WunderBrow Review – Lasting solution to perfect brows

WunderBrow is a gel that functions to give added definition to your eyebrows. It belongs to the tinted variety of eyebrow gels delivering a semi-permanent look. Apart from the product claims to give an effect that lasts for up to three days, the manufacturer state the ease and convenience of application of WunderBrow as a supplementary affix.

Eyebrow gels are a recent innovation in the cosmetic industry that gives an edge to thin, light or graying brows and on the other hand, keep thick and prominent brows aligned neatly and elegantly. For the latter purpose, transparent gels are usually used while a tint of color is added to gels that are used for sparse brows to do away with any bare spots on your eyebrows.

WunderBrow is claimed to be the result of waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-free technology that renders a chic look lasting for days. It gives you a pain-free, natural look that no process of tattooing can deliver. For the analysis of how well this product has the ability to enhance your facial features, read on.

The science behind WunderBrow

WunderBrow innovation lies with Permafix technology that imparts the product with its semi-permanent trait. The Permafix discipline enables the color pigment and microfibers to be locked onto skin surface thus constructing eyebrows that are not sensitive to touch and smudge, with water resistant quality.

The Permafix technology of WunderBrow consists of a copolymer of

  • Ethylene
  • Propylene
  • Styrene

This polymer gives the gel a viscous consistency that is flexible enough to take a shape yet stable enough to hold color and fiber.

Another ingredient in WunderBrow is Isododecane that makes the gel move smoothly without resistance for better application. Yet another component of the gel is Tocopheryl acetate, a Vitamin E counterpart that acts as an anti-oxidant agent, conditioning the skin and keeps the skin surface from dehydration.

The third ingredient in WunderBrow is Trimethylsiloxysilicate, a highly cross-linked silica derivative that has the ability to hold the pigment and resist water.


Owing to WunderBrow up-to-date mode of action, you do not have to worry about colored streaks running down your face if you step out in rain or sweat during a run. Your clothes are saved from any color stains transferred by the gel and the product will not smear off in a case of accidental smudge.

How to apply

The application of WunderBrow is nothing like putting eyebrow pencil, powder or pomades. Though women expert in the art of make-up would find the one-step application of WunderBrow an effortless and trouble-free job, following are some instructions for individuals (like me) who are trying it for the first time. It may take few strokes of practice and you are good to go. WunderBrow comes with a small brush-like applicator similar to a mascara brush that helps you master the strokes in just less than two minutes.

  1. Eyebrows should be clean and dry without any residues of oil or any makeup.
  2. Apply with small strokes and fill up any sparse spots first.
  3. If you are blessed with thick eyebrows, apply a single stroke to the entire eyebrow for a more defined look.
  4. Follow the direction of hair growth to avoid repeating over- application.
  5. Always start from the inner end of the eyebrow to outwards.
  6. Groom your eyebrows with a spoolie applicator to achieve the desired look.
  7. Let the tint settle for few seconds and wipe away any extra coloration to the brow area.

Available colors

When it comes to colors of customary eyebrow gels, your choice is limited to black or brown. However, WunderBrow gel comes in five different shades to suit the type of hair you have. These shades are of great convenience if you are trying to carry a different look. The WunderBrow is available in

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Brunette
  • Blonde
  • Auburn shades.


It is important that the gel color should completely blend in with the skin tone and the variety offered by WunderBrow meets the criteria.

Tips on choosing the brow color

WunderBrow has five colors to its credit; however, if you are not careful in your choice of color, your facial features will not get the wow effect even with the most acclaimed product.

The brow color should first, go along with your skin tone. After a match with the skin tone, the brow color should complement the hair color. The choice for the brow color should be a shade lighter than your original hair color.

WunderBrow guides you in making a perfect choice as

The brown-haired person and blonde-haired person should go along with their natural skin tone and hair color in making a choice for brow color.

The olive complexion goes with the black or brown brow color while the auburn fits the red heads.

For persons with darker skin tones, application of the jet-black brow gel would go well with their features.

Is WunderBrow safe for your eyes?

There are some features of WunderBrow that ought to make it a safe product for your eyebrows and the adjoining eye area.

  • WunderBrow is paraben free
  • WunderBrow enjoys a Cruelty-free status by the Leaping Bunny Program

Nevertheless, if you have previously experienced any allergic issues with any kind of hair product, an allergic patch test should be done before applying the WunderBrow gel.

People with sensitivity have reported skin irritation, rashes, and inflammation around the eye area. In most severe cases, swelling accompanied by inflammation and vision loss has also been observed.

The up-shots of WunderBrow

Some of the pros for this product are

  • A single application
  • Easy to apply within minutes
  • Lasts for two-three days
  • Fixes and grooms eyebrows in place
  • No artificial look
  • A wide range of colors available
  • Devoid of all the minutes of tattooing as expensive and invasive procedure with an artificial look
  • Time saver technique
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

The cons of WunderBrow

Some of the setbacks to WunderBrow use are

  • Some of the ingredients can cause allergic reaction
  • A costly product

Customer reviews of WunderBrow

  • Horrible allergic reaction
  • Swelling and irritation of the eye
  • Watery and creamy consistency of the gel
  • Contents of the bottle were half filled, does not last longer than a week
  • Fake, chalky appearance
  • Good only for people with thick eyebrows
  • Not for people with oily skin

Cost of WunderBrow

WunderBrow is available at a cost of $22.95 at Amazon and for $22 at the official website. The product is shipped across the US without any charges. The availability of WunderBrow outside the US is not known.

Final pronounce on WunderBrow

WunderBrow is backed by clinical research to deliver its claims of a long lasting and water/smudge/transfer proof tint to the eyebrows with the definition of the facial features. The details of this research are given at their website. The product has approving statements from some make-up artists too and there is a fair advertise going on in the print media about its efficacy.

One will not know WunderBrow worth until a trial (thanks to a money back guarantee), so a purchase is recommended but the use is provisional with an allergic patch test.


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