White Light Smile – Does It Work?

*There’s an old saying “smile can win a battle“ but most of the times people forget the importance of a good smile that can only come from sparkling white teeth, healthy looking teeth plays crucial role in boosting your confidence because you’ll smile confidently only if you have shining beautiful teeth, for brighter smile people opt for expensive surgeries  which is not only painful but time consuming too most of the professional doctors charges 100 of bucks for this complete treatment which have no apparent results.

About the product          

The White Light Smile is approved by FDA which ensures safe procedure for whitening your teeth, it’s a cleansing device that comes in stylish little kit without any chemical or harmful solution in it, this kit contains all the basic things required to achieve vibrant and attractive smile it’s also very supportive in maintaining oral health, moreover the LED light which is so powerful when mixed with solution it will do its trick just in matter of few minutes and will help in saving in your time too.

Manufacturer of The White Light Smile:

White teeth global is the manufacturer of ‘The white light smile’ and this company has long term association with ‘white smiles international’. Standard wise this company is quite renowned and has not had any issues and complaints from consumers thus ensuring their customers the satisfaction of belief and comfort, this company has been in this business for more than 12 years and the demand of the white light smile tends to grow more and more. *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


How does it work?

*Everybody these days have hectic work routine and taking care of health issues seems nearly impossible specially when it comes to health of teeth nobody thinks beyond brushing but this thing should be kept in mind that your teeth requires a lot of care and hygiene, most of the products in the market uses chemicals which can be so dangerous and harmful for your gums the white light smile employ LED light when you apply this light glow it helps in removing the stain particles by breaking it down the stains could be of coffee, chocolate, berries and so on and so forth.

Along with breaking down particles of stains this product works in such a manner that it goes deep down inside the tooth to remove deep seated stains, so automatically your tooth takes more brighter and whiter appearance.

First off the package has a tray which you need to fit between your upper and lower jaws covering your all teeth, but before adjusting the tray you need to put soluble in to the tray and the main ingredient in this soluble is carmanide peroxide which efficiently works for the cleaning process and the next step which is final one is completed by  inserting the device in your mouth keeping the direction of light towards your teeth this whole process takes barely 15 minutes and you’ll begin to notice sparkling of your teeth.

Items in white light smile kit

1. Advance whitening light
2. Premium top/bottom teeth trays
3. Carrying/holding case for teeth tray and Premium case
4. 300 ml whitening solution syringe

The white light smile is not time consuming start giving results in less time
The usage of The white light smile is very simple and without pain
Other products affects enamel of your teeth but The white light smile is safe for enamel
By using this product the overall  teeth health is improved
It gives healthy results
The main solution in this product is chemical free so it’s not going to affect your gums
Even if you are working outside you can take this product along because it’s handy and takes    less space.
By achieving healthier and sparkling teeth you’ll get instant boost to your confidence, a wide smile without worry
Removes all stains from your teeth
Product is approved by FDA
It can be used for unlimited period of time
It has flexible tray and clips.


This product if used for longer period of time can cause damage to your teeth.
Since the product is newly launched it does not have much customers reviews
It can only be bought online


The main ingredient in the solution being used is carbamide peroxide
It’s widely used in bleaching products it further breaks down in to urea and hydrogen per oxide because it’s active bleaching agent it is also used as disinfecting agent in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals moreover it is used for inflammation of gums, dental irritation and carter sores. Elorac a pharmaceutical company has performed trials for the treatment of acne vulgaris using carabmide per oxide. *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Recommended by dental professionals

*Since this product has active social media presence and the manufacturers are constantly trying to satisfy their customers and they make sure that their queries are addressed on time regarding the use of product, this product has a twitter account too and has a lot of followers including professional dentists and they are highly recommending this product most users are satisfied with the experience and the results, the product is affordable.

Final word

The manufacturers are quite confidant with their product, the white light smile is highly recommended for those who are in struggle to achieve whiter and brighter smile the kit is durable and easy to use having all required tools, you’ll get a better chance to boost your confidence in just matter of few minutes.

Where to buy it?

The white light smile is available on the official website all you have to do is make an account after verification you are all set to place your order also it is offering 30 day refund policy which can be requested by contacting customer service at 844-548-5052 or support@whitelightsmile.com .The company is promoting its product so it is offering discount so the purchase price is as follow.*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

1 White Light Smile Kit for $116
2 White Light Smile Kits for $199
3 White Light Smile Kits for $237
4 White Light Smile Kits for $276
5 White Light Smile Kits for $347



*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

Remarks: White Light Smile With 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Refund Policy: If you try this plan and if at the end of it you feel it wasn’t what you wanted, you will get your money back, no question asked!

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