What makes ZeNutrients products different from others?

ZeNutrients is a renowned organic skincare brand which is Philippine based. It has a variety of product which ranges from bathing essentials to skincare range. It also has a complete range of essential oils.

Most of the products under this brand are purely organic made with pure organic substances or other natural ingredients like coconut oil and sesame oil. Most of the products are rich in vitamins especially in Vitamin E that gives skin its moisture and youthful glow.

The ZeNutrients products are easily accessible stores all over the Philippines and they also have an online store.

Let us take a detailed overview of each product in order to see what are the features that make the ZeNutrients products different from other available brands.

  • ZeNutrients’ argan skin salv-ation

This product of ZeNutrients is an Argan based paste which is an all rounder product too. It has numerous benefits for hair and skin glow and is enriched with Vitamin E. It works on different kind of skin allergies and irritation.

Typically, it comes in a 50 gm jar, which can be used as a pure cleanser for massaging the skin. Not only this but it can also be used a makeup remover or a night cream.

Females love to use it as a deep moisturizer for neck and feet. If you do your manicure or pedicure at home then do remember to use this magical cream for removing cuticles with ease. This product is also absolutely safe for babies.

One can also say that it is a multi-usage cream from head to toe for different purposes. The secret behind its numerous beneficial properties is the combination of Argan with Sunflower seeds with a pinch of lavender and different essential oils. All of this makes it one of the best products to clean, moisturize and smooth the skin and hair.

It has a nice shampoo-like smell and works best with the people having any skin allergy or having sensitive skin. Similarly, it is best suited for scrubbing or cleansing the dark areas of elbow and knees.

One of the best things is the quantity and its use. The one swipe from the jar is enough to run at a bigger area because the texture is thick in it but absorbs instantly.

There are no such negative reviews about this product; apart from that, it melts easily so not preferable for warm areas. It’s ideal to put it at room temperature.

Another great thing to love about this duo-based product is that it is loaded with Argan Oil as evident in the ingredients list so you are 100% assured that you are getting its full benefits.

  • ZeNutrients’ ginger RX balm

ZeNutrients ginger RX balm is one of the best stress relieving product made from the original Ginger of Philippine as the main ingredient. It really helps to make you stay away from tensions, headaches, back aches or any chronic pain. It really keeps your blood circulation regulated, heal yourself and promote your well-being.

If anybody does not like the smell of ginger then it’s a good news for them, the bottle of this Ginger balm has a stopper which locks the scent of ginger in the container.

Don’t be afraid, it’s a mild smell not harsh, just to give you an idea of it. The best part of the product is just by rubbing it on your skin, you will gradually feel a cooling sensation start running in your body which gives you complete satisfaction and comfort.

The balm is not greasy or sticky at all. It is preferred to use a small amount of it at a time. The jar is portable and easy to use. Moreover, the product is really cost effective which makes it everybody’s favorite.

  • ZeNutrients’ all is good oil

ZeNutrients All is good oil is a totally different experience having soothing effect of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass together to make you forget all of your severe headaches, dizziness, fatigues, etc.

It is highly effective in dealing with flu, coughs and sneezing too. It gives you a comforting and soothing effect. The thing which gives out of the world experience is the smell of these plants and herbs which eventually make you feel better.

It is different from other in a way that it gives a calm and cold effect rather than a warm feeling. So, that’s why you just get relaxed after using it. It is very easy to use due to a handy container. Similarly like other products of ZeNutrients, this one also has no greasy or sticky effect in it.

Due to natural herbs added in it, the scent of it lasts longer than usual smells.

There are not any such negative reviews or dissatisfaction from the customer but just they find it hard to use glass packaging so this thing can be improved for better. Many of the customers have claimed that it is highly effective in migraine pain also.

  • Zenutrients’ so true lavender skin repair balm

It is one of the best products for chapped lips, dry elbows, heels or knees. This Philippine-based product is highly recommended for making your skin smooth and soft.

It is one of the most effective moisturizing balms which leave a soothing effect due to its pure ingredients; beeswax and olive oil. This effective balm comes in a handy container similar to lip gloss which can be applied easily.

Moreover, the texture of this paste is also very moderate which can glide easily into your skin. One of the best things is that after applying onto your lips, it does not get into your body while drinking or eating immediately after application.

It gives a long lasting relief feeling that is highly effective even in harsh conditions. Variations in the smell and flavor are also available.

There are no such cons of the product. Just people have reviewed that the smell of this product is quite strong.

  • Zenutrients’ gugo and tea tree shampoo

This ZeNutrients amazing Shampoo is 100% organic and Philippine-based which smells wonderful and has several benefits for the growth and health of your hair. The consistency of this shampoo is lightweight and texture is watery. It does not have any foam-like effect just like other shampoos.

People have recommended it to be one the best additions to make the hair thicker and stronger. The smell is quite hard but refreshing. The main ingredients of this product are same Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Gugo. One of the visible effects people saw after using, was the lessen hair fall and dandruff.

Both of the shampoo products have a chamomile or mint-like scent. They don’t leave any fragrance to the hair, but the mint extract is enough to keep your scalp and hair smelling nice unless you go to any place which is having pollution a lot or instead you sweat a lot.

So, after this kind of reviews from different satisfied customers and our perfect analysis; it can be said that ZeNutrients products have numerous beneficial properties and are extremely cost effective as compared to other similar products in the market. This is the reasons which make it unique and different from other brands.

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