Vitanoria review-Does it delivers the claims


Vitanoria is an oral hair supplement that is manufactured in Germany. The brand claims to work from within the body to deliver optimal nutrition to your hair, thereby reversing all kinds of hair ailments for good. The particular thing about the product is that it is an exclusive product for females.

Our hair is the crown upon our heads and they add to our beauty and elegance. However, with passing years, many hormonal changes in our body start working against the normal biochemical profile. The estrogen levels start declining, as a result, the testosterone levels (male androgenic hormone, secreted in minute amounts in females) are comparatively raised. Testosterone is one of the factors that lead to thinning hair. Similarly, the everyday stress combined with improper diets, medications, illnesses or infections, excessive use of chemicals (in beauty products) and environmental factors play a crucial role in deteriorating hair health.

Where many topical solutions are available for hair health and vigor, they are temporary measures and provide a symptomatic relief only. Any medicinal drug or dietary supplement that works at the core of the problem might bring a lasting liberation from hair trouble. Vitanoria is one such supplement and the following review will try to analyze its effectiveness in this regard.

Vitanoria, reverse your hair problems

For either sex, hair is a reflection of our style and personality and if one thing that would really freak you out is to find hair on your pillow in the morning or too many hairs being shed while washing. Though a number of hundred daily is the count for normal hair loss, the situation calls for attention when your hair starts falling in clumps or you notice a balding spot on your head.

 “Once you exceed a hundred limits, you’re losing it at an abnormal rate,” says Dr. David J. Wong, clinical associate professor of dermatology at Stanford University.

Hair loss is not specifically a ‘guy’ problem, women fall prey to this nuisance too. However, the pattern of hair loss is different in women from in men. While women usually become victim to thinning hairlines, fine and brittle hair with dry texture or in severe cases a bald spot on the crown, they almost never experience a receding front hairline as men do.

Vitanoria is a supplement that promises to bring back your youth and beauty by eradicating any hair setback. Following are the swanks bragged by the manufacturer about their product

  • Stops hair loss, the primary action
  • Adds volume to thinning hair
  • Stronger hair growth with accelerated growth cycle
  • Fuller and vibrant look
  • Works for any kind of hair
  • Functions for any age
  • Delivers results at any stage of hair damage

How does Vitanoria work for you?

Vitanoria can be categorized as a dietary supplement that functions specifically to restore the nutritional and biochemical balance in your body. The ingredients of Vitanoria are

  • All natural
  • Scientifically proven to deliver results
  • FDA approved constituents

Vitanoria acts by reversing the hair fall cycle, bringing vitality to hair. The following ingredients help Vitanoria do its job

  • Biotin
  • Collagen
  • Kelp powder
  • Amino acids

Let us analyze the specificities of each ingredient regarding hair fitness.


Biotin is a natural key ingredient for hair growth and much hyped for its effectiveness. Biotin that also goes by the name of Vitamin B6 is becoming a fad in hair supplements. Biotin deficiency is one of the culprits of thinning and discolored hair. Replacing the vitamin helps hair in their growth cycle and brings a shine and smooth feel to your hair.

Our hairs are proteins in nature and are in constant need for amino acids. Biotin helps replenish the amino acid stock in our body and thus contributes to healthy skin appendages including hair.

An interesting fact about biotin is; it is also called the H vitamin, originating from the German words Haar and Haut that mean “hair and skin.” Vitanoria, a German brand could not be without biotin then, what do you think.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body with four amino acids as its building blocks; proline, glycine, arginine and hydroxy proline. It helps in cell regeneration and provides strength and elasticity to bones, joints, ligaments, skin and all the skin appendages including hair.

Collagen is also responsible for the enhancement of blood supply to tissues, thus when the scalp blood supply is increased, it will help the hair to grow, shine and gain strength.

Restoration of collagen in hair shaft adds to its strength and helps the growth cycle.

Collagen also fights the free radicals produced in the body that ultimately improves the hair texture, thickness, and growth. Collagen supplements increase the diameter of individual hair, giving it a fuller appearance.

Kelp powder

Kelp is a common food item in Asian cuisine as well as an important therapeutic constituent in herbal medicine. Kelp is a kind of algae that is brown in color grows along the northern coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and North and Baltic seas.

The seaweed is enriched naturally in iodine, zinc, calcium, iron, and folate. It also provides an abundance of Vitamin A and K along with other amino acids. The augmented nutritional support is the reason why kelp is touted for its many benefits one of them being for hair growth. Certain components of kelp are directly involved in boosting hair health as iron and l-lysine.

“Deficiencies in iron and l-lysine can affect hair loss in otherwise healthy individuals, according to Dr. David Rushton at the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, in a 2002 literature review published in the journal “Clinical Experimental Dermatology”

Many conditions as hypothyroidism can lead to hair loss due to iodine deficiency. Kelp can help improve this deficiency and reverse the hair loss, as the hair follicle is intact in such cases.

The main concern with kelp supplements, however, is the risk of iodine toxicity.

“Brown algae’s ability to take up arsenic and its high iodine levels, noted in a 2007 study conducted by Dr. Christine Dawczinski and colleagues at the Institute of Nutrition at Friedrich Schiller University and Thuringian State Institute of Agriculture in Germany, led the researchers to recommend control of arsenic and iodine content in brown algae to protect consumer safety”

Amino acids

Our hair needs keratin and collagen for their vigor. Both are proteins, consisting of several amino acids in their architecture. Of all the amino acids found in keratin and collagen, methionine and lysine are considered essential because they are not manufactured by our body and must be supplemented via food or other means.

The manufacturer of Vitanoria, however, fails to specify what amino acids are added in their supplement. If it is supposed to be a marketing trick, then it was not required because collagen and biotin are proteins themselves with many amino acids in their structure.

Cost of Vitanoria

If you decide to go for the purchase, the cost of Vitanoria is about 39, 95€ for a single bottle. As the purchase order increases in number, there are discounts that apply, the details of which can be availed at the official website.

The product is available at the official web site.

Dosage Schedule

The official web page offers no information on the dosage to be taken. The single bottle comes with a 60-tablet packaging implying that the dose must be two tablets per day, similar to other supplements.

Our final say on Vitanoria

Vitanoria appears to be a combination of accurate ingredients for hair vitality and growth, coming from some expert who has done the homework on the specific subject. However, the glitch regarding the last ingredient (the amino acids) remains. Moreover, any decision about a purchase based on before and after pictures can turn out to be a blow to your wallet. That leaves the consumers’ views and the independent ones are the most reliable, which we could not find any.

The ingredients are surely trialed and tested for their accuracy and efficiency, but the manufacturer has not provided any independent trials or third party testing for Vitanoria as the final combination. Summing up the analysis, it leaves us skeptical for a product that is not produced in the US.

Nevertheless, the blend of components of Vitanoria is legit and the cost a regular one. Hair loss is a problem that cannot be explained based on one’s ascending years only; there could be multiple factors at play or any underlying disease as the root cause. It is always sensible to consult one’s physician to overrule any core cause and then go for a supplementation like Vitanoria.


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