Wake up lean – Is it persuasive enough?

Obesity and weight loss is a research topic viewed from many angles, both in modern medicine and herbal approaches. The pathophysiology of weight gain involves our diet, sedentary lifestyles, and genetics to the social factors affecting our lifestyles.

The actual mechanism of increasing figures on our weighing scales is being researched and scrutinized to uproot the grounds for this prevalent condition. Every day we learn about new expressions and information about weight gain and different strategies to combat it.

We are going to explore Wake up Lean to see if it delivers the equal of what the title suggests. Subsequent are the major information about this e-book

  • Written by Meredith Shirk
  • Released in 2016
  • A digital edition that can be downloaded

A modest detail about the author

Meredith Shirk is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition expert in addition to owning and operating her fitness and lifestyle consultancy in Malibu, the Svelte. Passionate about surfing, she has a vast traveling experience. Her expertise in health and nutrition has helped many to improve their lifestyles.

Meredith believes that many concepts surrounding weight gain and loss are inaccurately publicized and perceived. The ‘eat less and exercise’ more concepts is just one aspect of viewing the entire fat loss cycle. The Wake up Lean is her attempt to prove that there is a whole lot more to the whole story of gaining and losing pounds.

An account of the Wake up Lean

The outline of Wake up lean is based on certain theories presented by the author. The author has tried to establish some points to ponder for her readers as

  • Fat loss cannot be achieved by simple restriction of calories in your food and burning them more by strenuous exercises, rather it puts an unnecessary strain on your physiology setting one up on a downhill ride.
  • Weight gain is a consequence of inflammatory processes arising because of many insults to our body.
  • The so-called healthy foods are the main culprits to the crime of fat accumulation by your body.
  • Struggling with weight loss, fatigue, sleep troubles, headaches and brain fog with sugar cravings are described by the author as an indication of ‘bad inflammation’ going on in the body.
  • By the age of 40, the ‘bad inflammatory enzymes’ have caused the accumulation of quite an amount of fat around your vital organs to make intervention necessary.
  • Our own fat cells are the actual culprits responding to the ‘bad enzymes’.


According to our findings, inflammation does actually cause weight gain especially the one involving organs other than the digestive system and specifically chronic inflammatory processes begin silently and continue till obvious signs and symptoms emerge. Leptin, a recently discovered hormone, also called the ‘satiety hormone’, is produced by fat cells and it acts by sending signals to the brain to stop the input of food.

The opposite of Leptin is the Ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’ and both work in conjunction to keep your appetite at optimal levels. Chronic inflammation starts beeping at about middle age, rendering the Leptin hormone insensitive that in turn makes it possible for the fat cells to build up its stores vigorously.

It is why you put up weight so easily and losing it becomes a complex process when you hit 40. Until now, there is credibility to author’s notes. Let us evaluate some more points raised by her.

The author explains the catalysts that set in and accelerate the ‘inflammation and fat storage’ duo.

  1. Snacking throughout the 24-hour period does not speed up the metabolism but provides a regular caloric supply to be utilized instead of utilizing stored fat in the body. It also causes the release of hunger hormones that lead to more cravings and munching.
  2. Exercise is beneficial, we agree but what kind of it is required to maintain a state of well-being? Lengthy workouts put a drain on the energy levels and inevitable stress on the heart, joints and other organs that flare up the inflammation process.
  3. Dieting is another kind of stress on our body that compels our hormonal system to stack and pile the stored fat making its release impractical and unattainable for our physiology.

While one is going through young and vibrant years of life, the stress levels are low and the inflammation, if any, is at a slow pace. A little bit of exercise and calorie restriction brings instant results on weighing scale but as you cross middle age, your body cannot handle the exercises that keep your heart pacing at a faster rate, rather they add to the stress your body is already handling due to chronic inflammatory processes.

When you try to restrict your diet, body recognizes it as a stressful condition and the fight or flight mechanisms come into play by adhering to the stored fat and refuse to let it go. Thus begins a vicious cycle of low energy, more inflammation, weight gain and aging speeds up. It is here that the author’s Wake up Lean is to help you hypothetically.

Solution provided by Wake up Lean

Wake up Lean has come up with an unbelievable remedy to the fat problem. We say ‘unbelievable’ because the author claims that you can experience a fat loss in as little time as ‘overnight’ with a ’13 second food track’ involving the mineral SELENIUM. The author has described this mineral to change the body’s lever from fat storing inflammation to the fat burning mechanism with you waking up a pound leader. Sounds too good to be true but the author promises a flat belly within a number of days without undergoing any cardio steps or dieting rituals.

Meredith describes the process as METABOLISM ENERGY EATING, a 10-day belly flattening strategy that helps individuals of either gender, to sculpt their bodies at any age. This 10-day formula combines a blend of metabolism minerals found in different foods belonging to the family of eatables native to the forests of Panama. Wake up Lean program gives you an average result of 3-5 pounds of weight loss in a week or so.

We could not find reviews from customers on this e-book, however, what the author proposes about anti-inflammatory foods and selenium is backed by different researchers. Selenium is an essential micronutrient that aids the conversion of inactive thyroid hormones to active ones thus giving a boost to your metabolism. It also acts as an antioxidant counteracting the inflammatory responses in the body. The magical mineral composition and the 13-second trick will have to be tested and trialed by you, the customers.

The cost of Wake up Lean

The cost of the entire program is $15, the package includes

  • The 10-day flat belly blueprint
  • The 5-minute lean body burst
  • The 24-hour flushing protocol

There are no delays in the delivery of the program as it is digital, start reading as soon as you pay, with full access to the website, saving your time. You are supposed to start feeling the results after a good night sleep, the program promises not to test your patience. If indeed you are not satisfied in any way, your purchase is covered by a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.


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