Vitaball Vitamin Gum Review – The Next Big Thing!

Vitamin chewing gum is the latest gig on the ‘added nutritional value to the diet’ block. It is a sugar-free vitamin enriched gum so at least you won’t have to fret about your teeth safety. Now let’s see if there are any real benefits of chewing this gum full of vitamins or not.

It appears that we’re all trying to squeeze more nutritional goodies into our lives these days which is a trend worth applauding. This new and budding trend seems to pop up more and more i.e, vitamin or supplement gum.

Unlike other chewing gum flavors that try to replicate dessert-y goodness, these gums are used more as a vehicle to deliver nutrients or vitamins within the body than to satisfy chocolate truffle craving.

And what if these gums played both parts and that too naturally? Mind blowing right? Craving for cinnamon rolls, chew a cinnamon flavored gum full of vitamins. How cool does that sound? Tasting cinnamon rolls without getting fat

Unlike most gum providers who use a truck load of faulty and unnatural ingredients harmful to health, the creators of Vitamin Gum use fresh and healthy compounds to add nutritional value to your body.

You can consume 12 vitamins just by chewing a gum, eliminating bad breath along. Chewing gum is a better way for your body to absorb vitamins and minerals versus the regular pill form.

What is Vitamin Gum?

As the name suggests, Vitamin Gum is a chewing gum that relieves your unwanted and unavoidable bad breath.  It comes in three different flavors such as peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon. It is very healthy and provides consumers with a nutritional boost with required healthy elements that a body needs on daily basis to survive.

Vitaball Company Overview

Vitaball Inc. is the founder of Vitamin Gum. It is a US based company that produces Vitamin Gum fresh. The company’s main theme that acts like a backdrop is its gum technology.

It is a great way of in taking healthy nutrients inside the body. Chewing can allow one’s system to absorb these nutrients fast. You can always carry these gums on your way. When you chew a gum, the ingredients inside it get quickly absorbed through the lining mucous inside the mouth towards the blood stream and in the end to one’s small intestines.

Benefits of Vitamin Gum

Now let’s talk about the benefits of chewing vitamin gum that one can attain.

  • It is a breath freshener.
  • It contains 12 essential nutrients and vitamins: A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid and Biotin.
  • It is sugar-free.
  • It has no traces of aspartame
  • It produces no long term side effects


A six count gum tray box consisting of 12 pieces is priced at $9.95 approximately. The prices remain the same regardless of the flavors available. You can also buy an assorted pack.

The prices being high yet convince the consumers due to its high overall health and wellness benefits as compared to other products.

Product Summary

Vitamins and antioxidants are a dire need of human body to prosper and grow healthier since their production process is quite slow and limited. Thus, there consumption plays a huge role to ensure one’s body intake of the needed nutrients.

You can chew the gum whenever you want and with the help of this vitamin gum you will not need complete reliance on nutrient enriched meals. As chewing vitamin gum is the most convenient way one can think of.

Vitamin gum is an overall safe health product with no potent side effects. It provides consumers with all the essential nutrients; helps eliminate all the dirt from the gums and relieve bad breath. Resultantly, body absorbs a rich source of nutrients required.

The best part is teeth protection; you need not worry about your dental health because they are protected in the process.

When a gum contains sugar, it feeds the bad bacteria found in one’s mouth, which ultimately gets accumulated over time and can deteriorate one’s tooth health causing tooth decay and yellow stains.

Aspartame is the only villain found in this gum, as it is associated with headaches, poor digestion, mood fluctuation, diabetes, even depression and many more unwanted health concerns.

Besides these, Vitamin Gum is a safe and convenient choice than many of its competitors. With its high integer of antioxidants, Vitamin Gum wins the race.

You are going to chew a gum anyways, aren’t you? Then why not this? It is sugar free, has a good lasting taste with a dose of vitamins that your body will embrace happily. So, if you are looking for an easy way out to top up your body with essential nutrients and not swallow large vitamin pills and capsules then vitamin gum is cut out to be for you.

Get your mouth ready to be refreshed and injected by health giving vitamins and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. So are you on board? Wanna chew your way to nutrition? Or still prefer to nosh on whole foods and/or pop a multivitamin?

Consumer Reviews

After going through the manufacturer’s end, let us now hear the users side of story as well. The people who actually experienced the chewy nutrition.

“Great taste to begin with however it loses its flavor very quickly.”

“Could not try all flavors but have the cinnamon one and found it really good worth the try plus the benefit of added vitamins”

“Tried the spearmint flavored one and it was really nice. The flavor was no different and although it’s sugar free it was nice and sweet and fruity. I loved that while i was chewing delicious gum i was getting vitamins.”


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