Weight Watchers Diet Review – Lose Weight With Ease

What is this plan?

Weight Watchers Diet, as the name indicates is a diet plan system where everything is calculated. Each food item has a value which is based on its calorie count mostly. The user is given a personal diet plan based on this value of food and is only allowed to eat a certain value each day. You cannot exceed it. So basically you can eat all foods which you like, but the value should never be breached. No cheating or off value meals are allowed.

The name given to these value points is “smart points, ” and the amount which is allowed to someone has its specific conditions to meet. For example BMI, body weight, desired body weight, etc. these things cannot be matching or same to all others so it’s more liked a customized plan.

How do you need this plan?

Healthy food has fewer calories as compared to the junk food with oil and fats which are not only unhealthy but bad for the health. The abnormal weight gain is the result of these irregular eating patterns and bad choice of food. So once you select the right calorie food which is the healthy concept of eating, you lose weight instead of gaining it. The program Weight Watchers Diet support this idea. It also encourages everyone to try it. The highest rated diet plan of 2016 was no more than 18 shakes Diet. It was a combination of healthy natural ingredients which were combined to make shakes. They provided increased metabolism and fat burning property together.

There are certain things which make Weight Watchers Diet a good choice. Such as one of the best attributes is that it doesn’t require any prepared or outside food. You need nothing but the regular food which you prepare at home. It is only the guideline and calculative mean to create your recipes at home, all by yourself.

The program has two parts.

  • A mobile application
  • A Guide

Together both these parts offer more than 287,000 food items with their value and possible combinations. All the ingredients are high fiber, nonprocessed and most of them are sugar-free. So even if you are diet conscious and just want to improve the quality of your life, this program will work best for you. The app introduces healthy alternatives of the bad food items which are unhealthy. Practically it helps to lose weight and build immunity. This is by far the best combination of logic and function which Weight Watchers Diet has followed.

The mobile app not only provides you information but also help people to calculate their total points. So you can help yourself easily just by the single program which is Weight Watchers Diet.

What is the quality of ingredients which it uses?

The quality of ingredients depends on the user and not the Weight Watchers Diet. What the program will evaluate is an overall quality. The user will be given points for the food selection, and he can make a wise choice with that help. Practically the app cannot force the user to buy only the selected food items.

This is a general concept and scientific fact that processed food, fast food and all such diets lower down the metabolic rate. Healthy eating promotes the metabolism, and the weight is maintained for long. There is no evidence that why Weight Watchers Diet helps as per research. This assumption of healthy eating is general and not specific.

 Does This Plan Help?

A major issue which many people have mentioned online is that no official information is given on the point system before the order. So you don’t know what this plan is, how does this work, how much is the point value and how exactly you can calculate. All this information is provided only when you pay for it and purchase the plan. So it is impossible at this stage to know if this system can help you or not.

What is the price?

The cost of this system is as per user requirements. For now, the website offers three types of packages. The details are as following.

Package one: OnlinePlus

It costs around  $4.30 per week and a total duration of 3 months is offered. This makes per week amount to reach  $64.50 by the end.

Package two: Meetings + OnlinePlus

This is also a 3-month plan which is priced as  $8.30 per week. This amount reaches to  $124.50 for the whole duration.

Package three: Coaching + OnlinePlus

This plan is also of 3 months. The price is  $10.15 per week. The price of full three months is $152.25.

These prices are not fixed. They may vary when the user has specific requirements to meet. However, all the users are required to pay $20.00 which is the registration fee. Although the customization of Weight Watchers Diet is mentioned, no further details are provided for the users.

About the manufacturers

Weight Watchers Diet is an established company with the same name. It is international and has a customer support helpline too. They can be contacted at + (800) 651-6000. A response system via the website is also offered.

User Reviews

Although the company offers so many benefits with the diet plan and the idea of point value. But there are so many negative comments on the consumer affair page of the official website. Some of them are as following.

“No one is ever there when you need them.”


“Weight watchers are total thieves. I canceled my account three years ago, and they have billed my credit card.”

Many people claim that they have been overcharged for the price or continued to be charged even after the completion of their selected package. The online support system is not helpful, and they couldn’t help this.

Is this diet plan Easy To Follow?

Based on the information on the website. The user is given a guide and a mobile app access which he can use to count calories and the value of each food item. Th food components are divided into four subtypes; calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. There are no “restricted” food items, so it’s a personal choice on what you eat. The cost of this plan also depends on your requirement.

Pros and Cons of this plan are written as below.


  • No forbidden foods, you can eat anything you want.
  • No quick promises of an abrupt weight loss
  • Encourages healthy eating.


  • An expensive plan.
  • Extra price of the meeting which is around $13.00/meeting.
  • Weakly structured
  • Unhealthy foods are allowed too.
  • Prolonged process.

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

Weight Watchers Diet is a popular diet plan system which promises to improve your eating habits. It says that you can lose up to 2 pounds weight in a week which unfortunately has no evidence to back up. If you are planning to buy it, you must consider all the details such as price, efficacy, user review, long term effects, etc. This program offers a point system which calculates the calories of your food. Even after all these attempts, there are so many negative reviews in which people have complained that food options are irregular. Also, many users are annoyed of overcharging them.

Even after they canceled it, the company didn’t stop the deductions from the user accounts. Some complaints of customer service are also observed. With all these things, Weight Watchers Diet may work for you, but the after effects may not be pleasing. The choice to buy it or not to buy it depends on how much you need to lose. If you are a highly obese person, this program may not help since it is the casual and long term. If you want to promote the healthy idea of living, Weight Watchers Diet may help you. To purchase this diet plan, visit the official website today.


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