Weight loss With Food – Stop Wishing Start Eating

Weightless with food? Doesn’t it sound incredible? Extra pounds of fats have always become a problem for everyone of us. It needs patience and determination to control your food cravings but after a diet, most of us brag towards our favorite food items which make us gain back extra weight.

Less you eat, thinner you will be. But the ideal solution is not always starving your body for food. Instead of crash diet plans, a healthy lifestyle should be taken up for long-lasting results. A healthy lifestyle is not only boiled veggies, soups or detox drinks.

The good news is that there is certain food which not only fulfills your cravings but also helps you to shed those stubborn fats. This idea is so good to be true. Following summary of some food items will elaborate more about losing weight in a natural way. Tighten your seat belts for the journey to good food, in fact, you would require tightening every belt after replacing your crash diet meals to these yummy super foods.

  • Legumes

According to a research in Spain, four meals per week of legumes assists in weight loss more efficiently than any other meal choice. Legumes are in expensive, fulfilling for stomach and protein rich.  They can be used in various ways e.g. salads, soups, gravy etc. They are high in fiber and the slow digestion controls the hunger pangs by giving you a feel of a full stomach for long.

You eat less but feel full.  They also balance cholesterol level and blood pressure. All types of legumes e.g. lentils, beans, green peas and chickpeas share these multiple health benefits thus making legumes to be the best choice for weight loss.

  • Avocado oil

Oil for weight loss- yes that’s true. Avocado oil will make you gain a flat stomach within months. Just three table spoons per day can do wonder. You will lose 2% of belly fat in a month with no additional effort. And if you combine it with balanced diet and workout routine, the flat stomach would be waiting for you in just 3-6 months. Avocados are not fattening at all. The avocado oil has soluble fiber and low carbs which not only promotes weight loss but also tightens the skin.

  • Dark Chocolate

Chocolate? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Dark chocolate helps you to lose weight. You only need to substitute milky chocolate with dark chocolate with a high quantity of cocoa. It works effectively for stabilizing blood sugar, appetite control, and mood swings. It has an anti-inflammatory constituent which makes your body comfortable with exercise. You feel good even after hours of work out. One ounce of 60% dark chocolate has 160 calories in it. To keep a balance, eat twice or thrice in one week which satisfies your taste buds without adding weight.

  • Vegetables

Vegetables aren’t always boring. Add them to your diet as sautéed or baked and enjoy the taste with minimum food calories. You can even enjoy your cheat meals and cover it up with veggies in all other meals.

The addition of veggies in many recipes can alter the whole calorie count. For example, adding pureed cauliflower and zucchini to your favorite mac and cheese bowel will taste the same as that of the normal recipe but it will reduce the calories by 250-300.  Vegetables are high in fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants which provide the body will maximum benefits with fewer calories.

  • Eggs

Eggs are a high protein booster and killer weight loss food. When added to breakfast, they provide energy to be used throughout the day. One large egg contains 70-80 calories. Two boiled eggs in breakfast provide you sufficient energy yet 140 calories only.

Adding fruits or vegetables with them will make the main course meal with in 300 calories which are far less than a routine meal. They are yummy, fulfilling, easy to cook, speeds up metabolism and perfect to add in breakfast.

  • Nuts

Losing weight with nuts is a new thing. Make them your snack and eat a handful of mixed nuts. They will provide you instant energy and stamina. Also, they will suppress your mood swings due to food cravings.  They also suppress appetite and people eating nuts tend to eat less overall which is effective to lose pounds. Each nut is an individual fat loss pill.

With a controlled diet, consuming a quarter cup of mixed nuts will reduce weight more quickly than any other snack just after two weeks. For prolonged results, nuts should be frequently used for at least once a day for 6-8 months which will result in 62% more weight loss.

  • Apples                                                   

You all know about “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. What if someone tells you that it’s actually “an apple a day, keeps the FAT away”? It sounds amazing to the weight watchers. Apple has been a popular fruit worldwide which is either eaten raw or in addition to food recipes and drinks.

A large size apple contains only 55 calories. Addition to apples in breakfast will add flavor with fewer calories to it. It can also be taken in afternoon snack to gain fiber and preventing the temptation of a high-calorie meal. You can substitute it with the regular desserts which are so high in calories.

  • Yogurt 

Be it Greek or traditional, yogurt has proved to be exceptionally good to reduce belly and waist fats. It is rich in vitamin D and calcium. Adding yogurt to your daily life will take only 4-6 weeks to give you results. Combined with healthy, controlled diet, the benefits of yogurt can be doubled.

  • Grapefruit

Grapefruit is very helpful for losing weight especially if you are at a risk of diabetes. Eating half grape fruit before every meal will result to drop 3-4 pounds in 12 weeks even with no exercise or dieting. Combining it with a controlled diet will maximize the results. Though it doesn’t have a fat burning property but its phytochemicals suppress the appetite and make you eat less with additional vitamins and minerals and no extra calories.

It also controls blood sugar. It is not suggested to be used along with any medication. These properties are to benefit healthy persons with no medical conditions.

All these food items work best in their own way. For better results and maximum benefits, try to make a good combination of these. Controlling weight only with food is a long process however it can be speedy if paired with regular workout.

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