Vitax Forskolin Review – Is the double act effective enough?

Vitax Forskolin is a weight loss supplement derived from a natural ingredient with established footings in the field of traditional medicine. With a promise of purity and effectiveness, Vitax Forskolin is a great weight loss aid for individuals who want to shed some pounds without any strenuous exercise. The subject supplement also pledges to deliver results without following boring diet schedules or calorie counting hassles.

Claiming to have helped thousands of individuals, Vitax Forskolin brings an optimistic solution for discouraged and dismayed cases regarding weight loss. Therefore, if you are one of those people who want a natural solution to weight management without going through any physical and psychological injury read on the following review.

An overview of Vitax Forskolin

Forskolin is the name of an herbal extract derived from a plant called Coleus Forskohlii. The plant is native to India and Thailand with strong footings in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine). Owing to its many health benefits, the primary uses of forskolin are not restricted to weight management but include a number of therapeutic remedies. However, with obesity becoming a global epidemic, research materials aimed at finding safer solutions to weight loss are emerging every day.

The solutions provided by modern medicine and surgery not only involve physical interventions but also proven expensive with health hazards. Nobody wants to lose weight with a load of side effects with an economic strain. That is why the western medicinal technique is striving to find natural and safe measures to get the obesity monster under control. That has led scientists to Forskolin, an ingredient proven safe and effective in traditional medicine.

Forskolin has not only held its status quo in traditional medicine; it also has the benefit of latest scientific backing for its safety and effectiveness. That is why; the weight loss market is streaming with supplements claiming to contain the best of forskolin with loud brags. However, not all of them are made equal.  Frauds have taken advantage of the repute of forskolin and retailed bogus products in forskolin name.

Vitax Forskolin claims to be the ‘number one fat burning product in the US’. Let us analyze the ingredient label, results and customers’ reviews to find more about the subject supplement.

The ingredient label of Vitax Forskolin

Vitax Forskolin touts their supplement contains nothing but premium-grade quality ingredients. Devoid of any fillers, binders, stimulants or synthetic agents, Vitax Forskolin contains pure Forskolin in a safe dosage.

The subject supplement is different from its counterparts regarding an additional component. It contains HCA, an abbreviation for hydroxy citric acid. Owing to the addition of this agent, the weight loss process proceeds at unmatched speed and precision. The combination of HCA with forskolin helps you shed extra fat without any exercise or diet rituals.

Forskolin is available in the market as a powder form of the root of the plant Coleus Forskohlii or the extract of the plant itself. As an extract, which is the molecule itself, forskolin delivers a more potent action. Vitax Forskolin contains 100% of pure extract, a fact contributing to its rising sale charts.

Manufactured in the US with pure forskolin, Vitax claims their supplement causes fastest weight loss possible. With integrated HCA and 100% pure forskolin, Vitax guarantees 100% results making this supplement the talk of the town.

Claims made by Vitax Forskolin

Vitax Forskolin states some claims specific to their supplement. These are

  • Weight loss that is fast and guaranteed
  • A safe and potent way of shedding actual fat from your body stores
  • Pure ingredients, no fake or sham components
  • Made in the US, under experts guidelines
  • Prevents weight from piling up in the future
  • A convenient way to lose actual fat without diet or exercise
  • Curbs appetite and unwanted hunger cravings
  • Balances your mood, does not make you cranky
  • Refurbishes your energy stores, does not lead to mid-afternoon energy crash down

The working of Vitax Forskolin

Vitax Forskolin works to release fat from its storage points in the body namely thighs, buttocks, belly and so on.

Vitax forskolin not only releases fat but also causes the fat cells to shrink in size. This makes it difficult for the body to store fat any further, thereby providing a permanent solution to fat nuisance.

The primary mode of action of forskolin is via

  • An increase in the amount of cAMP; an intracellular molecule responsible for relaying messages involved in many cellular pathways including fat utilization
  • A concomitant rise in the enzyme Lipase; responsible for mobilizing the fat from its hideouts
  • An increase in the levels of testosterone; the dominant male sex hormone secreted in small amounts in women too
  • Curbs hunger and reduces appetite

The final consequence of fat mobilization and utilization as an energy source combined with the muscle sparing effects of testosterone is that you lose fat rapidly and effectively. The actions of forskolin in this regard are science-based proven by research. The best part of forskolin is; it supplements fat loss without muscle wasting. Coupled with moderate exercise, Vitax Forskolin should give you an overall chiseled lean effect.

HCA is the active agent of a tropical plant, Garcinia cambogia. Much hyped for weight loss, Vitax Forskolin couples the efficiency of forskolin with HCA to accelerate the weight loss process.

Vitax Forskolin states their subject supplement improves moods and refurbishes energy stores. This is because of Hydroxy Citric acid, which works two ways to compound the overall fat loss

  • HCA is known to cause a surge in serotonin levels in the body. Why is serotonin important? It is because serotonin improves mood and relieves anxiety, conditions leading to compulsive eating behaviors. Ease your stress and anxiety with Vitax Forskolin with HCA and say goodbye to unwanted sugar and hunger cravings.
  • HCA inhibits citrate lyase, an enzyme responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

What we like about Vitax Forskolin

With a potent duo of forskolin and HCA, the fat melts away without affecting your body natural working mechanisms. In fact, if your body is working at a slow rate, Vitax Forskolin may improve the overall working machinery. Here are some points we like about Vitax Forskolin

  • Natural ingredients
  • Supplements with supporting elements
  • Actual fat loss reported
  • Spares the muscles
  • Refurbishes energy stores
  • Improves mood (dieting can make you cranky)

What we do not like about Vitax Forskolin

  • No money back guarantees
  • Experts suggest to take up moderate exercise and healthy eating habits with forskolin
  • Some side effects associated with forskolin as low blood pressure and diarrhea
  • Some of the side effects related to HCA as low blood sugar
  • The supplement is contraindicated in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, kidney conditions etc

The availability of Vitax Forskolin

Vitax Forskolin is available at the official website. The cost details are accessible after providing necessary purchase information.

Take home message

Despite the entire buzz around forskolin, Vitax Forskolin is not a magic pill to melt your fat stores like butter. However, with proven effectiveness forskolin is one of the ‘right’ ingredients to supplement your weight loss process with appropriate exercise and dietary regime. Therefore, if you have reached a threshold in your weight loss process or want to start with an edge, Vitax Forskolin appears to be a fair supplement.

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