Why Do You Need To Hydrate Your Body?

We all know that water is essential for the health but how exactly does it help is yet unknown for many people. As all of us know that the body loses water in the form of sweating, breathing, sneezing, digestion and much more. So it is necessary to balance it back to the body so that the body is never short on it.

The most common way to hydrate the body is by food. Drinking fluids and certain food retain back the lower levels of water. It’s not just the water which you sip while eating, the body needs much more than that. That’s the reason you have heard 8-12 glasses a day water theory. The fluid intake is not just water but juices, beverages liquid food etc.

As per scientific information, the human body has 60% water in it. Each organ, each tissue, and each cell need it. It is not just to help cells to live, it also supports the intracellular transport, temperature, concentration of ions and minerals and much more.

The popular concept of 8-12 glass water may not be the same for all. The amount of water required by each person is different which largely depends on many factors. It includes how much active you are physically and what is your daily routine. Also, the climate you live in affects it. In a case of a medical condition, this balance is further disturbed.

Water protects your body from drying out. It regulates the body’s temperature and keeps the parts moist. Imagine a condition when your eyes, nose or mouth feels dry. That’s how you may feel when the body has less water to supply to the cells. Additionally, water act as a lubricant for joints, muscles, and bones. So for a smooth movement, you need enough water in your body. In such a condition, making the water levels high is necessary.

Dehydration is a condition in which water is lost from the body. Usually, when there is a high climatic effect, the body secretes excessive sweat which makes you dehydrated. The Same effect is observed when you are not taking enough water.

In this condition, the doctor recommends you to increase your fluid intake which is to make the body’s natural hydration levels balanced. If not treated it can initiate bladder infections, kidney stones, nausea, liver problems and stomach problems.

Detoxification is the next thing. The excessive waste which body produces needs to be discarded. This function is usually done by the kidneys but there should be a medium to help this all with. This medium is water which takes out all the waste products out of your body.

Digestive support is what you get when your water intake is sufficient. The most simple feature of digestion is saliva which is major water. There are certain enzymes in saliva which enable the food to break down into smaller parts and help to get digested. When the body is short on water, the digestion is also disturbed.

The optimum level of water is not a standard for all. One should not ignore when the body thrives for water. Also, in summer or hot climatic condition, increase your water intake to prevent dehydrating condition. It is not necessary to take water only. Fruit juices and liquid diets are tasty alternatives for it. Usually, a clear urine indicates the health condition of a body. It has to be light to get a healthy body status. If it is dark in shade, you might need to increase your water intake.

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