VITHIT is the FIT non sugary goodness

The buzz word today in the health industry is ‘nutrition’. Everyone wants healthy on-the-go beverages to sustain weather extremities and longer days. Gone are the days when a drink loaded with artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors were sold enormously. Just because it tastes and looks good is not enough in the FIT world. People are more aware and diet conscious today than ever before. Thanks to the sedentary lifestyles being the second nature and height of obesity.

In busy lives, every consumer needs added vitamins and supplements to their food products. Because only fruits and vegetables are not enough to fulfill body’s nutritional needs. Health drinks are more commonly seen now on every store or fridge shelves. They are a healthy alternative. Now let’s dig into VITHIT, does it really sell the healthy goodness or not? Are the ingredients full of all needed supplements complimented by each flavor created?

What is Vithit?

Vithit is a low-calorie, naturally sweetened beverage containing a healthy blend of water, juice, tea and vitamins. Created by Gary Lavin and produced in Ireland. The founder’s mission was to meet consumer’s desire for vitamins enriched beverages to intake daily. Vithit drinks are the most useful form of nutrients neglected due to the daily grind of life. It provides you a refreshing set of nutritious beverages that boosts your energy levels without compromising your health by massive amounts of calories and added sugars. It contains numerous vitamins keeping in view the whole body.

Most of the health and sports beverages are packed loaded with sugar beating the actual purpose of being a health drink. As a result, you gain calorie count rather than decrease. These drinks clearly defy what their name claims I love the example Gary quotes in his story about what drove him behind this creation.

I created VITHIT because I used to see people on treadmills for 30 minutes burning calories then coming off and taking those calories back in with a sports drink’. ‘Most sports drinks contain 180 calories, sugar, and salts, not exactly ideal for weight loss’. ‘Our first mission was to make sure our drinks tasted as good or better than their sugary counterparts, then add as much goodness without compromising on taste’.

Vithit has proved that drinks can still taste as good without any excessive amounts of sugars and artificial flavors. All their drinks contain the daily recommended intake of 7 vitamins and several other healthy ingredients and herbs that provide you numerous healthy benefits.

In each one of Vithit’s products, these 7 vitamins are available in their 100% RDI dosage. Each drink is complimented by its unique set of ingredients containing a total of 35 calories.

What are these essential elements anyways?

Folic Acid: Helps build a strong cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B12: Beneficial for the central nervous system, boosting energy levels.

Biotin: Very good for converting glucose into energy.

Niacin: Helps transform carbohydrates to energy, and promotes a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin B5: Boosts your energy production.

Vitamin C: Helps protect the body at cellular level.

Vitamin B1: Beneficial in stimulating energy and reducing fatigue.

Product Range Summary:

Vithit has designed a wide range of healthy drinks to meet consumer’s health desires by adding essential nutrients and vitamins.

Detox: It is a blend of spring water, vitamins, mandarin and mango juice. This product contains green tea extract, the most popular antioxidant known for its healthy benefits.

Boost: Boost is a solution to the stimulus quest drinker finds in energy drinks. Unlike various other drinks that load up the product with caffeine, boost is made with Rooibos tea blend (another potent antioxidant) and flavored with various berries. It contains ‘Ginseng’ used for thousands of years for its energizing properties.

Lean & Green: This product aims to provide the maximum amount of antioxidants. It contains Yerba Mate Tea with a dash of apple juice flavor. Mate tea is three times more powerful than green tea.

Revive: Revive was designed for you if you want to kick start your day without coffee and other sugary drinks. It comprises of a unique blend of vitamins coupled with water, citrus fruits, ginseng and white tea.

Immunitea: It is flavored with yuzu and dragon fruit. Immunitea is fortified with Vitamin C Zinc and Ceylon tea (another strong antioxidant).

Vitaltea: If you are in need of replenishing after a long day or a vigorous workout, vitalitea is your answer. Vitalitea contains amino acids and matcha tea mixed together with coconut and pineapple.

-For the lovers of iced teas and carbonated drinks, here comes a healthy alternative to quench your thirst. Vithit has created a nutritional form, unlike unhealthy sugary drinks by combining refreshing light flavors with sparkling water. These teas are also a recommended daily intake.

Essential: Essential is made with elderflower, mint, strawberry and rooibos tea. It tastes like cider and very sugary but in low-calorie form.

Zestea: A zesty combination of lime and ginger fused with green tea and carbonated water to add that sparkle you crave for.

Vital:  Vital is THE wonderful tropical combo capturing inside the coconut, lime, mango juice with white tea without any heavy dosage of calorie friendly ingredient forms.

Closing Thoughts

It is overly clear by its LOW-CALORIE label that these drinks are unlike the conventional electrolyte-fortified energizing beverages. Its long list of supplements sets the bar high for vitamin friendly products. Vithit, certainly being the game changer of convenient health today.

It fits best for people looking for neat forms of essential nutrients without any drawbacks packaged by calories. It definitely claims to benefit the drinker without any unreal sugary goodness. Vithit’s extensive range of flavors aids every group of people. If your goal is improved health along with reduced weight then opt VITHIT without even a dash of hesitation.


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