: $73.99
  • VI Defy: $39.99
  • ViSalus Pro: $40.00
  • ViSalus Go: $49.99
  1. ViSalus Supplements
  • VI-Pak: $150.00
  • Omega Vitals: $45.99
  • VI-Slim/ Metab-Awake: $50.00
  • VI-Trim: $50.00

In case of any query, you may call on the company’s toll-free number 1-855-296-1005. They can also be reached at customer service from 0900hrs – 1700hrs, Monday- Friday at 1-888-880-7079. If you want to email, you would be required to fill in a form on the website.

However, if you are not satisfied with the ViSalus’s products, the company offers you a 90-days money back guarantee, given that you fall under the umbrella of their return policy, terms and conditions.

Final Verdict

If you want to reduce weight, you may try giving ViSalus a try, as it may work out for you. It is however been informed that the product although may not be dangerous for use, but it surely is over-priced. Although ViSalus offer a great variety of products, but you may not feel comfortable having it considering its tastes and the time it takes to show results, but then again everything purely depends on your body physique and how it reacts to the product.

Before making the final choice of weight reduction products available in the market today, we recommend that you make healthier changes to you diet routine and food items and add daily exercise to your life. If that doesn’t improve your health standards and you make a decision to melt the extra pounds then we suggest that you select a product is supported by clinical evidence and is safe for use.

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