VitaSkye Cocology Elixir – Natural Coconut Oil Potion

With countless methods being introduced for health enhancement one thing is certain not all the products work for everyone and in every condition. Nature becomes our friend in this scenario; anything natural will readily bring positive results and even if it does not your body will at least not experience any side effects at all.

If one really wants to relish with good health and obtain true upkeep of a healthy body, the paramount choice is to choose a supplement or cure that is truly organic and has undergone clinical trials. In this review, I will provide you a solution to your overall healthy being.

VitaSkye Cocology Elixir Product Features 

Coconut Elixir by VitaSkye is a completely natural and a powerful formula that benefits a person in getting daily boosted energy levels, youth, strength, immunity for daily well-being. It helps in many functions and bodily systems. Coconut oil is a renowned fat due to its potent and beneficial properties for the body. Unlike other conventional fats found that get stranded and locked as fat pockets inside the body, coconut oil has 8 times more rejuvenating power. You invite an array of health benefits if you make coconut oil your daily life choice.

It is important, however, to choose the right coconut oil supplement to acquire major benefits of health as a part of your daily routine. VitaSkye Cocology Elixir is a recognized formula that boosts and heightens your skin and body’s health abilities.

As stated by the official website;

“We’ve taken the immune system boosting and DNA protecting the power of caprylic and capric acid inside coconut oil and condensed it down into a fast-acting quick absorbing creamy emulsion that gives your body what it needs.”

VitaSkye Cocology Elixir formula works under four mechanisms that differentiate it from other coconut oil based solutions.

Micro-Encapsulation Technology            

This supplement features the Micro-Encapsulation Technology. In this type of technology, there is a proprietary and original micro-technology used to ensure quick and strong absorption of fats, vitamins, and antioxidants into the gastrointestinal tract.

As the brand exclaims, most other supplements fail to adequately absorb these elements leading to substandard results. This technology increases absorption rate massively by 800%. Once all these essential compounds are effectively absorbed into the body, they can be utilized by the brain, nervous system, retina, heart, mitochondrial and other areas.

Bio-Carbonate Technology

The second technology that this product feature is the Bio-Carbonate Technology. This technology guarantees ample oxygen removal during the handling and processing stage of coconut oil.  In this way, the final solution gets an exceptional taste, fine texture and is more firm.

These two mechanisms make sure that the customers receive a high-quality formula to suffice their health needs. User find it reliable and trust worthy by buying a workable and  stable support in the form of a tonic.

Fats used to fuel DNA and Immunity 

The main component of coconut and coconut oil is caprylic acid, which is capable of naturally boosting the immune system and protecting your DNA all the way down at the cellular level.

VitaSkye’s Cocology Elixir is a promising product but what makes it distinct from other potions is the supplements productivity due to four rich and potent fats. These fats answer your bodily needs of strong immune function and optimal DNA protection. Following are the fats described below:

Coconut oil is composed of a chain of 60% medium fatty acids, which are divided into these four groups:

-Caproic acid (C6)

-Caprylic acid (C8)

-Capric acid (C10)

-Lauric acid (C12)

Medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides in the form of caprylic acid are so beneficial to your health and well-being that you even get an improved mitochondrial function (your cells’ energy burning powerhouse)

As the brand explains us,

These compounds are vital for the body’s longevity and safeguarding the DNA from aging and free radicals that are harmful. Present studies concluded that by adding more fats like these above in diet one can experience fast metabolism, better brain function, higher energy levels and so much more.

Capric and caprylic acid found in coconut oil support gut health and are beneficial fats that won’t strain your digestive system.

These are good fats that unlike other fats like carbs help suppress appetite and make the user feel fuller by suppressing the hunger hormone called ghrelin.

The Benefits of VitaSkye Cocology Elixir

VitaSkye Cocology Elixir can prove to be extremely beneficial when used in the daily routine. These are the main advantages of the formula that consumers can expect.

-Boosted Immune System

These good fats are bio-active nutrients that help by keeping your body strong and full of vitality. This promising formula improves your vitality and energy levels to help you stay active, strong and stable whole day. In this way consumer does not feel the need to rely on other supplementary products like energy drinks for dynamic performance.

-Jumpstart Metabolism

This formula enables the consumer to jump-start metabolism that targets the weight gaining agents and slims body. As the brand further explains, the good fats in the coconut oil produce ketones, which are compounds that are rapidly metabolized by the liver to enhance energy levels. This higher energy then burns fat effectively throughout the day for a trimmer and better physique.

-Enhanced Brain Health

This potion helps attain better mental health and clarity. After using this formula the users will experience optimum cognitive support that is needed for best enactment throughout the day. Furthermore, this formula will provide you with improved memory and lucidity.

-Gut Health Restored

This formula is also capable of improving gut health with its good fats that are capable of supporting the beneficial gut bacteria. And by decreasing the bad gut bacteria.

-Skin Protection

This formula shields and safeguards your skin with the help of Vitamin D and Vitamin E which stops all signs of aging.

VitaSkye Cocology Elixir Pricing Policy

This product can be purchased from Vitaskye Cocology Elixir’s official website. Where it is sold for about $39.95 a bottle. The website offers set of multiple bottles as well that will help you save some money off with a 3-6 bottle package. You can avail the auto ship by purchasing your set of Vitaskye Cocology Elixir bottles monthly. VitaSlye offers you a 100% money back guarantee with any unopened bottle and lets you try it for free as well to decide whether this solution is a right choice for you or not. It is a risk-free purchase.

VitaSkye Cocology Elixir Conclusion

VitaSkye Cocology Elixir is a powerful formula that comes in form of a solution that possess numerous health benefits for the over-all health and well-being. To avail its array of benefits visit brand’s official website and read more information to choose to purchase it today.

It is derived from 100% pure coconut oil that is comprised of potent antioxidants and essential vitamins vital for quick absorption. This elixir is packed with Astaxanthin which is the only antioxidant that is 500 times more powerful than sole vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E.

It is a cGMP certified, non-GMO and diabetic friendly product manufactured in the USA. It is completely natural and gluten free creamy solution without any sugar additives or fillers.



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