If there is one thing that women would listen to carefully and without arguing, that would certainly be a way or a trick that could reverse their age. Yes! Women have this intrinsic desire to stay beautiful, young and attractive forever. But is that really possible? We all know some of the most beautiful women from history with astounding beauty, like Cleopatra and Helen of Troy. So yes it certainly attests that there are ways that can promise women beauty and youthfulness that can last for forever; we only need to discover those secrets to ceaseless gorgeousness.

Tracy Patterson, the advocate of “beauty foods”, has recently discovered foods that can reverse aging and return radiance and youthfulness to skin. Tracy has compiled all these beauty foods in her book called The Beauty Food Bible.


We have reviewed Tracy Patterson’s Beauty Food Bible to help readers evaluate its effectiveness and get a thorough understanding about how this age reversing program actually works.


Beauty Food Bible is a product for those who want to appear more youthful than their actual age. Beauty Food Bible is compiled by Tracy Patterson. It is an easy to follow guide that helps women rejuvenate their skin with the help of natural organic foods. Since people are now leaning more towards natural ways of living, Tracy believes has come up with a list of natural foods that aid in reversing skin aging.

Tracy promises that with the use of her product you can learn strategies that will help you can achieve flawless, smooth and beautiful skin without applying layers of foundations, concealers and make up.


According to Tracy Patterson, if you follow the guidelines and strategies given in the Beauty Food Bible, you can successfully achieve the following benefits:

  • Improve fine lines and blemishes
  • Erase wrinkles, puffiness and dark lines
  • Banish annoying breakouts and fight acne
  • Improve collagen levels in your skin and support natural structure of your skin
  • Reverse skin’s aging process, making it radiant and young


The Beauty Food Bible is an eBook consisting of amazing useful information about getting the skin and lifestyle we have always wished for, through natural ways.

The eBook contains:

  • List of foods that can be eaten or used externally to promote anti-aging effect. With these foods, users will be able to remove fine lines, wrinkles, acne, blemishes and dark under eyes.
  • Natural sources of anti-oxidants that help reverse the aging process by fighting free radicals.
  • Recipes for making face masks
  • Recipes of skin nourishing foods that protect the dermis and safeguard against harmful UV rays.
  • There is also list of foods that boost collagen production, an important protein maintaining the natural matrix of skin.
  • Effective natural remedies to treat sunburns, dark spots and discolored skin.
  • Strategies that can help nourish skin and maintain its elasticity and health.
  • Also suggests yoga for a healthy beautiful skin.

But that’s not all. When you will by Beauty Food Bible you will also get the following bonus items in the package:

  • Skincare Magic: Skincare Magic aims at providing topical treatment to the skin. This guide comprises of 48 different recipes of face masks and scrubs to treat various skin conditions. These are not only easy to prepare but they are all quite budget friendly. Some of the masks included in Skincare Magic are Firming Face Mask Anti Wrinkle Mask, Acne Clearing Mask and Nourishing Scrub etc.
  • Sip the Years off your Face: This bonus item works internally to help you achieve flawless beautiful skin. Sip the Years off your Face provides users with more than 50 recipes Tracy’s favorite juices and smoothies that make skin healthy and beautiful inside out.


Beauty Food Bible promises users that they can appear 30 in their 50s, provided that the guidelines and strategies set forth in the book are successfully carried out.

Beauty Food Bible is a 100% natural, easy to follow and budget friendly alternative to chemical based products. It is a better way of nourishing skin and reversing age process, which works on making your skin healthy inside out. Unlike other products that only give a temporary cover up.

Although main focus of Beauty Food Bible lies with anti-aging but it also resolves numerous other skin conditions as well like acne, blemishes, dark circles etc. It also provides useful information on how to get healthy beautiful hair naturally and natural remedies for dry scalp, dandruff, frizzy hair and split ends.

Beauty Food Bible rids you of expensive, ineffective anti-aging sets of face washes, day creams and night creams. In fact many of the foods listed in this book can be already found in your refrigerator and do not cost much.

And above all, Beauty Food Bible gives you 60 days time to discover whether it works for you or not. And those who do not find it satisfying can get a full refund with its 60 days money back guarantee.


Tracy Patterson’s Beauty Food Bible seems to be a good product for those looking for all natural and healthy way of repairing various skin problems. With the numerous healthy recipes of face packs, juices and smoothies Beauty Food Bible is an amazing risk free alternative to chemical based age reversing products.

Remedies provided in Beauty Food Bible are very effective but it should be kept in mind that the results and effects of remedies may also vary depending on different skin types and conditions. Moreover, Beauty Food Bible is a natural treatment for skin and takes time before showing real results. It tends to work internally first and then bring the beauty outside, that lasts longer. Therefore, it would be unwise to expect overnight results and those thinking that applying it once will give them a flawless young skin at dawn will be greatly dissatisfied.

Beauty Food Bible is a comprehensive program to improve your skin and has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews from users. It has an average rating of 8.5 out of 10 which attests that it is an effective program and worth giving a try. The best thing about Beauty Food Bible is that you only have to pay only $29.95 to download this eBook and try it for 60 days. But if you are not satisfied with results, you can ask for full cash refund.

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