Weight Loss: 10 Foods To Avoid

Are you tired of not losing weight as quickly as you gained it? Well, then, maybe you need to analyse what is it that you’re not doing right. If you are someone who has spent their fair amount of time in the gym or on the exercise mat, yet you still are not losing weight as fast as you want, then this article is for you. We will tell you why your diet is a major portion of your routine while losing weight. And then, we will list some basic foods that not everyone knows should NOT be taken while trying to lose weight. If you find yourself guilty of eating these foods that should definitely be avoided during weight loss, you got your answer to your stubborn weight.

But first, we will briefly tell you why diet is important if you’re trying to lose weight.

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Why is Diet important for Weight Loss?

Often times in a weight loss regime, we tend to forget that excessive gyming and working out is fruitless if we do not look after our diet. The calorie control and intake is especially important when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. This is because your diet plays a key role in weight loss. You are what you eat. So, on a weight loss regime, it is important to not only workout but also vital to keep your diet in check. It is not only about eating the fulfilling stuff, but also avoiding the calorie bulk in your diet. Eating right and eating smart is the key to faster and quicker weight loss!

We will now discuss 10 foods that are a must-not-have for you while you’re striving for weight loss.

1. Multi-grain bread: It might sound healthy but it isn’t. Multi-grain breads may have more calories than you could afford in your daily diet routine. Most breads lose the good fiber during the milling procedure, thus it is important to buy only the “whole-grain” ones. This is because they have better nutritional value, like fibers, vitamins, minerals, etc. Also, even if a bread is made of multi grains or whole grains, it could still be made up of wheat flour. So ingredients are key when you’re shopping for your staple if you simply can’t go without bread.

2. Whole Milk: Anything that comes with the label “whole” isn’t necessarily good for weight loss. One glass of whole milk contains a whopping 150 calories on average. This is because it has the natural milk sugar called lactose in a larger amount. So for safer alternatives, non-fat, skimmed milk is a good option. Or you could even resort to unsweetened, low-calorie almond milk.

3. Alcohol: When you drink alcohol, your body starts processing it first. This inhibits or slows down the fat-burning procedure. So the problem does not lie with calories in alcohol, rather it is the body’s disturbed metabolic function that causes the problem. Also, the extra refined sugar grams in cocktails, mixers, etc. is more than the amount you can safely consume. Thus, alcohol should be avoided to regulate the fat-burning process.

4. Sugar-free Products: By far, the sugar-free market scam is the one that fools a lot of people. Just because a product claims no sugar content doesn’t really mean it is healthy. Artificial sweeteners consist of high calories and fats. Some sugar-free products also have refined grains that add up to the calories. When shopping for your healthy weight loss diet, look for labels that are not only “sugar-free” but also low in calorie content. This will ensure that you do not become a victim of the market scam.

5. Fruit Juices: The so-called packs and cartons of manufactured fruit juices are in no way healthy. They contain not only a high amount of sugar content, but also fats, carbs and preservatives. This increases your calorie intake as well. If you really are looking for fibrous content, eat the fruit instead of consuming the packed with fruit juice. Or better still, make your own unsweetened fruit juice at home!

6. High-fiber Snack bars: When looking for fulfilling, nutritious diet options, high-fiber snack bars might be your go-to solution. But these are actually quite sugary and high in calories. You gain more than you need in search of high fiber content. So the good and healthy alternative for snack bars is searching for a low-calorie, high fiber content bar. Shop smart and always know your ingredients!

7. Salads (with dressings): Ordering a salad while out on lunch or dinner might seem like you’re eating healthy. But if your salad choice is greens with dollops of mayo or cream dressing, then you might just as well eat chunky, fried junk. It is all about smart eating. Eat the salad that is fresh and has minimal to no dressing, if you really crave some tasty stuff. Dressings should only be for taste and not for gaining unneeded calories.

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8. Tropical Fruits: Fruits are a healthy option in a diet. But some tropical fruits, like mangoes and pineapples, have large quantities of natural sugars. This does not aid in your weight loss journey. You gain more calories than you intend to, even though the fruits might sound like a healthy option. Thus, tropical fruits are not necessarily good for you to munch or snack on.

9. Potatoes: Potatoes have a lot of starch in them. Especially when eaten in the form of fries with dips, hash browns, or with large amounts of cream, cheese, etc., they can be fattening. If you really love potatoes, boil, steam or bake them instead of frying them. This will get rid of the extra carbs in potatoes yet satisfy your craving.

10. Baked sweets (Pastries, Cookies, Cake, etc.): When it comes to cooking or baking, baked goods are preferred in diet. But it is important to know the savory and sweet stuff baking process. Salty or savory foods do not use a lot of oil or butter for cooking. But baked sweets like pastries, cookies and creams do not only include sugars, flour, flavorings, etc. They have large amounts of butter or oil in recipes. Thus, they are not your ideal sweet tooth craving on a diet!


Ultimately, it is all about smart eating and eating right. The optimal balance in calorie intake and workout will help you shed those extra pounds faster. Avoiding these particular foods can help to lose that stubborn fat and help you achieve your optimal weight goals. But if you have some other issues instead of diet, it is best to consult your doctor. You might have some other medical or health issue in the way of your weight loss routine.

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